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First chapter, that's where the summary of the story is.

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Author's Note: Wow... this took me forever to type up... and now it seems like it wasn't worth it.... hits self Damn brain! Be smarter!!!!

No... what happened?! He'd broken through... the barrier? The beautiful gray eyes were bright with hatred, as ice-cold hands wrapped around my neck. I gasped and bolted up, grabbing wildly at that coldness. ... It was wet?
Honor was kneeling down next to my bed, and roused herself when I moved. "Oh hey, you're up... Did the ice-pack work? You had a fever and fell asleep..." That's what it was. I gave the pack a murderous look and secretly smiled. The kid acted like she didn't give a damn, but she was a softie...
"Thanks, little one. I guess it really helped, because I feel fine" I ruffled her hair and she scowled at me. "Don't get used to it. Now, make me some food, slave!" I snickered and waved her away. "Fine, fine. I need to get dressed first..." She brightened and practically skipped out. Jeez... at the mention of food... I shook my head and leaned against the dresser.
It was still daylight... but that didn't mean he couldn't still see, be aware of what was happening. That girl... why did she just plaster on a smile? She was obviously still sick... panting, even... Humans really did confuse him... it had been so long, he'd forgotten... It wasn't his business anyway. He watched her pad down the stairs and get started on eggs and bacon. He saw the way she saw her sister off to school, and called in sick for work. He knew it...
Stop. It's not your business, remember? he thought. It'd be fine if she got so sick, and died-... no, take that back. That was just tasteless.
She slept some more... woke to let her sister in and crept back to the room long before nightfall. He saw her eyes widen when he appeared. No, you won't get to know exactly what happens. Be patient. *A/N: Oh SNAP did I just break the fourth wall? Deal with it ^^ *
"Well then, little girl... tell me. Are you trying to act tough? You seem almost delirious from fever."
She stiffened, then threw him a poisonous look. "Look, I have things to do. Honor doesn't have to keep that on her mind, so if I can deal with it, I will. I'm regretting that I even stayed home from work... it's another day I won't get payed for" She sat on the floor, her face blank for a moment. No doubt, calculating how much she'd have to spend...
He sighed and pressed his palm against the barrier, for about the thousandth time, surely. "I'm getting a bit tired of this game, girl. Just drop this wall and let me in, already. My patience only stretches so far."
She tilted her head to the side and moved closer to him, watching... Too close. Oh, if he could just reach forward-- just a bit-- and grab hold of her... Yes, it was too close, and not close enough. "It isn't like I find this "game" entertaining either. But you really don't seem like the type to forgive easily, and I can tell you're super-pissed off right now... So, I'm going to continue to hold this wall until you give your word you won't attack... Demons, fae, and vampires, all those mythical creatures, none of them can lie outright. You're not human, that much I know. I'm not about to take chances."
His eyes darkened, he could both see the fear in her eyes and smell it on her. Good. "You don't trust me...? That's very rude, girl... and smart. I'll give my word, happily, if you you give up rights to this house and leave. Or... we can keep this up until you weaken your body and this wall... then I'll have no choice but to kill you and that child."
That may have been the wrong thing to say... The girl's eyes lit up with fury and protectiveness. "Are you giving me an ultimatum? I don't think so... Whatever happens to me, you are NOT going to lay a hand on my sister!! She is under the same protection I am..." She was shaking then, from fear, or fever, or fury, he couldn't tell...
"Not... for long, girl-... or should I say, Arienne?" She replied with a hasty, "Normally someone would offer their own names before calling others by name..."
"Of course," he said as politely as possible. "But the problem is, I don't have one to offer." His smile was a bit more bitter than he would have liked... even so...
"No name...? Really?" after a nod in reply, she thought for a moment. "I can't just keep saying "You"... so, how about... Edward?" Judging by the mischievous grin, she wasn't serious. She damn well better not have been. "I'd really prefer not to be named after a sparkling fairy called Edward Cullen from that God-awful thing you call a 'movie'"
"Oh, so you know it? That's unexpected." she tried to stifle a giggle, and failed. "Then... a serious one... What about Cain?" With a sharp exhale of breathe, the light mood was gone.
"You dare... call me by the name of Cain, he who first murdered his own brother?! How dare you think of such a disgraceful name?!" he seethed, and she visibly shrank back, but her stubborness and cheeky mouth held strong. "Well, forgive me, but I happened to have always loved Cain... It's a strong name, to me, it spoke of tragedy, exile, heartbreak, and pulling through it... Sorry if you don't like it..."
A grim smile tugged at his lips. "What makes you think I've suffered heartbreak? Or the original Cain, for one?" He was still angry, of course... but he was curious, too.
She looked at him levelly, and her voice shook, just a little. "It doesn't have to be a lover, or loved one, or death... but there has to be someone you care or cared about... and as far as I can see, without some kind of heartbreak, those eyes of yours wouldn't show that much pain. I'm not bad at reading faces, expressions, and guessing what happened. I can tell, even now, that you've lost a lot... That's why I chose Cain as your name." When she was finished speaking, she dropped her head, and waited. Like a child waiting to be punished for speaking out of turn...
"... If that's the way you see it... I have no right to object. From now on, I give you permission to call me Cain. That means I also have permission to call you Arienne. Alright?"
"C-..." she hesitated, then lifed her head, nodding a fraction. "Alright then... it's a deal... Cain" she finished, looking a little shy. He-- Cain-- chuckled a little inside. Foolish little girl... Foolish Arienne, the bleeding heart, who looked at him uncertainly now.
"Then, I suggest you get some rest. This barrier of yours might slip if you get any weaker." He smiled then, baring his teeth with a small growl, to frighten her into getting up. She relented, and silently crawled back under the covers of the bed.
Safe, for the moment, he heard her breathing slow. And just as dawn came, just as he was starting to fade, he heard the whisper of "Cain..."
His name. Given by the foolish Arienne he was supposed to kill. He slipped from even her sight, choosing to sleep on his own rather than watch her again... This girl can wait for later... Right now, he was worn out...
Goodnight, child... he thought with a secret smile, before the light devored him completely...
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