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Step Two

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Step two- Do not lie for two days

One day has past and I have not lied, I was beyond proud of what I did. Even though I wanted to lie so badly I made it threw the day now I have another goal I cannot lie for two whole days, this one will be hard. If I made it without lying for a day, I think I go two days, but not lying was not bothering me it was Gerard. His words still replay in my mind I cannot imagine doing this without him; it worries me that he will leave or worst something bad will happen.

I have not seen Gerard since yesterday I was too afraid to face him scared that I might make him mad or lie to him some how. But then again I cannot lie to him he knows when I lie and I just do not have that feeling of lying to him. I just want to show him that he is beautiful and that I wish he would get better, but telling him all of that would not make a difference, he would not believe me.

I have been in my room for five hours I finally decide to leave my room to get some fresh air once I left my room I headed towards the glass doors that lead outside. When I got to the doors I saw Gerard sitting out there part of me wanted to go out and just hug him, the other part was afraid. I stood in the doorway for about ten minutes before deciding to go outside, I open the door and head toward the table where he was.

“I’m sorry, “I whisper out

“What are you sorry for, “He asks while looking up at me.

“For making you mad yesterday, I know what I say to help you get better you will believe me until you start to believe it yourself, I should stay focus on me and getting me better, “I replied.

“You have nothing to be sorry for Frank I know you were only trying to help, and I understand that. However, you are right I will not believe anything until I believe it myself. And do not worry about me do not waste all your time on me, just focus on getting yourself better, “ He said.

I sat down beside him laying my head on his shoulder the truth was I would always worry about him there never be a minute were I did not worry about him. I just wanted him to get better to be healthy and finally leave this asylum forever.

“I will always worry about you that is something I cannot not stop. We are together now you are the only one who is helping me getting threw this without you I could not do this. You made me see what a liar I really was, I just wanted to show you who you really were and not the person you see in the mirror, “I said while hoping he would not get upset.

“I think sooner or later you would finally see what a liar you really were, but I am glad I made you see that. However, please do not worry about me everything will happen for a reason, “He said while putting his arms around me.

“What do you mean everything will happen for a reason, “I ask in fear.

“Do not worry about it, just enjoy this moment, “He replied.

That last part scared me I know right then something bad was just about to happen.

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