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"Letty,go already!You're gonna be late again!",her mom called.Letty nodded and grabbed her sandwich,her uniform on and backpack on,running out of the house.
Meet Leticia Rodriguez.A.K.A Letty.
Your usual 16-year old hard-working girl that wished to get into a huge and awesome college but always wakes up late and has to run to school.
Letty raced into the school and towards her class.She opened the door and ran in screeching to a stop in front of the teacher.
"Miss Letty,what excuse do you have this time?",he asked.
"Slept in?",she asked.
"You're lucky.Only one week left for school,so it doesn't matter now.Just go sit down and copy down what I say.",he said.She nodded and ran to her chair sitting down and taking out her notebook.
This is Letty for you.

"Letty,were you workign late again?",a boy asked coming up to Letty.She sat on a bench outside reading a book.She looked up and smiled.
"Hey,Jason.Yeah,I was.It's hard because I'm trying to find a good job too.",she said.
"Found any that might take you?",Jason asked.
Jason Lopez.Childhood friend of Letty's and very loyal to her.Because he's been in love with her since he first saw her.
"Well,there was one at the mall.But then again the boss was a very young guy.",she said.
"So what?",he asked.
"After me came a really pretty girl.I'm talking model figure.",she said with a sigh.
"Oh.",he said silently.
"Oh,well.I will find the perfect job and get me some money.Watch out Satford.I'm going to get in and get me the most awesome college life ever.",she said.
"Why aim for Satford,though.Why not Harvard or Yale or something that costs way less.",Jason said.
"Satford may be really expensive,but it's the most bst learning college.My dad used to tell me about how beautiful and peaceful it was there.I'm gonna aim for that college with all my might.",she said.
"Fine,if you say so.But,then I'm going to too.",he said.
"Really?Why?",she asked.
" get myself an awesome college life too.If you say it's awesome,I'm in too.",he said.She smiled and nodded.
"Great,I'll have my bestest friend there with me.",she said.
"Yeah...friend.",he murmured looking down.
"Well,I'm gonna go see if I can find some jobs online at the library.If you're going for Satford,you should probably look for some too.Wanna come?",she asked standing up.
"Ummm,no thanks.I,uhh,I have some work to do.",he said.She nodded and waved bye,walking off.

"Mateo,how you doin'?",a man asked as he walked into the office another young man.
"Yo,V.",the young man said.
Meet Mateo Ruiz.The 19-year old boss of the biggest club called Zero.A player,very god-looking sexy,and tough,he has taken over the buisness his father left him with.
"So,Casey's been looking for you.",V,his friend,said.
"Well,why would I care?",Mateo asked.
"Probably 'cuz she's your chick.",V said.
"One of them.",Mateo said with a smirk as he counted his money.
"So,you lookin' for some new dancers,right?",V asked.
"Yeah,go around and spread it.I think a couple girls here and there would be interested.",Mateo said.
"Alright,so what you gonna do about your dad.",V asked.
"Nothing.He got my older sis lookin' after him.I'll go see him once in a while.",Mateo said,no longer smirking and looking away.
"Mati,I've known you since we were kids,and I just want to put this out there.You seriously have to get more intimate with your dad.You guy's are like solid rocks when you standing next to eachother.I have never seen Uncle crack a smile at ya'.",V said.
"Well,that's his problem.Now,if you'll excuse me,I'ma go party some.You gon' come?",Mateo asked.
"Nah,I'll just go look for some newbies.",V said standing up.
"Alright,and don't get me trashy ones.",Mateo said.
"Yeah,I know the drill.",V said and walked out giving a wave.
Mateo sighed and stood up,turning around and walking to the huge class wall that allowed him to see the club.
"Never cracked a smile at me.",he muttered as his dad's stern face passed his mind.

"Six places and all of them,I've been rejected.Why can I not find a freaking job?",she muttered.
"Looking for a job,huh?",a deep voice said.Letty turned and her eyes widened at the handsome man standing there.
"Who are you?",she asked.
"Vince,but you can call me V.",he said.
"Okay,Hi V?",she asked.
"So I couldn't help but overhear you getting rejected by a couple job offers.",he said.
"Yeah,and?",she asked.
"I may have a job for you.Don't worry,nothing suspicious.We're looking for some new dancers down at Zero,a club downtown.",he said.
"Okay,so,you're offering me the job?",she asked.
"Yeah,but of course my boss is gonna have to approve you first.If you want the job,come down to Zero tomorrow and wear something a bit more revealing.He'll ask you some Q's and you simply answer them,then he'll either give you the job or not?Kay?",V asked.
"Umm,okay.",she said.
"Alright,then,hope I see you dancing there one night.",he said.She nodded and he waved bye walking off.
"A dancer,huh?I've danced before.It was ballet,but it shouldn't be so different...right?"
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