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Chp 5: Answers

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Mikey is finally told. Gerard and Bob are put in a cell for a night... (not good with summaries)

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The guys sat on one of the benches in the station; still with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Bob was looking down at the floor, a small pool of tears were at his feet. Gerard was rocking back and forth in his spot; the thoughts that were running through his head making him do this. Mikey and Ray were left to wonder what was going.
Mikey started to ask, but stopped when he was pulled up from his spot by his shirt collar. The cop pulled him down the hall and into one of the questioning rooms. He could see his friends being dragged in several different directions. Bob was giving him a sorry look as the door was closed on his room.
He was partically thrown into the metal chair by the cop; the force of it made the air leave his body. He knew that he was going to feel that one in the morning.
"Why am I here?" Mikey asked.
The cop threw a photo down on the table and slide it over to him. Mikey looked down at it and he felt his heart skip a beat. He automatically thought that she was the one that had been killed. He was having to fight to hold back the emotions that were building up inside of him.
"Skylar Longsam. Her name ring a bell to you?" the cop said, a look of pure hatred on his face. As if at any moment that he might pull out his gun and shoot Mikey right between the eyes.
"Of course it does. I' to know her." Mikey said, wanting to be careful with his words.
"Drop the act, Way. We know that you slept with her almost nine months ago." came a female voice from the door as it closed behind her. She threw a folder down in front of him and motioned for the cop to uncuff him. Which he did after a few seconds of agrueing with himself.
Mikey picked up the folder and began flipping threw it; noticing right off that it was some sort of medical history folder.
"What's this got to do with me?" he asked as he continued to look through it. He blood ran cold when he got to papers that dated quite resently. He began shaking his head as he read down the page; repeating 'shit' over and over.
Mikey felt his eyes roll into the back of his head as he slide out of the chair and hit the floor. He could hear himself screaming something, but he was too far out of it to know what it was...

"Does this look familiar to either of you?" the cop asked as he threw the bagged knife down on the table.
Bob picked it up and looked at it good before passing it on to Gerard.
"Yeah, they're sold to the fans that join the offical club. They're identical knock offs of our's." Gerard said as he pulled his knife from his pocket and layed it on the table for the cop to look at.
"Where's your's?" the cop asked as he handed Gerard his knife back; noticing right off that Gerard's initionals were engraved into it.
"This is my second...the first one had been stolen a year ago." Bob said, a cold chill running down his spine as he took another look at the knife in the bag. He could see 'BB' clear as day on the blade. He pulled out his knife and layed it down there for the cop to see.
"Mikey doesn't know. She begged us not to tell him." Bob said, knowing that the two of them were in some pretty deep shit right now. They both knew that they were going to be spending a night here. Both looking like they had a part in this just by keeping in touch with the group.
The cop nodded in understanding.
"Well, boys, I guess you know where you going to be staying tonight. Not my rules, but you two were the last to see them..." the cop said motioning for them to stand up. "It's just until we can get you cleared."
They nodded, knowing that it was for the best. The cuffs were put back on them and they were lead back to the bench they had started on. Ray was already sitting there with a horrified expression on his face. His face looking so white that one might think that he had seen a ghost. He was shaking uncontralably.
"There was nothing left of him..." Ray said as he looked up at them when they sat down.
"Ray, calm down. What did they show you?" Gerard said as he sat down next to his friend.
"They showed me the picture of the one that was hacked up. They were trying to say that I did that..." Ray said.
"The only reason they did that was to get a reaction out of you." Bob said.
"They did get a reaction. I puked my guts out." Ray said.
The three of them looked when Mikey's questioning room door opened and he was walked back out to where they were sitting. He wouldn't even look at them as he took his seat. Silent tears were rolling down his face; they could see that he was struggling with this.
"Mikey...I'm sorry..." Bob said, trying his best to comfort his friend.
Mikey turned and gave him a glaring looking. "You should be. And so should you." he said looking over at his brother. "Why didn't you tell me?" the hurt was clear in his voice.
"She didn't want you to know. She's a teenager, she was afraid that you would hate her." Bob said.
"God...I wouldn't could I?" Mikey said, continueing to try and keep himself together.
They fell into silence for quite sometime before Mikey and Ray were released, and Bob and Gerard were checked into a cell.
"We've got to find her. Will you help me?" Mikey said as soon as they were out of the station.
"Of course. Just tell me what to do." Ray said...

Aura looked at Hawthorn's motionless body laying on the hospital bed hooked up to all of those machines that were keeping him alive. Frank had stayed with her since they had left the apartment. She had told him that he didn't need to stay, but he refused to leave. Really, she didn't mind having him there with her. She actually afraid to be alone right now.
"I'm sorry...I feel like it's my fault...Like I should be the one laying here instead of you..." she said, fighting back tears as she held his hand in her's.
"It's not your fault." Frank said, kissing the top of her head."I'll be back in a little bit. I'm going to go get something to eat."
Aura nodded her head and gave him a kiss before letting him leave...

Frank walked out of the hospital and down the strip to the fast food place he had seen from the room's window. He was almost inside the restraunt when he caught sight of her. She being someone that he would regconize anywhere at any time. But, what had actually stopped him was the sight of her carrying all of those bags.
Acting on a wim, he followed behind her; keeping a good enough distance from her so that she couldn't see him. He followed her half a block before she ducked down one of the alleys. He went down the alley looking for her to find that no one was there. Looking down at his feet, he saw the sewer enterance and knew right away where she had gone.
Frank looked over the falling building that was standing in front of him to see trees beyond it. Giving him an idea on where she was going. The little voice in his head kept telling him to go forward.
He pulled out his cell phone and texted Aura; telling her that he was going to be a little late getting back. With this finished, he pulled the lid off the sewer hole and jumped down. Listening carefully and following the sound of faint footsteps and rattling bags...

Skylar could feel the blood running down her arms from where the cuffs were cutting into her wrists. She had been trying to figure out a way to get out of this before that sick, demonic thing came back. She would be damned if she let that thing even touch her kid.
"As long as you stay where you are, it'll give me more time to get out of this. So, please, be good for me." Skylar said as she looked up at the ceiling, trying to find out how the pulley system worked.
From what she could tell, it was simple one. Just the chain, pulley, and anchor. The anchor being an anvil on the other side of the room. Way out of her reach.
Skylar jerked her head to the source of the sound when she heard someone coming through the enterance. Her body going numb, already knowing who it was coming down the tunnel...

"Hello lovely, did you miss me?" Eyia asked as she walked passed the hanging girl carrying the bags of stuff she had just gotten. Walking over to the bed that she had made for herself and laying the bags down.
"You're fucking sick!" she turned when she heard those words leave the girl's mouth.
"Sky, you don't mind for me calling you that, I would be nice to me at the moment. Especially in your state." Eyia said, looking at her with this insane stare. She got close enough for Skylar to spit in her face. She wipped it away and brought her hand across Skylar's face.
"Now, I'm going to be moving you over there. You can either be a good little bitch and help, or I can beat the shit out of you and drag you over." Eyia said as she walked over to the anvil.
Skylar fell to the ground like a rag doll; to her surprise, she couldn't run. Hanging from the ceiling had obviously done its job.
A smirk went across Eyia's face as she went over and pulled her to her feet. This was going to be easier than she thought. All she had to wait on was for her to have the kid;then, everything would start to work out.
Eyia layed Skylar down on the bed and bound her hands above her head; making sure that there was no way of her getting away before she left the smith mine once more. There was still alot of things that needed to be done before the kid got here...

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