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Chapter 10

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When Gerard wakes up, he and Mikey talk. Gerard feels really strange, and then Mikey and Gerard meet someone who they weren't expecting to see again.

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Mikey cradled Gerard in his arms. He couldn't believe everything that he had learned. Gerard started to stir a little, indicating that he was going to wake up, and more importantly, he would be okay. Physically, anyway. Mikey had no clue what to expect from Gerard. He just hoped that he would be able to help in any way possible. After all, that's what brothers were for. Gerard opened his eyes and looked around frantically. His heart was beating faster than it had in a while, and the strange feeling in his body came back, enveloping his body in a pool of fear. He tried to get up, but felt dizzy as soon as he got up. Gerard felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and pull him back. Gerard felt fear well up in his body, and he fought to get away. The arms around Gerard's waist tightened, causing tears to well up in his eyes. The fear he felt as that moment was enough to make a heart stop beating. After everything that had happened, Gerard wasn't even sure if his heart was beating anymore.

"Gerard, calm down. It's just me." A calming voice spoke in his ear. "I'm not going to hurt you." The voice continued to say. Gerard let the arms around his waist pull his back and hold in a warm embrace. At that very moment, Gerard felt secure enough to open himself up and let whomever was holding him inside. "You're safe with me." The voice cooed in his ear. Gerard snuggled himself into the person holding him.

"Mikey?" Gerard asked.

"I'm right here." Mikey replied. He sounded like he was trying to keep himself from breaking down. This made Gerard look up. He gently ran his fingers along Mikey's face and under his eyes. He watched as tears fell down his face. Gerard wiped the tears away and pressed his forehead against Mikey's. "I'm so sorry, Gee. I...I don't know how I didn't notice, or how I..." Mikey trailed off. He choked on a sob as guilt weighed down on him.

"It's not your fault." Gerard whispered. "You didn't know. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine." Gerard finished quietly.

"Don't say that. You and I both know that you didn't do anything wrong!" Mikey exclaimed.

"I lied to you, and I must have done something, Mikey. Grandpa didn't attack me for no reason."

"Don't say that. You were protecting me. Grandpa didn't have a reason to hurt you, Gerard."

"How would you know? You were only a little kid!" Gerard spat.

"So were you!" Mikey cried. "I'm just trying to help you!" Mikey continued. Gerard pulled away from Mikey.

"Help me? I don't need help!" Gerard tried getting up, but felt dizzy, falling back down, right into Mikey's arms.

"Who's to say I meant you needed help mentally? Maybe I meant physically." Mikey smirked, knowing that Gerard couldn't get away from him.

"I know you, Mikey. I know that's exactly what you meant." Gerard countered.

"Look...I'm just worried about you. Are you going to get mad at me because I love you, and I don't want to see you hurt?"
this, Gerard curled himself into Mikey. "No."

Suddenly, the feeling in Gerard's body came back. Mikey had felt Gerard's body tense up, and couldn't help but worry.

"Gee? What's wrong?"

"He's around here." Gerard replied, his voice shaking with fear.


"Grandpa. He's around here somewhere...I can feel it."

"Gerard," Mikey began. "You've had a long day. I'm sure you're just exhausted."

"Mikey, I'm not just feeling exhaustion. Grandpa's around here somewhere, I swear!"

Just as Mikey was going to try to reason with his brother, there was a knock on the door. Mikey figured that if he didn't answer the door, who ever it was would go away. He and Gerard didn't need visitors at that point in time. However, the person didn't go away. Mikey slipped his arm around Gerard's waist, and they went to answer the door. None of them were expecting what they saw. When Mikey opened the door, there stood none other than their grandfather.
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