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The Beginning

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Not telling~ Summary of the story is in the first chapter~

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Dawn again... finally he's retreated till nightfall... I can come and go until the sun sets... I yawned and rubbed my sleepy eyes, staring at the white ceiling, the memory still fresh in my mind...

I had been excited... excited and terrified, giddy from the almost too-good-to-be-true stroke of fate that had given me and my sister a long-dead aunt's house. We never knew her... but she knew us. I knew there had to be some kind of catch, maybe awful plumbing, or in an irreversible state of disrepair. But hey, it was free. And for a fresh-out-of-high-school orphan caring for her sister, there was little I'd pass up for a place to stay...
Arienne Mercier, you let this slip away from you and I'll kill you personally... I thought to myself.
I dropped our bags and left the movers outside as I quickly swept around the old Victorian house. From what I could see, nothing seemed wrong, it was just like a fairy-tale mansion... "Oh yes..." I muttered. "There just has to be some sort of catch."
After we had all the boxes inside the house and the furniture at least somewhat put together, Honor and I chose our rooms. To my shock, she was dead-set on a cozy little room (I still think it's actually a closet) and I was ecstatic to have the huge master bedroom to myself! There was even a giant four-poster bed already set up in there! Refusing to think a musty old lady had once slept in it, I'd jumped up and down, laughing as hard as I could. Maybe life without our parents wouldn't have to be tragic...
Honor insisted on cooking dinner herself, and after scarfing down macaroni with some strawberries for dessert, I was happy and ready to sleep...
Curled up in the familliar blankets, I really did feel... happy. For the first time since Mom and Dad died... I should've known that feeling couldn't last...
Night fell... and he couldn't believe what he was seeing. A little human girl, in his house, sleeping so peacefully in his room?! How did this happen...? After the old one had died, he thought he could finally dwell in this house alone; but now? There was no choice... he would have to make them leave...
In the largest room, asleep in the grand bed, was a frail-looking girl tangled up in the sheets. Her long dark hair fell around her face, so he couldn't get a good look. What a weak little thing... he thought disgustedly. Why should something like this have the privilige to come about in this house that had belonged to him?! He watched her for a bit longer, studying the subtle movements she made. With a long sigh she rolled over to face him, and he finally saw her face.
Clear, delicate features. Almost like a porcelain doll... He reached out, for a moment, and brushed a stray lock away. What am I doing?! he questioned himself agrilly. One look at a pitiful girl like this and I'm falling all over myself?! As if one touch could shatter her, I might as well break the little doll right now... He reached for her again, this time there was malice in his actions. He was an inch away, and her eyes fluttered open.
I froze, paralyzed. Wh-who was this guy?! Standing over me... it was too much. I bolted up and stared. Finally, I found my voice. "C-can I ask what you're doing over my bed?" Considering how I really felt, I was a bit proud my voice only shook a little. He grinned then, and I could see it wasn't friendly.
"I might ask you the same thing... little girl. Why are you in my house?"
Now that I could see clearly, I caught a few of his features. Gray eyes, raven hair... I swear, if there's no such thing as perfect, this boy was too close for comfort. I briefly thought of how stupid that sounded, a girl swooning over this godlike person, just like your typical heroine in a movie. But there was no time for that now...
"Your house? S-sorry pal, but this is my house. Legally. All the papers were signed days ago. So leave, or I'll call the police."
He actually laughed then. "Police... as if human athourities could make me leave. Or even see me." That really irked me, for some reason.
"So what you're saying is, you're not human? Right... So, are you a vampire or something? That'd be awesome, then I can send you in for medical experiments." I knew right then I shouldn't have said that, but it was too late now. His eyes glittered dangerously and he leaned in close. I instinctively backed away as he barely whispered to me. "This isn't the time for jokes, little girl. I could kill you right now for intruding in my house, and after being so rude, I don't see why I shouldn't."
My mind was reeling then, and I couldn't think properly; let alone speak. But somehow my lips moved as I choked out some sort of frantic chant.
"You are not welcome in this place. Evil, malevolence, ill will, they are banished from here. Leave now, you have no power in my home."
I heard a low hiss, and with a flash of green light, he was thrown from the bedroom, dropping to the floor without a sound. This person... who had threatened to kill me... what was he?! What had just happened?!
I got up and stood just outside the door, gasping as he furiously lunged at me. It was like he hit a wall, but... there was still something moving in the air after he had stopped. A disturbance in the pressure...
"Little girl... do you know how deadly it is to make an enemy out of me...? Drop the barrier right now, or when I have to break it forcibly, you'll be killed. Got it?" His eyes felt like they were burning through me... of course I wasn't going to break whatever safety I had just created...
I sat there for a long time afterwards, watching him push against the open doorway with all his might, but it was no use. He couldn't break it, but that wouldn't stop him from trying... It's been like that ever since, and more often than not, he would just move around near the door quietly, still testing the wall, a push here and there. And every morning, even as I never took my eyes off him, when dawn approached, he would fade away...

I sat up then, and watched the doorway, even though I knew he wasn't there anymore. I finally shook my head and started getting ready. Arienne Mercier, what have you done...? It's too late thinking about that now, when three months have passed. Just keep the usual routine, and go wake Honor. I paused, then did just that...
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