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Chap 1

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Al shot up in her bed,her eyes wide.She squeezed her eyes shut and cursed inwardly.She was supposed to wake up early and meet up with them for practice.
Then was her band.
She jumped off the bed and ran to the door to see Noda.
"Sorry,Noda,just got knocked out.",she said.
"Well,hurry,'cuz Tank's getting mad.",he said and walked away.She scoffed and closed the door walking to the bathroom.
After getting ready,she locked the door to her apartment and went downstairs to the guys.
"Sorry.",she murmured putting her bag on over her shoulder.
"Wel,let's go.",Damion said with a smile.Al smiled and nodded in agreement walking ahead with Damion.
"She kept us waiting and dares to smile?",Tank muttered.Noda sighed and shrugged.

The man cursed to himself and ran his hand through his hair.
"I am very sorry,Sir,I tried.",the secretary pleaded.He looked up at her.
"No big deal.Just keep looking.Right now,I need any band.",he said.She nodded and excused herself leaving quickly.
He was boss of a very important music entertainment corporation,and currently looking for a band.But not one in sight just yet.
Well,not a good one anyway.
He was Ren Smith,boss of Music Life Corp.18 years old and tries hard to make his job work.In fact,he never planned for this future.His father had died and he found himself being the new boss.He actually wanted to be in a band himself.
Used to be a rebel and trouble-maker,but since this responsibility,he is strict and always stressed.
A knock at the door caught his attention.
"Come on.",he said.
"Sir,I found a certain band.",his secretary said walking up to him.
"Who is it?",he asked.
"It seems that they are very well known.Most of the city has had performances from them.",she said.
"Well,who are they?",he asked.
"They're called Blast."

Al shivered,catching Noda's attenion.
"You okay?",he asked.She smiled and nodded.
"Just fine,Just feel a little cold.",she said and cleared her throat looking back at the crowd.
They were supposed to have a practice,but it seemed their music attracted a couple dozens of people.
She walked up to the mic and smiled.
"Afternoon.We're Blast.",she said.The crowd cheered and she laughed at the excitement.The music started up and the crowd began to cheer loudly.

I saw my boyfriend hanging with this girl that I hate
He didn't have to tell me why last night he was late
I can't believe what you tell me
Your lies have come undone
Now I'm living on the run looking out for number one

I took a ride to the city
Had to get out of this place
I just can't stand the pity
When the tears fall down my face
I used to think it was over
But its only just begun
Now I'm living on the run looking out for number one

One day you'll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one

Ren sighed but realized there was rock music playing.He looked out the window to see a crowd of people cheering,and a band playing.
He looked to the singer,surprised to see it was a girl.
"Stop!Pull up there.",he said.The driver did as he said and pulled up to the driveway.
Ren got out and leaned on the car hearing what they offered.

I hitched a ride on a Greyhound.
Stashed away on a train
Bought a ticket for the subway
Playin' guitar in the rain
I want to follow Rivers to an island in the sun
Now I'm living on the run looking out for number one

One day you'll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one

Late at night trying to fight
I just might think about him
Right now I'm feeling fine
I'm better off without him

One day you'll see me but only when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one
I know that one day you'll see me
I'll haunt you when your dreaming
One day you'll say I was the one
I'm number one

The crowd cheered loudly,and Al cheered with them.
"Thank you!",she said and bowed.She waved good-bye to all the crowd as they left,and soon they were alone again.She sat down and sighed feeling the rush of excitement fade away.
"Excuse me."
She looked up and her eyes widened to a guy.
Her first thoughts were,'This guy is so f-ing hot!!'
Her second thoughts were,'He's that Smoth guy!'
She stood up immediately and smiled fixing her hair down.
"H-Hi.",she said.
"Hey.",he said.
"You're that Smith guy,right?",she asked.
"Yeah,and I just saw you're performance.It was actually real cool.I like you guys.",he said.Noda looked away from the guys as they chatted to see a guy talking with Al and narrowed his eyes.
"Well,thanks.",she said with a giggled and blush.Suddenly she was pulled back.Noda had pulled her behind him.
"Got something to talk about?",Noda asked.
"Yeah,I was actually-"
"Noda,stop it!Idiot!Or should I say,Baka!",she yelled and pushed him away.She smiled back at Ren and blushed again.
"Sorry about that.Noda's very protective.Anyways,go on with what you were saying.",she said.
Suddenly,Noda's hand pushed her face away and glared at Ren.
"Who are you?",Noda asked.
"I'm Ren Smith,from Music Life Corp.I went to find you guys,but saw you here and I thought you guys were good.",Ren said.
"Cool.",Noda said with a shrug.Al huffed angrily and kicked Noda in the leg making him fall on a knee.She smiled at Ren again nicely.
"So you think we're good,huh?",she asked.Ren looked at Noda for a moment,but smiled back at Al.
"Yes.I want you guys to come to my corporation and become a Music Life band.",he said.
"Really?!Oh my gosh!We've been waiting for this!Thank you so much,so very much!",she said.He gave her a card and smiled.
"No problem.May I have your names?",Ren asked.
"Alright.You guys!",Al called.Tank and Damion walked up to them and Noda stood up glaring at Al.
"Who's this?",Tank asked.
"He is the man that will make us famous.Introductions.",Al said.
"Tank.",Tank said looking away cooly.
"Damion.",Damion said with a smile and wave.
"Noda.",Noda said crossing his arms,his eyes narrowed at Al,who continued to smile dumbfoundly at Ren.
"And you?",Ren asked.
"I'm Aleina.But you can just call me Al.",she said holding her hand out.Ren took her hand and bought it up to his lips which he kissed softly.
"Well,you can call me Ren.",he said.She blushed and nodded.
"Okay,Ren.",she murmured.
Noda pushed Damion into Ren making him pull away from Al.Al gasped and looked at Noda.
"Sorry,mistake...or not.",Noda said with a shrug and walked away.
"Forget him.We'll be there.",she said with a smile.Ren nodded and waved bye to her and the guys.Taking one last look at Al,he got in his car and was droven away.
"I've met my love.",Al whispered,watching the car drive away.
"Love,my ass!",Noda yelled.Al turned and narrowed her eyes confused.
"How did he hear me?",she murmured to herself walking to the mic.

Ren sighed and smiled to himself thinking of Al.
"Very interesting..."
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