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I'm A Pathological Liar

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I froze the words would not come out of my mouth no matter how hard I tried to find the words. Everyone was staring at me waiting for me to go on that is the problem I cannot. My eyes wonder to the door all I had to do was run away, and no one would ever knew who I’m really am. My mind was yelling for me to run while my body stood still. And just like that I ran towards the door I could not bring myself to say I was a liar, I kept running until I made it outside. I felt like I let Gerard down he was counting on me and I just let him down.

I could feel the tears building up I just needed to break down I was slowly breaking down my wall I build up to hid who I really was. I am a liar I just can’t bring myself to say it out loud, I heard the door open I turn to see Gerard coming, I did not won’t to look at him I did not won’t to see how disappointed he was in me.

“Frank, “He said behind me.

I did not turn around I could not I knew I let him down it was my entire fault I am a stupid liar who cannot bring myself to say it aloud.

“Frank look at me, “He replied.

This time I turn around, I look at him while the tears came down my face; I had not idea why I was crying I guess I finally needed a break down.

“I know your disappointed in me I’m disappointed in me too, “I said while looking at him.

“I’m not disappointed I know this is very hard for you, and I know its scary admitting something that you never had before. However, I am telling you now you can do this; no one is going to judge you. “He said

“ I cannot do this I cannot bring myself to tell every one I am a liar no matter how hard I try to find the words I cannot say it. I tried to say I really did but the words would not come out, let’s face it I will always be a damn liar, “I replied.

“If you did not believe in your self then you will never be able to admit it. You have to believe that you can do this, which I know you can. You already admitted to me now just go admit it to everyone else. I believe in you Frank, “He said while coming closer to me.

He was right I did have to believe in myself first I could do this I believe that I could. I just could not bring myself to go back inside I needed to clear my mind.

“If it was not for you I would never be here today, tying to admit something that I would never admit. I am glad you believe in even when I do believe in myself. I know deep down I can do this I am just letting fear get in the way, “I said while looking at him.

“Do not let fear get in the way. And if it was not for you, I would never be trying to get better also. We can do this we can both get better, “He said

I smiled I could do this I grab his hand and walk back inside. It was now or never I had to do this so I can move on and start getting better. Once we got to the room I stop, I just needed a minute.

“Do not stop now were one step away, “He said

“I know I just need a minute. “ I said. I could not keep pushing this away I had to get it over with we headed back inside.

“I would like to give this another try, “I said to Stephanie.

“Go head, “She replied.

I look at everyone I could do this I took a deep breath before saying,

“I am a pathological liar,”

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