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Bob didn’t know how he ended up here. It certainly wasn’t how the day had started. He’d woken curled up in Rays arms, warm and cozy despite what had taken place last night. Of course, Christa had made sure she interrupted that, calling Ray and announcing that she and some friends were coming over to hang out.

True to her ignorant fashion she didn’t even ask Ray if that was okay, but he didn’t put up an argument. He’d learnt it was pointless a while ago. Anyway, if he was going to stick to his word and tell her it was over then an opportunity had just presented itself for him to do so.

He’d assured a nervous Bob that he was going to go through with it, and to make him feel better he called up Frank and Gerard and a few other guys from the football team, just to even out the numbers and make things a little less awkward for Bob.

When everyone had arrived, Bob had lingered on his own, watching Christa run through the door and throw herself into Rays arms. It hurt, and Bob began to doubt Rays honesty. He seemed to be kissing her back quite easily.

Everyone had got settled down and people were talking in their own little groups. Ray was making sure everyone had drinks, Christa was following him like a sheep dog, and Frank and Gerard were sucking face in a corner, as per usual.

Bob, though he didn’t have a clue how, found himself in the lounge, sitting in a circle that was otherwise made up of plastic, peroxide cheerleaders. Every guys dream right? Not Bob's. It was fast becoming one of the most uncomfortable experiences of his life, especially when the conversation turned to sex.

They didn’t even bat an eyelid at Bob's presence, not even when they started talking about how well their boyfriends performed in the bedroom. Sure, Bob could have gotten up and walked away, but he didn’t really know where to go if he did. He didn’t know where Ray was, and he remembered seeing Frank lead Gerard up the stairs a few minutes ago. Their hormones were that of 13 year olds boys.

What bought Bob back to the girls’ conversation was when Christa spoke up.

‘Rays great. I love it when he kisses my neck, really gets me going.’

If Bob weren’t so mad he’d throw up, and his fists automatically clenched as she continued.

‘He’s so...big’ she blushed and all the other cheerleaders giggled shamelessly. ‘And he gets so turned on when I lick his ear.’

Bob almost laughed. That was bullshit. Ray actually hated that. It showed how much she knew in the bedroom, and Bob actually felt kind of satisfied that he knew Rays spots properly. It didn’t last long though. The conversation got...graphic, and Bob really got angry. She was talking in her high pitched voice about what things Ray loved, and what he didn’t like so much.

Bob decided that was it. If Christa wanted to discuss Rays bedroom skills, Bob was game.

‘Yeah he is really great’ Bob spoke up, watching as all the cheerleaders heads turned to look at him with confusion. He didn’t look at them though, just straight at Christa, piercing her eyes.

‘He loves when I kiss his neck, and when I bite his collarbone. Really gets him going.’

There was silence around the circle.

‘What are you talking about Bob?' Christa asked, wide eyed and bewildered.

‘What, didn’t I tell you?’ Bob asked, voice filled with bitter humor. ‘You’re boyfriends been fucking me for what.. A year now?.’

There were little gasps, and Christa shook her head. ‘You’re lying.’

‘ Afraid not sweetheart. Ask him.’

With utter satisfaction, Bob stood up from the circle and exited through the front door of the house. It was raining outside and he pulled his hood up, taking one last look at Rays house before he started the walk home.

It was like he was saying goodbye or something, because he was officially done with anything to do with Ray Toro.

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