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I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)

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Skip to the tour :)

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Quick note, I think ima skip between 2 characters from now on, Ria and Bert. It'll be easier. I'll make it ovbious who's who though :)

Skip forward to the day before the tour begins

My alarm clock went off signalling that morning had come. Normally i would have groaned and just punched it until it turned off but this time I shot up and out of bed, much to the annoyance of Blake as I was previously asleep in his arms (no not in THAT way. There's not enough beds in Blake, Dan and Robbie's tiny apartment and I'd moved out of the skanky old motel).
"BLAKE BLAKE GET UP!!!" I screamed pummelling my pillow excitedly. Blake pushed up onto one elbow and rubbed his eyes groaning.
"What?" He asked groggily.
"WE'RE TOURING WITH THE USED TODAY!!!!" I shouted leaping into his lap. He looked startled at the sudden additional weight.
"God Ria I KNOW! You haven't let any of us forget for the entire month" He groaned. I giggled and launched myself at his wardrobe. I flung it open and pulled out the first clean shirt I found. I picked up his jeans from the floor and threw them at him.
"GET DRESSED!" I demanded. He looked at me and frowned.
"Did you sleep in your clothes?"
"I wanted to be ready in time" I said innocntly straightning my slightly crumpled shirt.
"Your insane" He retorted. "And your spiky belt was scratching me all night". I winked at him and bolted from the room into Dan's.
Dan was asleep inside completley naked on his bed. Luckily he was lying on his front and the blanket was covering his ass and other things. Wouldn't be the first time I walked in on that sight though. I always forgot that Dan liked to sleep naked. I was still holding the pillow from Blake's room so I crept up to Dan and smacked him over the head with it. He jumped awake and blinked around wearily.
"Wha.....?" He asked thickly.
"GET UP DAN!!" I screamed. He winced and swore under his breath.
"I forgot how loud you were in the morning" He muttered. I leant over him and opened the curtains wide. Sunlight poured in and stung his sleepy eyes.
"AGHHHHHH!!! RIA!!!!!" He yelled.
"Get changed Dan. I'd hand you your clothes but im too scared to touch anything in here. It might have fleas" I said wrinkling my nose as I looked round the room. He flipped me off, rubbing his eyes. I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of bed onto the floor with a THUD!
"CHANGE GODDAMIT!" I yelled running from the room as he threw his arm wildly trying to hit me.
I tiptoed to Robbie's room and gently knocked at the door. I heard nothing so I opened the door gently. I knew better than to run screaming into Robbie's room. I glanced at the thick black curtains covering his window. I couldn't do that to 'vampire' Robbie though. That was beyond cruel.
I walked over to him and nudged his sleeping form gently.
"Robbie?? It's time to get up" I whispered pushing his long black fringe from his white face. He stayed still for a moment then his eyes opened and he looked fully awake.
"Excited for the tour?" He asked me immediatley. I squealed and hugged him, almost suffocating him.
"Cant...breathe...Ria" He gasped and I let him go.
"Sorry" I grinned. "Get changed okay?" He nodded and sat up. As i left I scanned the room quickly. I was touched to see that Dan already had his clothes set out neatly ready to change into. And his room was spotless. I respected Robbie for being the most hygienic one of all of us.

When everyone was changed and ready we got into Dan's old crappy car and drove to the studio. We arrived and Pete was already waiting outside next to a couple of giant tour buses. He was talking to a guy with brown hair. When the car pulled up Pete looked over at us and smiled as I charged over to him.
"WE'RE HERE!" I announced breathlessly. Pete laughed and pulled me into a hug.
"Ria this is Matt. He's The Used's manager" Pete said indicating the man next to him. Matt beamed at me and extended a hand.
"Hi Ria. I'm so gald you guys all agreed to tour with the band. They're all super psyched to tour with you" He smiled. I shook his hand enthusiastically.
"Oh my God no, the pleasure is all ours! Thank you SO MUCH for giving us this amazing chance!" I gabbled. Pete laghed again and placed a hand on my shoulder.
"Ria here is the biggest The Used fan I've ever had. Your boys are in for a rough ride" He said as the rest of the guys finally emerged from the car. Pete introduced everyone to Matt after I finally let go of his hand. Once everyone was aquainted Matt stretched.
"I guess you better meet your bus buddies then" He said making me giggle. Haha.... Bus buddies...
He led us over to the bus closest to us all and knocked the door. It slid open and Matt turned and raised his eyebrow at us. I squealed and gripped Dan's hand tightly. He sighed but his eyes were twinkling in excitement. I stepped onto the bus knowing my life from this moment would never be the same.
I just had no idea how insanely different it would be...
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