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I Missed Timmies

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The morning after.

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We didn't drive very far to get where we were going. We pulled up to a nice looking building full of condos. Seb didn't say a word the entire time we were in the elevator until we were at the door of one of the apartments. He banged his fist repeatedly against the door until someone answered. It was David. He was wearing nothing but boxers, his hair was everywhere and he was rubbing his eyes.

"This better be important." He muttered, and then looked at me. His eyes widened and he took a moment to look at me. Like he was trying to figure out if he was dreaming. "Bethy!" He yelled, suddenly full of energy. He pushed past Seb and hugged me tightly. I bit my lip trying not to cry from the pain of my arm. "Oh my god, this is unbelievable! I missed you! I-"

"Can we stay here tonight?" Seb asked.

David pulled away from me, noticing my arm and the bruise that was still growing on the side of Seb's face. "Uh- Yeah- Of course." He welcomed us in and locked the door behind him.

"What happened?" He ran over to the fridge and grabbed two ice packs for us.

"Long story." Seb took the ice pack and placed it gently on his face. He beckoned for me to follow him as he left the kitchen. "We'll talk in the morning."

"Alright." David followed us down the hallway.

I turned around and hugged David as best I could with one arm. I felt tears sting my eyes. This whole day has just been way too overwelhming. "Good night."

Seb grabbed my hand and lead me into the door on the left into what i assumed was a guest room. We both crawled under the blankets in the bed and didn't say a word. we just fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning to the sun shining through the window. Seb was beside me. His arms were wrapped around my shoulders and his forehead was pressed against mine. It made me smile. He was always protective of me. In highschool, Seb would protect me from any guy trying to hit on me. He knew when i was interested in a guy and when I wasn't. If we were all horsing around in the pool, he'd be the one to remind the guys that I was fragile.

I started to think of what Pierre said the night before. He knew what we were like in highschool? He knew we used eachother to escape what we didn't want to deal with. Seb would come to me when he wanted to forget his parent's fighting at 2am everynight, and when I was hung up on Jay, or Pierre and miserable that I couldn't have either I would go to him. For awhile it was just cuddling, kissing, making out. After that, it was everything. He was my first- and I don't regret it. I guess the proper term would be friends with benifits. No strings attached. We love eachother, but not like that.

I thought about waking Seb, running my fingers through his hair, kissing his lips to forget Jay, Pierre, everything if only for a few hours. Instead, I crawled out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. It wasn't until I opened a cupboard in search of coffee that I remembered my wrist was hurt. It was swollen and purple now.

I heard the front door open and David walked in, holding a Tim Hortons bag and two coffees. I smiled.

"I'm not a coffee drinker but I knew you and Seb would want one." He smiled putting them on the counter. "And begals." He held up the bag.

I helped myself to a coffee and a begal. "I miss Tim Hortons. There's none in Manhattan."

He chuckled and beckoned for me to follow him into the living room. We sat on the couch and enjoyed our begals for a few minutes.

"You look great." He smiled, "10 times prettier than when you left."

"Thanks." I sipped on my coffee.

"So what happened?" he finally asked, running his fingers gently over my swollen wrist.

"Pierre happened." I sighed. "As soon as I arrived at the house he started telling me I should feel guilty- which I do- and started telling me I abandoned Jay... Then last night, He came home really drunk and started calling me a whore. We got in to an argument, then he pushed seb, I pushed him, he threw me to the ground, so Seb pushed him then Pierre tackled Seb and they landed on me."

David shook his head. "I realize this is a hard time for him but I didn't think he'd get so out of control when you showed up. I knew he wouldn't be happy... I never expected it to get so... physical."

I sat silently for a moment, starring at the leather surface of the couch. "Do you blame me?" I asked, "For leaving?"

"No." He replied. "Jay told us all that he encouraged you to go. He made it clear he didn't want you here to see him like this. I do blame you for not keeping in touch. But, I'm not gonna kick your ass."

I smiled and leaned over to hug him. This was not the reaction I was expecting to get from everyone. I didn't expect David and Seb to be so understanding, and I didn't expect Pierre to be this angry.

"Is this mine?" Seb asked, entering the living room sipping on the coffee.

David nodded. "There's a begal here for you too."

Seb grabbed the begal and began to stuff his face. "So, we should probably get to the hospital soon. I was worried about either of us falling asleep last night because we both hit our heads. We still might have concusions."

"I didn't hit my head." I pointed out.

Seb sat down beside me on the couch and pulled my hair away from the back of my neck. I couldn't see, but David said, "Shit, Let's get to the hospital." So I assumed it was bad.

"There's blood all over your pillows, by the way." Seb pointed out to David. "I'll replace them."

"Don't worry about it let's just get to the hospital." David said, cautiously helping me up off the couch. I rubbed the back of my neck with my hand and felt all the dry blood.

"How do you not notice something like this?" I asked.

They both shrugged.

We got to the hospital and ended up not having to wait to see a doctor because the nurse recgonized David and Seb. She'd said her teenage daughter was a huge fan. Sometimes I forget how famous they've gotten. When I left them, they were just getting prepared to release their first album. Now, you can't turn on the radio or music television with out hearing about Simple Plan. They'd played a concert in Manhattan last summer while they were on tour. I bought a ticket, I booked off work, I even got dressed to go. I ended up spending the whole night sitting on my couch, trying to figure out what I could say to them. I didn't expect it to be so easy.

Seb was already done getting checked out while I was still waiting for the doctor so he came in to wait with me. He had a bandage on the left side of his forehead and chin and a couple bandages on his knuckles.

"How you feeling?" I asked hoping up on the examination bed in the centre of the room.

"Could be better." He replied. He stood infront of me with his hands in his sweater
pockets. "You?"

"Fine." I nodded. "I'm sorry. I should've stayed out of it last night. I should've just let him yell while I walked inside. I didn't mean to get us hurt."

"I'm sorry I said 'it can't be that bad.'" He sighed. "I'm just still so used to protecting you... I just didn't think I'd ever be protecting you from Pierre. I mean, he loves you. We all do."

"It's fine. I just can't believe he called me a whore. me! He's the one who led me on. He's the one who slept around in highschool, not me. I didn't at all other then- well... you."

Seb kind of blushed. "Still no regrets, right?"

I smiled and grabbed his hand to pull him in to a hug. "none at all. I can't think of anyone else who I would rather give my virginity to." we both chuckled a little.

He pulled out of the hug but stayed standing between my legs. He was holding the side if his face and kind of wincing in pain.

"Awh, want me to kiss it better?" I joked. He nodded. I leaned forward and gently kissed his cheek. As I was pulling back, he gently pressed his lips to mine. Shocked, I pulled back a little, but immediatly pressed my lips back against his. He pulled away shortly after.

"Sorry, just one last time for old times sake." He half smiled.

"Don't apologize." I smiled back, "You know, you're my first kiss in 2 years."

"2 years?" He asked.

"Yeah, I gave up on dating in New York after I dated this one guy. He was such a jerk." I shrugged.

"How so?"

"He was just a jerk." I didn't want to get into it, and Seb did pressure me to tell.

"If it makes you feel any better, a couple months ago I caught my girlfriend of 3 years cheating on me... in our bed."

"I'm so sorry." I cooed.

"It's fine. I knew it was happening for months, I just ignored it until I saw it for my own eyes."

I nodded and stayed silent for a few moments. "Can we visit Jay today?" I asked.

"You've been through enough these past 24 hours. How about we go back to David's, rest up and come visit tomorrow or sunday?"

I didn't agree, but I wasn't going to argue. Seb's always known what's best for me.
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