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Chapter Nine

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I ran to them and and pushed Chase away.
"Okay,this is not what it looks like.He sneaked in some how.",I told Zero.
"Yes it is.I am her fiancee so I will of course be with her in her house.",Chase said.
My eyes widened nad I looked at Chase who's eyes immediately widened as well.
"Fiancee?",Melinda asked.
"Yes,what did you think I was?",Chase asked.
"Some freak.",Melinda replied.I looked atZero and he looked at me.
"This guy is your fiancee??Your damn fiancee and you don't say anything?!",Zero yelled.
"It's not like I want him to be my fiancee.My father made me his fiancee.",I explained.
"That doesn't matter.Why didn't you tell me he was your fiancee.Here,I thought he was just a guy that wouldn't leave you alone.But he's the guy you're going to marry...",Zero trailed off.
I stared at him silent and I could feel my heart dropping.I made Zero mad at me.
"I'm sorry.",I whispered.Zero stared at me for a long time.
I simply began to tear up and felt my lips quivering.He looked down for a moment,and then back up to me.
But his eyes were soft and he did not look mad.He actually looked...kinda sad.
He looked at Chase with a murderous glare and clenched his jaw.
"This isn't over.If you think for one minute that Kat's going with you,you're mistaken.I'll be back.",Zero sad.He looked at me and I stared at him confusedly.
Did that mean he forgave me?
He walked up to me and grabbed my face.His lips smushed up against mine and my eyes widened.My entire face burned with blush,but I melted into it.
I kissed him back and closed my eyes.
I'm kissing Zero..and it feels so good.
He pulled away slowly and I opened my eyes blushing madly.He turned and walked away.Melinda smiled at me and waved bye running out.Chase slammed the door close and walked up to me.
"Your little 'boyfriend' is mistaken himself.",Chase said.He walked out of the house slamming the door behind him and I stood there frozen and touched my lips.
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