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The First Shoe Dropped

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Cienna gets to meet the family... :S

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Jake's POV

We walked up the path to the patio door leading into the kitchen, they've probably already started eating. I wasn't the family favorite to say the least and I was definetly not the family hero, that was Greggy's job. Greggy was a year younger than I was and had gotten his dragon powers about a month ago, he thinks he's too good for instruction and aunt Cathy wasn't helping.

We walked through the kitchen door to find the little kids had already started eating, as we walked past Haley grabbed my arm and pulled me down so she could be heard over the screaming kid moshpit,

"Where were you guys? They already started eating. You guys were late so Greggy took your spot, you'll have to eat here with us." she informed me regrettingly. She didn't like Greggy either, he was stuck up and just an overall weirdo.

"That's a load and a half." I tried to keep the language rated G, " I'll just go introduce Cienna to the family and see what's going on, thanks." Haley shrugged and returned to her kiddie meal that aunt Cathy always made for the younger ones.

We walked in to the dinning room, the conversation stopped when everyone saw us walking in 20 minutes late. I shifted under their gaze and Cienna retreated a little, I waved to them awkwardly.

"Hey, guys. Where have you been?" Fu called out to the other side of the table, next to him was Gramps and mom. Greggy sat across from them with a big ugly smirk plastered on his face (I never liked Greggy), I failed to come up with a reasonable explanation for why we were so late.

"Sorry. Jake was telling me about the view the other day and I just had to see it the second we got here, hope I didn't inconvenience anyone." she gave a charming smile, I think it's like a reflex for girls or something. The party was easily won over by her played charm.

Aunt Cathy stood up and greeted us curtly, she dragged Cienna around the table and introduced her to every member of the family. She finally ushered her to sit down next to Greggy who immediately took interest to her, too much interest for comfort (mine specifically). Aunt Cathy turned to me and tried to lead me to the kids table but I would have none of it,

"Why can't I sit here with everyone else? Move Greggy to the kids table, he's younger." I protested while trying to hold my dignity. Aunt Cathy wouldn't budge,

"Gregory just got his dragon powers, very impressive form. He's an honorary guest for tonights' supper." my great uncle chimed in.

"So? He's had them for like a month now, I've had mine for about 6 months. I think the novelty has worn off." I retorted, why is she doing this right now? I eventually lost the fight and was sent to the kiddy table to eat the instant mash potatoes and chicken fingers, Haley looked relieved that someone sane was with her.

"You know they're going to tear her apart out there, right? They're not gonna take to kindly that she's a Canadian, orphaned dragon who lives with her boyfriend." she whispered, the younger kids didn't notice the new blood yet so we didn't want to get them excited.

"Idon't know, maybe they don't know?" I hoped. Haley shrugged and went back to nibbling on her over-cooked chicken fingers.

We ate with diffuculty as the younger ones threw food across the table and stuffed potatoes down each others pants and shirts, at times like these I was glad that my little sister was a goody-goody. We always stuck together at these family get-togethers

Cienna's POV

That was the most awkward supper ever! Questions flew left and right, I couldnt answer all of them. This family likes asking the wrong questions, maybe on purpose.

"So where are you from?" an older woman asked me, I forgot her name.

"Canada" I replied honestly, I think. A couple of the family members stared at me disapointingly, wrong answer?

"So, Cienna. Tell us about your family, what do your parents do?" Cathy asked, Susan shot her a dirty look when she saw my troubled expression.

"Uhh, I-I don't really have a family. Th-that I know of" I stuttered uncomortably, did they not get the memo? Gramps watched me intently.

"How can you not have a family? Everyone has a family." Gregory squealed, the family looked at me expectantly. I wish Jake was here! I gave Gramps a distressed look that practically screamed 'help!' and he jumped in.

"Cienna doesn't remember, she lost her memory a couple of months ago. We're working on a potion to help her regain them." he explained with a note of 'this conversation is over'. I sent a relieved smile his way to which he returned with a nod.

"So, how long have you had your dragon powers now?" an old man around G's age asked (the one who spoke to Jake about Gregory's dragon form)

"About two months-ish from what I can remember." I replied more light heartedly

"Do you find it very hard? Have you started your field work yet?" he seemed genuinely interested, do they not know who we are? Did no one tell them what we've accomplished not a month ago? How could you be oblivious to the fact the Dark Dragon's dead?

"It's a bit challenging at times, I started field work before I met Lao Shi, Fu and Jake so it was easier to catch up."

The rest of supper was awkward, Gregory wouldn't shut up about stuff he did or something like that (I didn't pay too much attention), I think he was coming on to me... eww.

After supper, I met up with Jake and Haley who were sitting on the beach supervising the younger kids. Jake was lying on his back and Haley was burying him, she motioned me over when I approached and Jake looked over from under the sandhill.

"You'll get indigestion if you lie down after a meal." I informed him jokingly, he shrugged but sat up anyway. Haley protested but Jake ignored her,

"I think we should go for a walk." meaning go a search for that demon thing, a cold shiver crossed my spine despite the heat,

"Can I go too?" Haley whined, Jake considered it for a minute.

"Sorry, sis. Maybe next time, or better yet when we get back. Cool?" Jake promised, Haley nodded reluctantly. We turned towards the forest and followed a worn down path,

"How was supper?" Jake asked tightly,

"It was weird. I don't think they like me." I told him,

"They probably do, they're just a bunch of weirdo's" he tried to joke, didn't work though.

It didn't take long before I could sense it following us, I stopped and grabbed Jake's arm when I heard heavy breathing directly behind my head and a hateful whisper in my ear. He spun around but saw nothing, I was clutching to his arm desperately and was scared out of my mind. I was almost on the verge of tears,

"What did it say?" he asked grabbing onto my shoulders, get a hold of yourself!

"It's after something... it said... I don't know... gehenna tou pyros?" I stuttered, a flash of confusion and frustration flooded his face,

"Whats that suppose to mean?" He almost yelled to no one, as if his question was being answered a blood chilling scream drifted from the beach. Other small cries and screams followed. Instinctively, we morphed into our dragon forms and ran full till up the path.

We were the first at the scene. A girl a few years older than Haley was screaming and pointing towards the ocean,

"Joice, whats wrong?" Jake demanded, she was flustered and stuggled to form the words,

"Where's Andrew?" Jake scoured the horizon for his missing cousin before flying overhead and doving into the ocean a few metres from the shore, I looked back to make sure the adults were on their way down before turning to Haley.

"Haley, make sure everyone stays out of the water and tell Gramps whats happening." I rushed, I flew overhead and saw Jake's figure gliding through the water. To his left was a tiny flash of neon orange, Andrew! I flew down and swooped up the child with my tail, he was crying and clutched onto me for dear life. I flew him back to land where his mother was hysterically screaming for her child, Susan was standing next to Haley and was also holding a deep look of anxiety, where is Jake?

Gramps was in the air above me,

"Where's Jake?" he asked hurriedly, I spun around and headed to where I could feel his energy (coupled dragons can sense each other's energies). I flew overhead but he was no where in sight, I flew out a while from the beach but couldn't find him. I grew anxious and I could tell Gramps was really uneasy,

"Cienna!" he called out, I turned around and he was pointing to the beach. Jake was crawling onto the beach, still in dragon form, and Susan was running out to hug him. I flew back and landed a few feet from him,

"Where were you?" I asked bewilered, he turned around and gave me a confused look,

"Looking for you!" He looked as though I was the one who almost got swept out to sea, I gave him a confused look. Andrew was coughing violently as his family crowded around him. This demon thing might be more of a threat than we anticipated, but why would it mess with Andrew? What's its next move?
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