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You’re so gay right now

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We'll fix it again. Again.

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My phone awoke me from this lovely dream I had but I couldn’t remember it. Don’t you just hate when that happens?
“You’ve got to get down here right now!” I heard Ian’s voice in the phone.
“What time is it…?” I said, really sleepy.
“Like 12 o’clock”
“I’ve slept like four hours… leave me alone!” I said and hung up. I pulled the duvet over my head and tried to fall back to sleep.
“Pointless…” I mumbled and got out of bed. Coffee, I need coffee… I thought to myself. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and put some clothes on.

“Coffee” was all I said as I walked in to the kitchen. I probably sounded really cranky and spoiled and whatever, I didn’t care.
“Why are you up this early? Isn’t this your day off?” I can’t believe I forgot that. “Go back to sleep and I’ll give you coffee when you’re you again!” Sophie continued. She was like a mom, even though she was only ten years older than me. She was kind and caring and always fixing me food after my night shift. And she took care of me like that, telling me to go to sleep, or asked me if I’d eaten.
“Fine” I said. “I’ll get it myself!” She didn’t stop me and after I’d gotten a sip from my big cup I apologized for sounding so spoiled. I took my coffee out back to drink it in the sun. I saw Ian waving at me and walked up to him.
“You totally missed it!” he said, all excited. “I wish I had it on tape!”
“Hum?” I mumbled as I took another sip.
“You know the guys who’re probably famous? They were in the pool having a water war! With water guns and everything!”
“That’s why you woke me up?!” this was so typical Ian!
“It was H.O.T! Especially the one with the big lips! Sadly he’s totally not gay!”
“Ian…!” Oh big lips… I dreamed way.
“I told you, I want you to call me Chantal! Besides, it’s your day off, you can be tired all you want and go to bed early”
“You’re so gay right now” Did everybody remember my day off except for me?
“That’s the way you love me sweets” he put his arm around me.
“Ian, what do you know about cars?” I said remembering last night (or this morning depending on how you look at it).
“Err, why would I know anything about cars?” Ian said, looking at me as I was the dumbest person in the world. I told him everything about the night before and explained that I didn’t know what I was going to do.
“And now I’ll have to tell him the truth! I feel so stupid” I finished.
“Tell who the truth?” Jon said from behind me all wet after the water war. Ian was telling the truth about that after all. Ian looked at him like he was something to eat.
“You…” I said.
“She means about the ghost hunting thing!” Ian jumped in saving my back.
“I do? I mean I do!” I said, probably looking as dumb as I felt. “I think you would like it!”
“Wasn’t that for kids?” He asked, making me feel even more stupid.
“I can take you on a private ghost tour, just you and me” Ian said, blinking at Jon. “What ya say?”
“Err… Emi, how about you look at the van, while I remember, you’re not working right?” Jon said giving me the puppy face.
“Sure… just let me drink my coffee…” I said halfheartedly.
“Nobody back home is gonna call you Emi, Nell! Get over it!” Ian teased me.
“You’re one to talk Chantal” I snapped back at him and we both laughed.
Jon really looked out of place beside us. “C’mon” he said “let’s go”.

“Here, you’re gonna need these” Jon said and handed me some gloves that they’d had in the car. “I’m just gonna open the hood”.
I looked at the motor and sighed. How will I get out of this one?
“That bad huh?” someone said from behind. I turned around to see one of Jon’s friends. He had side bangs and small eyes. He had a cute smile and looked really friendly.
“No… Emmh… it’s not that bad…” I got out.
“Oh. Good. I can’t wait to get back on the road!” He said with an even bigger smile.
“Let her work Spenc! So that we can go already” The other friend of Jon’s said, the one who had kind of a Mohawk going. Oh great, was everyone watching me? I looked back at the motor. I barely touched anything and there was smoke coming out of something.
“GREAT! She ruined the car! We’re never gonna get back out there guys! SO TYPICAL” It was him, that guy. When did he get here? And who was he to say those things? Their car was already crashed. Not fair.
“C’mon Bren! The car was already crashed… Don’t be such a drama queen!” It felt like Jon had read my mind.
“I’m sorry…” I said giving Brendon the gloves “I’m never gonna touch anything of yours again”
“Girl, you need to stand up for yourself. He’s being an as!” Ian glared at him.
“Let’s just go” I said dragging Ian along with me.

Later that afternoon I was just kind of walking around through all the corridors, not really knowing where I was or where I was going. I saw an open door. I looked in and saw that it was the library, this old manor had a lot of old rooms that Boss didn’t have the heart to turn into bedrooms for guests. And someone was on the couch reading. I barley saw him ‘cause he was lying down. I stood by the door watching him. Brendon. I tasted the name in my mouth. As beautiful as he is I thought to myself.
“WATCHA READING?” I think he was as frightened as I was when Ian came out of nowhere, because he jumped out of the couch and threw the book up in the air. It was even more alarming that Ian had a maids costume on. I think he had been cleaning the books maybe. He loved dressing up for stuff.
“Nothing…” Brendon said nervously. “And what are you wearing…?”
I picked up the book that had landed by my feet and left before they saw me.
Ten steps to get that girl. Huh…”
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