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Chapter Eight

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Finally,we reached my house.I reached for the door,but Chase had grabbed my hand suddenly.I looked back at him confused.
"Look,I can understand why you don't like me.But I like you and I obviously want you to get along with me.",he said.
"Look,it's not that I hate you...though you're a bit wierd.It's just that I don't think I'm ready for a relationship.Especially with somebody I don't even know.",I said.
"Well,I am 17.I have studied abroad in Europe and in Asia.I havve at least six scholarships from all over U.S.A.",he said.I sighed and turned to him.
"Chase...I get that you're smart.But I don't,you know,know you.",I said.He sighed and looked away.
"Fine.Then I'll come everyday until you know me better.",he said.My eyes widened at the wild idea.
"B-But,why?!There's no reason to come everyday.I mean,you're not seriously not going to do that,right?"
"You'll see.",he said with a smile as he looked back at me.I sighed and shook my head.
"I really do not think that's a good idea.At all.",I said and opened the door walking to the front door.I entered without looking back,and went straight upstairs.
Soon after I was in my cofortable pj's with my bunny slippers and my messy bun,I heard the door knock.
"Kat,it's me.",I heard somebody say.My eyes narrowed in confusion.That voice sounded like...
"Me who?",I asked.
"Me Zero."
My eyes widened and I ran to the door and opened it pulling him in.I looked down the halls and closed the door quickly.I turned to him to see hi mtaking off his jacket,showing off muscles again.
"Jeez,you must really want it.",he said with a smirk.I sighed and grabbed his jacket throwing it on the bed.
"How did you get in here?",I asked.
"Maid let me in.Whym,something wrong?",he asked.
"Yes,my dad could've caught you.He is not such a big fan of rebels.",I explained.
"Who ever said I was a rebel?",he asked.I sighed and smiled.
"Nobody.You're just...very dangerous-looking.Anybody would mistake you for a trouble maker.",I said.He sat on my bed and shrugged.
"So,where's Hachi?",he asked.
"I told Helen to take him a bath.",I said crossing my arms.He chuckled randomly and I gave him a questioning look."What?"
"Nicepj's and...bunny slippers.",he laughed.I rolled my eyes and smacked his arm,which he bought up to defend his head from.
"Be quiet.I like being comfortable.",I pouted.I sat down beside him and took off my slipeprs crossing my legs.
" far what I know about you is that you're a very casual person who likes fun and laughing.You like being comfortable.I think I'm pretty sure you like ice-cream.You have a soft spot for baby animals.",he said.I smiled,blushing if I may add,and looked at him.
"You sure know lots of stuff about me even if we've only known eachother for about a week.",I said.He layed back and sighed.
"I'm smart and cool like that.",he said.His eyes closed,his yawned.I continued to smile and layed back next to him.
"But...I don't lots of things about you..",I trailed off.He said nothing for a moment,but he turned on his side towards me.
"Ask away.",he murmured.I smiled and nodded in agreement.

I yawned as I woke up,half-expecting to see Zero.
His beauty always enchants me.I would be in paradise the moment he'd touch his lips against me...
"That eager,huh?"
My eyes widened to see Chase's face in front of mine close with a smirk..
And me puckering my lips to him.
"Ehhh!",I squealed running off the bed and towards the door.Then I noticed something.
"How'd you get get in and in my room?",I asked turning back to him.He gave a goofy smile and stood up walking towards me.
"You should know that I now have keys.",he said and dingled a ring full of keys at me.I let out a sigh of frustration and walked to the bathroom.
I washed my mouth and came out to find he was gone.
"Good,he lef-"
"I left?"
My eyes widened and I gasped to see he was standing at the door way of my balcony.I breathed heavily and pointed to the doorway.
"Get out.I have to get dressed.",I said.He sighed and walked to me.He placed a hand on my cheek making my blush madly.
"Fine.But you better not run away.",he murmured and kissed my forehead.He walked out and I stood there frozen for a moment before running to the door and locking it.
And then putting a chair in front of it so that he won't come in even if he unlocks it.
I took a quick shower and got in some khaki shorts with pink and white striped shirt and some long knee high pick and white socks,and pink converse.
I straightened my hair and put lipgloss on.
Once I reached downstairs,I called for Chase so that I could get him out of my house,but I was absolutely choked.
There was my doorway stoof Zero having a glaring contest with Chase.Melinda stood beside them giving questioning looks at Zero,but glares at Chase.
That's not really good...right?
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