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Freak 3

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Category: Cirque du Freak - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Characters: Darren Shan - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-07-25 - Updated: 2010-07-25 - 796 words

Freak chapter 3

My heart broke... Shanus had cheated on me... With a stranger, with me right there! While we were performing! I hadn't even looked at another guy since I started being with Shanus. I would have liked to cry, but I wasn't the crying kind of girl so I just got pissed. I leapt up and stormed out to find the bastard. It didn't take long.

"Baby! God, I was worried, you okay?" I snapped. "Dont you dare, baby, me you little shit!" Shanus sighed defeated," Nyx, I swear it's nit what you think, I..." Much like my other vampire brothers and sisters, I'm a girl who's got a temper. "You what? You were fucking some whore! While I was in the same damn room! Fuck, in public!" Shanus was quiet for a minute. "Baby, I'm so sorry..." He's sorry!

"Is that all you have to say? Sorry? Don't you get it? Someone fucking died cause you couldn't keep it in your pants!"

"How the fuck is that my fault!"

"If you hadn't been fucking that slut, she wouldn't have screamed and the wolfman wouldn't have been woken up and he wouldn't have killed anyone!"

"Oh that's real rational! Blame me because something went wrong! I had nothing to do with that!"

"Yes, you were convently absent the whole time!"

"Look I'm sorry I cheated, okay!"

"No! It's not okay! You fucking pig! I can't believe I even considered haveing sex with a slimy bastard like you! Larten was right! Gods what did I ever see in you?"

"Considering! Wow that's a step! You know you act so fucking tough around everyone, but deep down your just a daddys girl aren't you! Listening to daddy, never questioning his word! God your pathic! You maybe this is your fault!"

"My fault!"

"Yeah, maybe if you'd put out I wouldn't have had to go else where for it!"

"Is that all you wanted from me? Sex? Ugh! You fucking snake!"

"Being a snakes a whole hell of a lot better then being a fucking blood sucker! You're nothing more then a leach feeding off others! God youre sickening! You drink blood, your pail as death, your skins always as cold as ice, you even sleep in a fucking coffin! How's it feel to be a fucking corps?"

That last part hit home. Being a vampire is what I am, there is nothing I can do that would change that fact. But what really twisted the stake in my heart, was what he said about my coffin. A vampires love for their coffin was a sacred one... One humans could never understand. A corps... That was the worst thing he'd said out of all of it. All the rage drained out of me, now I was just hurt."Baby," He started, realizing what he'd said I guess. "Baby, I'm so sorry... That was a low blow... I didn't mean that..."

"Yes, yes you did. And I'm sorry too, it's over Shanus. Love can only exsist if there is trust... And I can't trust you anymore."I saw tears in his eyes. "No, baby, please! We can get through this! I swear I'll never cheat on you again. Baby please just don't go..." I shook my head. "No you wont cheat on me, because there will never be an again. You did it once, who's to say you haven't done it before this? Hmmm? I just can't trust your word anymore, it's really over Shanus."I started to walk away, I refused to let him see that he hurt me. He grabbed my arm. "Dammit Nyx! No! You will not leave me!" He yanked back, hard. And then I did what I have never done !


I heard the sound before I realized what happened. I had slapped him. "Don't you dare touch me! We're done Shanus Von! Done!" I jerked out of his hold and I proudly back to my mentors trailer. I refused to let him see how hurt I was.

I opened the door to my mentors trailer and slamed it shut, dropping my macho act and embraced my mentor, tightly, burying my face in his chest. " Daddy..." I chocked out. I just wanted to be held, I was heartbroken and hurt, and I just wanted to be with my mentor. "Little bat..." he sighed with a slight chuckle, as he wrapped his arms around me. "Oh little bat, how you get yourself in to such things, I shall never know!" he chuckled softly. "Daddy..." He held me tighter, "I am here, my little bat, hush now, daddy is here for you." It was there in his arms that I finally let my tears fall.

The only guy a girl can depend on is her daddy..

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