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Chapter Twenty One: Target Sighted

by Spyridon 4 Reviews

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  • Phoenix Eclipse

    (#) Nautilus 2010-06-02 04:54:49 AM

    you big meanie... how do you live with yourself... ending that chapter at THAT moment.

    great work on the character development of hermione, ginny and 'BWL'... nice to see a the change in hermione...

    hala's comment about Shyamal was interesting... and the glare at ginny?

    nice work with the 'attack' on professor snape... nicely planned and well described... i do wonder what your snape will make of it... an accident or something more?

    playing in edwards mind was thoroughly entertaining.. and nice to see him realise some home truths... what will he do now.. will he be man enough to change, now that he has been able to ID some of his flaws.

    looking forward to the battle scene. and also how Shyamal goes about scanning sirius's badge... what signifance does having voldy's magical signature hold?

    can't wait for the next chappy.

    Author's response

    I can live with myself knowing i made the deadline. Damn thing wouldn't stop growing either way. 22 pages should more than enough to make up for the last chapter. BWL should be growing up more even though he might make some stumbles.

    Oh, man what would you do if someone was looking at your older brother who you dote on to be there for you.

    What do you think Snape always does? Blame it on the Potter spawn.

    Shyamal will be too busying doing something but someone else will get a shot at it. You're going to have to wait for that last question!

    Thanks for the review!

  • Phoenix Eclipse

    (#) Cateagle 2010-06-02 08:00:06 PM

    It's going to be interesting to see how much Edward can do to reverse the problems his mistakes and cover-ups have caused? Given what we've seen, I can't help but wonder if Shyamal is going to take on the Dark Heir? That could get right interesting, especially if he is fully victorious and unmasks the Dark Heir as someone other than Harry Potter. That might just givce Edward the incentive he needs for a 'come to Jesus' moment of telling the full truth, no matter how painful it might be. Such a moment could have some interesting ripple effects throughout the wizarding world and it'll be interesting to see the reaction of Shyamal and his sibs.

    I agree, there's some nice character development here and I suspect Shyamal's been just too busy protecting his sibs to really have time for witches; if things ease up a bit, 'twould be fascinating to see who he goes for.

    Author's response

    Edward, you're going to have to grovel. (evil laugh) He's dug himself a big hole and I don't even know if he'll be able to recover the ground he's lost with his siblings and the ground he'll be sure to lose with his friends/family once they find out the truth.

    Oh, Shyamal vs the Dark Heir. Elven warrior vs Voldemort's apprentice. Teenager vs *** (can't be spoiling the identity of the Dark Heir no?).

    You have to read the next chappie.

    Ah, well the crowd knows already. Says in the summary. I'm a die hard shipper fan for that pairing. Poor Shyamal. Hala's words are going to be biting him the butt soon.

    Thanks for the review!

  • Phoenix Eclipse

    (#) hptrump 2010-06-03 10:12:39 PM

    I was going to stop reading just from the early statement Hala made that Shyamal is gay. Now in a review response you to Cateagle you say he is not. It is a really good story so I will wait and see where you take it.

    Author's response

    Well you can't always trust your siblings to portray you the right way. All my readers know this will be a Harry/Ginny pairing, but the pairing probably won't appear until somewhere in the sequel and for good reason.

    Poor Shyamal. He's going to be in for a rough ride. Thanks for the review!

  • Phoenix Eclipse

    (#) crazyjim87 2010-06-09 04:50:32 AM

    i wanted to ask you about the pair for shyamal/harry potter. is he going to be paired with a girl?

    Author's response

    I'm an avid Harry/Ginny fan so the pairing will go that way but not for a long while, possibly until the sequel.

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