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HellFire (gehenna tou pyros)

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American Dragon: Jake Long story. Jake visits family, he learns that there is something lurking in the shadows... and it happens to take special interest to him.

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Sorry, I know that it's not a class of the titans story. So read if you want, there is a back button at the top of the page if you don't want to read, just sayin.

Part 2 of JakeXCienna series (following "It's Time"), if you haven't seen it here's a short description, if you want to skip the summary it's separated with ~~ so just start reading there.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jake could see ghosts ever since he got his dragon powers, a few months after he first started training a mysterious ghost approaches him and leads him to Canada. There he meets a dragon who was taken by an imfamous and reckless dragon trainer, her memory was wiped so that all she could practically remember was her first name (Cienna) and month of birth (July [aren't I generous? :D]). They soon remember things about their past lives and he realizes that Cienna is his partner from centuries ago and were killed by Jake's father the Dark Dragon.

They have a prophecy as a pair called the 'Celestial Dragon' (for special reasons ;)) and must kill the Dark Dragon before he kills them again. Jake is soon tracked down and they fight the Dark Dragon (NOT GIVING AWAY THE ENDING!). Cienna is given the option to take a potion on behalf of the Dragon Council to regain her memory of her current life but it doesn't work.

Cienna is currently living in the Long household and is starting a relationship with Jake [isn't there always a relationship in these stories XD]. It's now August and they're going to visit Jake's family for a annual get-together.


Jake's POV

That time of year again, time to go visit family. Last year started out as a disaster, turned out OK though. This year will be better because Cienna's coming to meet my family, she's never been to Florida before so that'll be fun for her at least. Cienna and I were in the shoe room 2.0 (her room) and I was helping her pick out clothes to bring on the trip.

"Cheer up, Jake. Visiting family isn't that bad." She persuaded, You haven't met my family

"It's just... they're super weird and it's really boring over there, it'll get old really soon trust me." She turned her back to me and I could feel her mood change and become more sullen, family was a soft topic for her which I felt bad about. Mom treated her like family and they were very close, even Haley took warmly to her, she looked up to her like a sister. Mom and Haley tried but I guess you can't fill the gap of your own mom and sister, dad was nice to everyone so naturally he would try to form a relationship but she didn't seem comfortable around him yet.

I got off the bed and walked next to her, I was at a loss of words, what do you say at a time like this? Sensing my awkwardness, she turned to me with a smirk on her face

"I don't trust anyone who says 'trust me'" she laughed, I smiled back grateful that the 'moment' was over.

"Good thing we're partners then" I replied sarcastically, "I'm gonna go upstairs and pack my bags." She gave a nod and I turned towards the door, mom and dad were arguing on the other side.

"He doesn't know, eh?" She asked now aware of the dispute in the kitchen, "About us, Haley, Gramps?" didn't she know?

"No one told you?" I asked completely shocked that I had never warned her, she's lived with us for a couple of months now and I never warned her of the magically ignorant human in the house?

"No. I kinda assumed... I don't know! You guys don't talk about it so I figured..." She stumbled

"Well, he doesn't know. You see, mom's been working on telling him... since they graduated." I explained

"Oh. Didn't you say that your cousin and some other relatives were dragons too?" She inquired

"Ya but we try to have dad join the 'party' later so that everyone doesn't have to be on their guard all the time." I clarified.

"Well from the sound of it, Jonathan isn't going anywhere." She was right, dad was telling mom how he had to stay to work on a big project for the boss. I said goodbye again and walked out the door, the door led right in to the kitchen so I was pretty much an intrusion. The family won't be too upset if he doesn't come.

Cienna's POV

We got off the plane at Key West International Airport around 3:30pm the next day, turns out I have a fear of flying in air planes and get motion sickness, good thing God gave me wings. Gramps, Susan, Haley, Fu, Jake and I sat at a group of benches outside the small cafe attached to the side of the actual airport and ate lunch.

