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Chp 4: Missing

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The guys get arrested for the event that took place in the last chapter... (not good with summaries)

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Frank jerked awake when he heard a blood churning scream fill his sleep. He didn't even notice that Aura wasn't next to him when he got up. But, he soon found out that the scream had come from her and the reason behind it.
"Sam!No!" she kept screaming as she beat the blood soaked carpet with her fists.
Frank went over and pulled her to her feet; knowing that she couldn't stay there. He wrapped his arms around her as she cried into his chest. He looked at the scene of horror that was there. There was nothing left of him. Looking over into the open rooms, he saw one empty bed and the other had much the same sight as in here. He knew that she hadn't seen this, and he wasn't about to let her.
"Come on, lets not stay in here." Frank said as he pulled her to the door, grabbing his phone as he went. Once in the hall way, he pulled the door closed and dailed 911.
"911, what's the emergency?"
"This is Frank Iero, apartment 502 in the East Side Street building. I like to report the scene of a murder..." he said, trying his best to comfort Aura as she screamed at the word 'murder'...

Mikey rolled out of his bunk and headed for the small kitchen in search of something to kill the major hang over headache that he had. After he downed a few pills, grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Not paying attention to what he was watching was saying until one of those breaking news things come across the monitor.
"The event had taken place late last night. It left one dead, another barely hanging to life, and one missing." a cop was saying as the camera man pointed to the apartment building in the background.
"Has there been anything on the names of the victims?" one of the many news reportors asked.
"All that I'm aloud to say is that the victims were part of a local band. They go by the name of Toxic Ivy. I'm not at liberty to say which ones have been affected by this, but we have the surviving member down at the station along with the other person that was present there last night. That's all I'm going to say at the moment." those were the last words the cop said as he disappeared back into the building.
A picture flashed across the monitor of the group of kids Mikey had almost completely forgotten about. The picture had last night's date on it from their show.
"Well, that fucking sucks for them." Mikey said as he lite up a cigaratte.
"What?" Gerard asked as he rose up from his spot on the couch. The TV being up enough to wake him from his sleep. Mikey pointed to the monitor when he gave him a look of confusion.
Blinking a few good times to clear his vision as he tried to read what the sceen was saying. He jumped up from where he was sitting when everything became clear. Running into the hall, he went to Bob's bunk and pulled him up.
"We have to get down to the police station now." Gerard said.
Mikey looked back at the two in confusion as he went to the door of the bus to answer it. Someone was knocking for enterance. He opened it to reveal a couple of detectives standing there.
"All of you are going to be taken down to the station for questioning." one of the detectives said as he hand cuffed Mikey, making it clear that they were under arrest.
"What the hell for?! We didn't do anything!" Mikey yelled as he was dragged off the bus and pushed into the back of one of the cars.
Mikey watched as the others were pulled off the bus; Bob was put in the back with him. Ray was putting up one hell of a fight for someone that had downed the better part of 20 drinks last night. Gerard just climbed into the back of the other car much like Bob had when they had brought him out.
Bob wouldn't even look at Mikey as they were drove down to the police station. He felt horrible right now. Gerard had managed to tell him what was going on before they had been taken off the bus.
"God, let her be ok..." he said under his breath...

Skylar woke up to the sound of water hitting the floor; like some kind of leak in a roof. Opening her eyes, they came to complete darkness. She could hear what sounded like a door being opened from a few feet away from her.
She could feel cold metal around her wrists; she knew that she was hanging from some sort of rigged up chain system. Her feet weren't even touching the ground. She soon began jerking on the chains; knowing that something wasn't right with this.
"No sense in doing that. You could hurt yourself or the baby." came a female voice from somewhere in the room.
A dim light went on in the room to reveal the figure dressed head to toe in black sitting just feet from her. An red hot piece of metal held in the figure's hands.
Skylar could see several black smithing tools laying around; leaving her only to guess at where she was at. There were so many abandon smith houses around the town.
"What are you going to do to me?" Skylar asked as the figure came towards her with the hot pointed metal in hand.
"The same thing that I did to your two friends. Except, I'm going to have a little more fun." the figure said as she stuck the metal to Skylar's face...

Eyia could help but laugh as she continued to torture the helpless being she had strung up like a fat hog. The screams were like music to her ears; she was surprised at how much fun she was having with this. She guessed that it was her purpose in this world to do this all along. But, she wished that she had her knife.
"Fuck!" she said as she let the rod drop to the floor. She couldn't believe that she had forgotten to go back and get the knife.
"Don't you go anywhere. I'll be right back; mommy's got to go get something." Eyia said as she rubbed the girl's stomach. An evil smile coming across her face at the thought of Mikey holding her in his arms with the child. She would finally have her dreams come true through this.
With that, she left went for the entrance of the smith's mine that she had been living in since she had started her search. She could hear the girl's screams echoeing through the woods as she headed back towards town. She had picked a good spot to carry this out; the screams were soon drowned out by the mountain itself...

sorry if it's a little short. and thanks for the reviews, they really give me the motivation to keep writting. forgive me for any misspellings or grammar errors, not the best in the grammar department with my school...
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