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Freak: chapter 4

The funneral for the crew member the next night after my break up with Shanus. I didn't go, nor did Mr. C. It was just too much. Shanus wasn't blamed for the mans death, cuz hey, he didn't know and it was just a tragic Evra, Shanus's dad, was livid at him for cheating on me with some slut, in public while others were prefoming. So he's in a mess of trouble with his dad, and with Mr. Crepsley. Mr. Tall and a lot of the other preforms aren't too thrilled with him but they claim to remember what it was like to be eighteen and spotty...

I tried to avoid him at all costs. Which isn't too hard thanks to Evra. I haven't been staying in my trailer lately either. I'm still pretty badly hurt, though no one but Mr. C would know. And much like the past month, tonight I was once again crying and . Crepsley's being a good sport with my mood swings. Vampires don't show emotions very well it's just not our nature... but Mr. C tries his best to comfort me. He doesn't say much but he's there and that all that matters.

Tonight I'm giving him a break. I decide to go to Truska, she's a "seer" meaning she can see when things are going to happen, and Greta Teeth, a woman who can bite through steel."Oh, no, no... don't you think about that slimy snake boy for one minute, little bat." Truska tells me, in her thick accent, as I lean against Greta. Truska has been like a mother to me since day one, she's nice but she's firm. Expecialy when it comes to Mr. Crepsley, she's one of the few people who isn't afraid to lean in to him. Greta, is like the big sister I've never had. She's the kind of girl you know will take your side when it comes to guys. I like them both a yeah, I know this is way out of character for me, to be acting so helpless and needy, but a bad heart ache will do that to ya. Sometimes it's just nice to be comforted.

"Boys suck." I mutter. Greta hugs me to her, "Yeah, they do... I know this hurts, hun, I went through the same thing with my first guy. Boys are real rats, they're lower then rats... they're fleas on rats, too low for even the dog to bite. The only guy a girl can depend on is her daddy." (Quoted from The movie Greece.)Truska nodded. "My first was the same way too, a real jerk." I shifted, "It still hurts." Truska nodded, "The first cut is always the deepest." I was silent for a while, gods how I hated Shanus for what he did to me! "You want me to go bite his damn nose off?" I laugh a little at that. It's an on going joke that Greta bites off peoples noses, ever since she threatened a vampaneze that she would do just that. "I'll ram my head up his ass." Stan offered as he came down to sit with us. Stan's Gretas boyfriend, he's a strange guy. He's pretty short only about 5 feet tall, and 3 of those feet are his forehead alone! He's just as emotional as Greta herself, (who I swear is bipolar) but he's really sweet.

I smile at him too. Stan and Greta seem to always know what to say to bring a little bit of happiness back in to the a while, I left them to go help with packing up the tents and such. I started to help but Mr. Tall told me to stop. That I should just go take a walk. I did and wound up back at the picnic tables with Two Bellies, a man who literally has two stomachs, and Limbs, a man who can grow back nearly any part of his body. Every ones trying to cheer me up. I'm glad they are but, I just can't bring myself to really smile. Even Evra said how sorry he was for Shanus's actions.

I thanked him, and walked away. I really didn't want to talk about it."You hungry?" Two Bellies asked me. I shook my head. Another sign of how out of it I am. Like Two Bellies, I eat, a lot! I'm almost always hungry. How I stay thin is beyond me! Oh and never try to take food away from me... I've been known to bite hands off people who have tried. Two Bellies shared a look with Limbs. "You know, Nyx, we're all here for ya if you need us." I force a smile. "Yeah, I know. I think I'll hit the pine early." Limbs nodded. I returned to my mentor trailer, he wasn't back yet, so I just tried to get some sleep. From outside I heard Two bellies yelling at some one... I listened.

"I said no, you are not going near that girl!" I realized he was yelling at Shanus. "She's my girlfriend!" I could just see Two Bellies dark skin tint scarlet, "Your ex girlfriend. Do you know what you did to that girl? You broke her heart. She won't eat, can't sleep, she's the walking dead, if you pardon the pun. There is no way I'm letting you near her." Shanus threatened Two Bellies with something I didn't quite catch. "You know what you are Shanus? You're big trouble that's what, but nothing I couldn't handle in just two bites." I snickered as I pictured Two Bellies doing his "Jaws" that time Mr. Crepsley walked in smiled at me and closed the door behind him.

"Two Bellies certainly seems to be your knight in shining armor tonight, does he not?" I look up at him. "Yeah, he does." Mr. C sat next to me as I sat back up. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but didn't know if he should or not."You know, if you ever need to speak to me about... Certain things... You may do so... I uh..." he paused, he was blushing. "I, uhm," he cleared his throat. "I heard your argument with master Shanus... You were considering to..." he was turning redder by the second, "well to have...sexual intercourse..." I swear he flinched as he choked out the words. " With master Shanus... It may be improper for me to ask, but..."

I held my hand up, he didn't have to go on. " I was thinking about it a little. It never got any further than that though. It just didn't feel right I guess... just thinking about it I mean, it felt wrong. I guess I'm just not ready to do that with anyone, right now... Not any time soon, really." I topic was still so new and strange to me, it was more then a little scary, and I honestly had no idea how that was even done! I know it sounds strange but growing up with a two hundred and something year old, old fashioned vampire for a dad, traveling the world with a freak show, your life can be pretty sheltered.

He smiled, relieved I guess. I was still his innocent little bat. "I see. But if you ever have questions of such acts... I would like you to know that, I am here for you to ask. I do not wish for you to think that you can not speak to me about such things." I couldn't hide a smile anymore... This was just too funny. Mr. C was scarlet now, and clearly did not want to talk about this... "I..." He started again looking me. He scoffed, "And from my discomfort you find humor!" I laughed. "I have missed that." We both started laughing then. "I spoke with Mr. Tall earlier, and he has decided that you are to be apart of the regular performers," I felt myself smile widely. I had always wanted to be one of the regular performers along side Mr. C, Two Bellies, Limbs, and Mr. Tall.

"You shall perform your act before mine, party as an introduction, or if you wish..." his smiled grew,"You may also perform with me as a part of my act with Master Octavos." Master Octavos was Mr. C's spider, he used to have one named Madam Octa... He never has said why he does not have her now... "You mean it? I can have my own act?" I was so excited. I had been working so hard to get my own act for years now. I idly wondered if this was out of pity, but I really didn't . C nodded, "But, do not think that Mr. Tall did this lightly. You have to prove yourself just like the rest of the performers do. Understand?" I nodded fiercely, hugging my mentor. "Thank you so much Mr. C! Thank you so much!"

I kissed him on the cheek. He merely smiled as I jumped up and ran outside to find and thank Mr. Tall and to tell the others. Life was starting to turn around... At least for a little while...
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