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Let It Bleed

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Quick note, a good cover song: Hot N Cold - A Smile From The Trenches. Listen now thank me laterrrr! ;)

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"Oh God guys have you seen my cellphone?? We've been on this stationary bus for 10 minutes and i've already lost it!" Quinn groaned. Jeph laughed and rolled his eyes.
"Allright Bert give it back before he starts panicking" He said. I did my best innocent look and blinked back at Jeph.
"I have no idea what you're talking about" I said trying to keep a straight face. Branden giggled next to me as I shifted uncomfortably.
"Bert c'mon dude this isn't funny. I promised Melissa I'd ring her as soon as I got on the bus!" He said frowning at me.
"And im telling you man I don't have it. Feel free to search me but take caution. You don't know what you'll find" I replied smirking and wriggling my hips. A smile flitted across Quinn's face and Jeph chuckled from the couch behind him.
"Fine. You won't mind if I ring my cell from Jeph's phone then will you?" He asked punching the numbers into Jeph's cell. Branden looked at me and Jeph raised his eyebrows from across the bus but I kept a poker face and stared right back at Quinn.
"Go ahead". Quinn put the phone to his ear.
"It's ringing" He said. There was silence on the bus and hen my crotch started to vibrate and a blue screen image appeared through my shorts. Branden exploded into laughter as Quinn looked at me horrified.
"Ohhh dude" He grimaced and I winked at him. There came a knock at our door and Quinn ran to open it.
"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! Bert shoved my cell down his pants and..." He stopped.
"Ummm Quinn, meet The Hormones. They'll be touring with you for the next few months" Came Matt's voice. Quinn stepped aside as Matt tepped throught the door. He turned behind him.
"I'll just check they're all decent. We do have a lady in our midst" He said. I heard a nervous giggle. Matt walked directly over to me and frowned at the blue vibrating square down my shorts.
"Dear God..." He muttered. "Allright, Quinn show our victims in"
"Come on up guys, and girl" Quinn said winking down at someone outside the door. A figure stepped onto the bus and I felt my jaw drop.
The girl who just entered through the door swivelled her head round the whole bus, taking us all in before her eyes rested on mine. She was quite short, about 5"5 and had snow white skin. Her hair was black, and greatly contrasted against her pale skin making it look darker. On a closer look I saw it had random strips of electric blue, green and pink through it. Her full fringey bangs were long and just rested above her eyes so you could barely see her eyebrows. Her eyes were ice blue, and were rimmed with thick black winged eyeliner. Her lip were pale pink and were curently pulled up into a shy, adorable little smile. A silver lip ring circled the left of her bottom lip. She was wearing a tight black little vest shirt, and had star tattoos dotted up her left wrist. The short bitten nails on her left hand were bright blue and her slender fingers were decorated with cute little tattooed images. Her right hand was tightly gripping the guy's behind her. She had a pair of tight black, ripped-at-the-knee skinny jeans slung low around her tiny waist, and the top of her bright pink underwear peeked over her spikey belt. I could see a couple of cherry blossoms dissapearing up her shirt on the small bit of waist that poked out between the end of her shirt and the start of her jeans. Her feet were firmly placed in a pair of bright pink converse trainers, which had been decorated n black marker. The 3 guys behind her were all dressed in long shirts and jeans. One at the back was dressed head to toe in black, and had a long black fringe, equally pale skin and glittering green eyes. He was a total goth type, but looked like a girl. The fangirls were gonna love him. The guy slightly infront of him had longish dark blonde hair jammed tightly under a tight backwards cap, a broken, slightly mis-shapen nose and his arms bulged with muscle. He looked, a total drummer and wore a Minor Threat shirt. The guy who's hand was being gripped by the girl had brown hair spiked up at the front, a total Jake Gyllenhaal style, and dark blue eyes. His skin was tanned lightly and he was tall and lean. He wasn't as strikingly goodlooking as the goth guy at the back, but he had a friendly looking face and a cheeky grin. The girl totally stood out from all of them, and I realised she was the only female.
I was so busy inspecting this girl that I completley missed what Matt had been saying, and only came to my senses when I realised he was waving a hand in my face and everyone was looking at me.
"Whaaa....?" I asked snapping my jaw shut. Matt sighed exasperatedly.
"I SAID will you knidly please return Quinn's phone from your pants?" He said. My cheeks burned as I quickly yanked the cell out of my shorts. The girl's eyes trailed down to where the phone just was and lingered there. I smirked at her and her eyes shot to mine then she turned her head sharply, looking away, her cheeks bright red. My grin grew wider and I leant back againt the couch, my focus still on her.
"Bert, since you look so pleased with yourself, why don't you introduce yourself to our new friends?" Matt asked. I opened my mouth.
"Oh no need. We already know" The girl interjected quickly. "Quinn Allman, guitar, Jeph Howard, bass, and Branden Steineckert, drums" She pointed to each of them in turn. Her eyes switched to mine again, glittering. "And that, is Bert McCracken, vocals and piano player". I smiled and bowed my head.
"This is Dan, Blake, Robbie and i'm Ria" She said gesturing to the four guys behind her who either nodded or waved. "And Pete is our manager" She added quickly glancing over at him before returning her gaze to mine.
"Well, Pete and I will leave you all to get aqquainted while we discuss boring travel details" Matt said, grinning. Him and Pete exited the bus but the girl and I kept eye contact.
"Uhhh can I offer any of you guys a drink?" Quinn asked politely. Dan let turned to him.
"To be honest man, I'd kill for a beer" He said brightly. Quinn smiled and turned to get him one. "Anyone else want one?"
"I will" I said not breaking my line of sight.
"Ditto" The girl said, doing the same thing. Robbie moved from the back and leant against the counter next to the fridge. Blake walked over to Jeph and slumped down next to him extending a hand to him.
"Hey there" Jeph smiled shaking it.
"I've heard so much about you guys" Blake said brightly. "Ria here won't shut up about you. She thinks your incredible. You're all she ever talks about" Ria dragged her eyes from mine and shot a glare at him.
"Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!" She whined. Jeph chuckled.
"We're extremley gracious. But we should be returning the compliment. We all LOVE you band" He said smiling kindly at Ria. She blinked.
"Oh my God really?" She asked looking genuinely flattered. "I've listened to you guys since I was 16" She said proudly.
"She calls herself dedicated but she's actually obsessed" Robbie said. He spoke in a whisper, but it was loud enough to hear. She scowled at him.
"Obsession is a good thing. It's deep and personal, but it can also be manical and twisted depending what the object of your obsession is...or who.." I said darkly still looking at Ria. She looked back at me, eyes glittering.
"Sit down somewhere Ria" Jeph said. The only seat left spare was next to me. She stood over me and raised her eyebrows, as if asking if it was okay. I nodded and she sank down next to me. She extended a hand to shake mine but I grabbed it and pulled it to my lips and kissed it gently. She blushed as I smirked up at her and she grinned back at me adorably. I hung onto her hand a bit longer than I should have but stroked it gently as I released it. She raised her eyes back to mine and continued our silent staring competition as the rest of the boys chatted amongst themselves.
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