"So, guys. We're here and the island is around over here..." Fu stretched out a small piece of paper that changed size and shape and even zoomed in and out! It's like Google maps to go! He pointes out our location on the island and slid his paw over to a cluster of islands around 25km away. "... Were gonna take a cab over here to Fort Zachary and you guys are gonna fly the rest of the way." he planned. I didn't mind flying, I loved it infact but I didn't really like company.

After lunch we headed over to Fort Zachary and got ready to take off. Gramps would carry Fu, Jake carried Susan and I would carry Haley (she wasn't much of a flyer like her brother). It didn't take us long to get in the air with all our baggages, which were surprisingly light considering.

"I bet you 10 bucks that I can get there faster!" Jake stated confidently,

"I don't want to embarrass you in front of your family" I retorted, Jake gave an evil smile and held out his hand,

"You're on!" we shook hands and took off.

About half an hour into the flight I started to get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, I stopped and looked over at Gramps who wasn't far behind. Jake stopped and turned to face me,

"What is it?" he called out, there was a rumbling below the water and a dark, round shape was visible just below me, we watched in silence as it swam in circles

"Is it some kind of whale?" Haley asked quietly behind me, obviously not wanting to be called out on not knowing what the figure was

"That's no whale. Get off, I'm going to check it out" she transformed and flew over to gramps. I nosedived and stopped myself a few inches from the surface, the figure stopped moving and another rumbling sound was heard below. I heard Jake growling behind me probably unaware of himself.

"Be careful!" He growled, I useed my dragon vision to see clearly. It looked like an oil patch but it was a thin and light film and it moved deliberately. A smoky hand creeped out from the surface of the water, a mirage? I was so mesmerized that I didn't see the hude tidal wave creep up on me, I heard a high pitched screech and I became aware of my surroundings in time to rise above the wave. I turned towards the others,

"Thanks, Jake. I was almost chum." He nodded and turned, signaling it was time we left. Haley flew over and clung onto the scales on my back.

"That was close!" she whispered shakily

"I know" I whispered back, just as shocked

Jake's POV

Cienna was leaning in closer to the surface, entranced by what she saw. I wanted to go down and see what it was too but it was too dangerous with mom. Something caught my eye to my right, it's Claws Grace, mom?

"Get her away from there!Now!" she was mad, at Cienna?

I let out a strained, panicked, high-pitched screech. It caught her attention immediately and she retreated before a huge wave crashed down,

"Thanks, Jake. I was almost chum." Gramps was confused, It must have been too high pitched because neither Gramps, Fu, Haley nor mom heard it. I nodded and turned towards where the island would be.

We arrived at the island within the hour, we landed on the beach and stretched a bit before morphing back into our human forms, Cienna trotted over.

"What was that all about?" she whispered roughly, she looked a bit spooked and I could tell that she had a different side to what happened than what I saw.

"I'll explain later" I whispered back. I threw my arm around her waist and led her up the steps to meet the family, she stopped dead in her tracks,

"What's wrong?" she was staring at the forest line next to the house. I dropped my arm and scanned the trees, there was a freaky shadow lingering around a tree. It's trying to hide from us... or is playing games. I don't get spooked easily but this was something else.

"I guess meeting the family will have to wait." I said to her, she was freaked out. I'm used to seeing ghosts and stuff like that, her not so much. I morphed and ran towards the trees, dutifully she followed my lead. The shadow thing ran away at our approach.

"This thing's playing with us!" Cienna yelled from my left flank, the thing moved swiftly but not like a human or anything natural. It almost looked like a DVD was skipping and the shape smudged the air as it moved. I saw the trees start to disperse ahead of us, there's a clearing up ahead, we'll get him there. Just before the trees stopped the figure vanished, That's annoying.

"We just followed a demon!" she stated dumbfoundedly, a demon most-likely, ghosts were human. This was not a human.

"C'mon, lets go eat." I said, I couldn't help but look back at the spot were the demon/shadow thing disappeared. I'll have to come back to it later.
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