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Chapter One

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The next day,I was surprisingly greeted by what you would call,Divas.
They were the girls at my school that would overdress and put a lot of make-up and seduce boys into doing whatever they want.Well,at least,that's what I call a Diva.I don't really even know what a real diva is.
"Hey,Katalina.",the leader said.
"Ummm,hi?",I asked instead.I never talked to anybody in this school,and they never did to me,so I was really surprised.
"So,we heard you have suddenly got involed with gangs.",the same girl said.I think her name was Jaklynn.
"Yeah,it's all over the school.Your class told everybody about your answer to Mr.Louie.They're saying that you are so into violence."
"Well,I'm not.Like I said before,it was just my opinion."
"Yeah,right.I bet you are in a gang.And you just don't want to get caught because then you'll be in trouble with your precious daddy again,huh?"
She and the others with her gave me fake pouty faces.I gasped and huffed turning and walking away.
What divas!As if I'd ever be in a gang!And who said that I would even be scared of my daddy?I mean,I would,but...
Oh whatever!
Suddenly,I bumped into somebody.My eyes went up with my head,and there stood a toal rebel looking girl in front of me.
I gulped and held my books tighter to my chest.
She wore her uniform way differently than the people in this school.With a loose tie and slightly unbuttoned shirt,striped socks,boots with chains,colored hair,chains on her skirt and around her neck.Even her skirt was shorter.
"Hey,watch where you going,prep!",she growled at me.I gulped and nodded.
"S-sorry.",I murmured.She narrowed her eyes at me,and she suddenly smirked.
"Hey,your that chick with the super rich dad!",she said.
"Y-yeah.",I murmured.She suddenly held up a fist in front of me.
"What's up.Name's Melinda.I'm new here,with another friend.He's still outside talking with some people,though.He'll come in.",she said.I stared at the fist confusedly.
She shook her fist as if waiting.I raised my hand instead.
"I only know handshakes.",I said innocently...and scared.
"Oh,well.",she said and gave my hand a shake,and hard by the way.
"I'm Katalina.",I said.
"Cool,mind if I call you Kat.Now,I want you to help me around this school.Oh,and you're my new slave,got it?",she said looking around at the people,as they stared back.
"Yeah.Simple rules.Do what I tell you to.Say what I tell you to.Wear what I tell you to."
"But I-"
"Alright,first things first.Bring me to the lunchroom 'cuz I'm starving.",she said.I nodded and turned leading her to the cafeteria.
People watched me as I lead her.
Oh,gosh,this really didn't help that rumor that spread about me at all.

We sat in lunch eating,people still staring.Everybody was so quiet and I hated it.
Suddenly,the door slammed open and I looked up instantly.
There before my eyes was a beautiful guy...
The beautiful guy...
"From last night!",I murmured.
"What?",Melinda asked.
"N-nothing.",I murmured.The guy walked towards us and sat down next to Melinda and narrowed his eyes at me.
"Mel's new slave?",he asked.I shrugged,and gave a nod.
"I-I,uhhh,guess so.",I murmured.The guy sighed and gave a little shove at her head.
"Hey,can't you see me eating,idiot!",she yelled.
"Why another slave?Why torture another?",he asked.
"Torture?",I whispered,my eyes wide.
"Whatever!Kat,this is my childhood idiot of a best friend,Zero.",she said.
"Zero?",I asked.
"I know.Dumbass name,right?",she said laughing.He shoved her in the head again,making her scowl.
"Got a problem?",he asked me.I stared at his eyes for what seemed to be a long time,before he snapped at my face.
"Huh?",I asked.
"I asked if you got a problem?",he asked.I shook his head with an embarassed blush.
"None.",I murmured.Suddenly,I was hit in the back of my head and my eyes widened.
"No gangs,huh?Don't look like it to me.",Diva Leader said.I narrowe dmy eyes and stood up,turning to her.
"Don't touch me,bitch!",I yelled.I heard Melinda snicker,but I ignored it.
"Awww!Daddy's little girl suddenly unleashes her non-scary power.I'm so scared!",she said and her posse laughed as she smirked.
"Shut up!I am not in a gang!I just met them!At least they have a real personality,you fake snob!",I yelled.
"Please,who's the snob here?You think you're better than everyone because you're daddy is rich!You only think we're losers.",she said.
"I do not!If I ever said that,remind me because I don't exactly remember.",I said.She scoffed and suddenly pushed me,making me fall to the ground.
I gasped and huffed.She smirked and the entire lunchroom was looking at me and laughing.I narrowed my eyes at her and stood up.
"Whatever.I'm not fighting back.",I said.I went over and grabbed my books,but when I turned to walk away,she tripped me and I fell.Once again,the lunchroom laughed loudly.
I huffed and could feel tears starting to leak.I sniffed and sat up,grabbing all my books together.But she had kicked them from my hand.
I wasn't going to give in,though.One thing that my dad taught me..was that if you give into what somebody wants you to do,you're only weak.
Well,I won't be.
Again,I tried to pick up my thigns but one of her girls grabbed my stuff and threw them across the lunchroom.
The laughing filled my ears and tears swelled,making my vision blurry.
My eyes widened and I looked over to see Melinda standing up,her fists clenched,her teeth bared.Zero sat there carelessly and boredly.
"Yes,Ms.Ghetto?",Diva Leader asked.Melinda pointed to her with an evil-looking smirk.
"Say more,and you'll be the one that looked for it!What makes you think you can put down people just because your jealousy and snobiness wins you over?!Huh?!",Melinda yelled.
"Whatever,Loser.At least I haven't been around the block.",Diva Leader said.Melinda's eyes flared and she smiled.She looked like she'd gone mad.
"You done it.",Zero muttered.Melinda got on the table,an with a swift movement,she kicked Diva Leader in the chin and jumped down.
"Still have something to say?",Melinda laughed.The lunchroom was silent.
Diva Leader whimpered on the floor,and I could see blood.
I sniffed and stood up,looking from Diva Leader,to Melinda.
Melinda glanced at me and smirked.
"I got your back,slave.",she chuckled.I sniffed and couldn't help but smile.
"I've seen you before.The girl on that balcony.",Zero said.I looked at him and nodded.He smirked and Melinda gave a questioning look.
"Huh?",she asked.I look from her to him.
"You looked hot.",he said,his smirk wider.
My face went red,and I was no longer smiling.
Other than that last comment of his,and maybe didn't need to have the awesome kick.But from defending me and standing up for me...
Did I just make some new friends?
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