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You're A Mess

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Pierre just keeps getting more and more upset with Beth until things finally spin out of control.

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After Pierre offered me his room last night, I was releaved. But when I started trying to sleep, my head was swarmed with memories of highschool. Coming over here on a Friday night to help David and Pierre write a song. I wasn't very good but they assumed because I wanted to be a writer that I could write a song. or deciding we all wanted to experience what it was like to get stoned. We opened both the windows in Pierre's room, locked the door and covered the vents with towels then tripped out for hours. It was too much.

By 3:30am it was hopeless. I got out of bed and dug through my belongings until I found my pack of smokes and a lighter. Slowly, I tip-toed past the guest room and down the stairs. I wondered if Seb was sleeping, but decided not to check. I opened the front door, walked outside and tried my hardest to close the door without waking anyone up.

"You can slam the door, and they wont hear it."

I screamed and jumped, turning to see who had startled me half to death.

"Sebastien." I smiled, still holding my heart.

"Beth." He smiled back. I took a seat beside him on the front porch and noticed he was also about to light a smoke of his own.

"Since when do you-"

"Since when do you?" He asked before i could finish.

"It's New York." I shrugged, "It's either cigarettes or coke."

"I see." We sat silently for a moment, and we both smoked our cigarettes. there was no need to hug and say that we missed each other. It was already implied. "So... what are you doing out here so late?" I asked.

"Waiting on Pierre." He looked at me. "I heard about the big blow out today."

"I didn't expect it." I sighed, "I didn't think that after all these years he would still blame me. I can't believe that Jay would let him blame me."

"What? Jay doesn't let him! If Pierre even mentions your name in a bitter way Jay will give him a peice of his mind. Pierre knows you were going to stay until Jay said no."

"Then why is he such an asshole to me?" I asked, groaning and placing my head in my hands.

"You didn't visit, didn't call, didn't email. You didn't even try. He's not upset that you abondoned Jay, He's upset you abandoned the rest of us."

"It was too hard. I didn't want to hear how Jay was doing. When Louise called last week I almost fainted. It was like listening to a ghost over the phone. I couldn't work or sleep or eat. All I could think about was Jay and how I should be here by his side."

"I understand. But Pierre doesn't. He's just going through a hard time so don't let his words get to you."

"A hard time, I understand. But he doesn't have to make things harder for me by making me feel so guilty. I thought he was gonna push me or hit me or something, Seb, I'd never seen him that angry, ever."

"It couldn't have been that bad." He insisted and I wasn't about to try and prove him wrong.

"So where is he?" I asked, reffering to Pierre.

"Bar." He sighed. "He doesn't drink a lot. Only when he's really upet. I just want to make sure he gets home."

"Well if he's gonna be drunk, I'm gonna go inside." I got to my feet. "Hey, would you mind if I shared a bed with you tonight? I can't sleep in Pierre's room."

"Yeah, go ahead. I'll be up soon."

As I was opening the door to go inside I heard footsteps coming up the drive way.

"I wanna talk to you!" Pierre slurred his words, pointing at me.

I turned around slowly, only glancing at Pierre for a second. He was clearly intoxicated, leaning to one side, slurring his words. I didn't want to talk to him sober, so i definetely don't want to talk to him like this.

"I'm done, Pierre, and I'm going to bed." I shook my head.

"Don't you dare walk into my house before i'm done talking to you."

"Pierre, you're drunk. Let's get you inside." Seb rushed over to Pierre but was ignored.

"Yeah, I'm drunk. But even drunk I can see how much of a selfish bitch Bethany is. Now get your ass down here you whore so i can give you a peice of my mind."

This was a Pierre i'd never seen before. A drunk, upset Pierre who didn't care what he was saying. Even pissed off, a sober Pierre would not call me such filthy names.

"So I'm a whore now?" I closed the door and walked down the steps towards him.

"Beth, please just go inside." Seb begged.

"Hold on." I said. "Pierre, explain, Please. We all want to hear the knowledge you pocess about me, even though we haven't spoken for 3 years."

"Yeah you're a whore." he took a step closer to me. "You're gonna share a bed with Seb. We all know what's gonna happen there." He started pointing to himself. "I know, I know, what you two were like in highschool. I saw it all."

"You were just jealous. You were the whore. You were the one who slept with a different girl every week in highschool. And maybe if you weren't such a whore, you and I would've ended up together."

"You wish." He spat.

"Okay, come on." Seb grabbed a hold of Pierre's arm and tried to pull him towards the house. Pierre swung his other hand around and pushed Seb off of him.

"Hey!" I yelled and pushed Pierre. I turned my back to him to go into the house with Seb. But Pierre, out of anger, grabbed a hold of my arm and threw me down on to the driveway.

"Not fucking cool, Pierre." Seb pushed Pierre away from me and offered a hand to help me up, But Pierre tackled him. The both landed on top of me, and I immediatly felt a sharp pain run up my arm. Pierre and Seb both rolled around throwing punchs. I screamed at them to stop until Seb finally got on top of Pierre and pinned him to the lawn.

"Are you fucking crazy!" Seb yelled in his face. "This is unbelieveable, even for you. You can't just grab her like that! I don't care how pissed off at the world you are. Smartin' up!" He got to his feet. I was in tears from the pain in my arm and the fact that I had to witness that happen.

"I'm sorry," I cried, "I should have just went inside-"

"Yeah, you should've. But apologize later. You're not staying here tonight with this lunatic." He grabbed my hand to lead me to his car and I let a wimper leave my mouth. He stopped and examined my arm. "Fot fuck sakes, Pierre." He mummbled. "we'll go to the ER in the morning, and grab your stuff."
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