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Always Have You In My Heart

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The first time I layed eyed on was like laying down on a meadow with the scent of flowersin my nose.The sun out calmly shining me,with beautiful clouds in the shape of hearts over me.
But then it bought me back to reality.
He was a rebel that was poor.I was a daughter of a rich man that hated trouble-makers.
So,how exactly could we ever be together?

I yawned sleepily.I now sat in class with other students,and a boring teacher that talked of the time back in where gladiators and stuff.
Such boring stuff.
My name is Katalina Ramirez.I am daughter of the richest man in U.S.A.Unfortunately,I have to go to a private school.One of the best private schools ever.
Which suck.
It's boring and the kids are all goody-good or into drugs.The teachers talk like in some mono-tone.It's all so very life-sucking here.
I've always wanted to go to a public school.There are funer things there.They have louder and funnier people,what you call class clowns.There are some drama between girls that develop into cat-fights.Guys get into some big fights.Always so fun.Always so alive!
But no,I am sitting here.
My eyes widened and I looked up to the teacher.
"What?",I asked.
The class giggled and started murmuring.I looked at them with a scowl.I hated them.And they hated me.They thought that I thought that just because I was richer than all of them,I was stuck-up and self-centered.
"I asked you if you think that it was right for the Spartans to fight?",he asked.I gulped and cleared my throat.I stood up and scratched my head.
"Ummm,I do.",I said.He gave me an interested look and nodded.
"Go on.",he said.I sighed and bit my lip.
"Well...if they didn't fight,than they would have all died.And...insert my smirk,and I think that fighting is good.If they don't fight,than it's boring.I mean,I thik the only reason they even fought other than for their country,was because they thought it would give them some entertainment that men are falling by their hands.",I said.
He narrowed his eyes at me and nodded.
" may sit now.",he said.I continued to smirk and sat.The class murmured,and I knew it was about me,but what do I care?

"Katalina,come here.",my daddy called.I stood up from the living room couch and went to his office with a smile.
"Yes?",I asked.He looked up at me from his paperwork and sighed.
"Katalina,what are you wearing?",he asked.I got confused and looked down.Some short sweatshorts with a ripped t-shirt that went over my belly.Long white socks that went a bit over my knees,my hair messily down.
"What?It's comfortable.",I said.He sighed and motioned for me to come closer.
"Your teacher,Mr.Louie,called.",he said.
"What about?",I asked,sitting on his desk.
"Don't you mean what about this time?He said you gave the most peculiar answer when he asked you a question.He questioned me if there is any violent influence going on here at the house.",he said.I rolled my eyes and sighed.
"I didn't say anything peculiar.I just gave my opinion.What's wrong about expressing myself?",I defended myself.
"Kat,don't cause any trouble at school.You do seem to be a bit strange nowdays.Is there anythign I should know?",he questioned.I sighed and smiled.
"Daddy,nothing's wrong.Here,I'm going to go study.I got some big test coming up tomorrow.",I said.I walked around the desk and kissed him goodnight.He gave a grunt and I laughed and walked out.I closed his doors and sighed.My smile fell away and I ran my hand through my hair.
"This so sucks.",I muttered.I walked upstairs to my bedroom and closed the door behind me.
I walked to the balcony and walked outside.I leaned on the railing,smelling in the fresh air.
I looked up to the moon and smiled at the beauty.
Suddenly,I was surprised to hear the faint calling of a wolf.A howl.I looked down and around.
My eyes soon surprisingly found a boy instead.He looked about my age,but I couldn't get a direct view.
I rested my head on my hand,and suddenly he stopped.His head slowly went up,and my eyes widened.
His beauty...his handsomeness,it affected me hard.
His skin was a very light and tender brown.His style was wierd...he wore baggy jeans with a black tee,and I knew he was wearing some new Nikes.Heis hair was short and spiked,wierdly shining.His eyes...they are what made me melt.
His eyes were dark and alluring.From where I stood,they shone brightly.They showed something in them,thing is I don't know what.They were seductively beautiful.
Suddenly,win blew and strands of my hair went flowing over my face.I didn't care,though.I only kept my eyes on him.
Suddenly,there was a wolf howl again.I shivered and felt suddenly cold.That wolf howling,became louder.
The guy looked away from me,and started running off.
My voice caught as I watched him run away.Soon,he was gone from my sight.I looked into the darkness in which he disappeared in.
I sighed and questioned myself in my mind,Who are you?
I shook my head quickly,though and walked in quickly,closing the balcony doors.
"Forget it.How me and him ever even be together.As if dad would let us.",I murmured.I walked to my bed and sat down.
But they made an odd beautiful mixture.That guy and the wolf that howled.He did resemble me of a wolf.An I wanted to know him.
I would know him.
But that's only if I didn't get caught...
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