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On Tour (The Black Parade)

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We won the contest. Two people, going on a reality Tv show, sharing a bus with a band for a whole world tour. This is gonna be fun.

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Gerard’s Pov.

“So Gerard! Are you excited to find out the winner of the ‘On Tour’ contest?” The spunky, blonde TV personality chirped. We were on an MTv show called “The Buzz” or something along those lines, to announce the winners of a contest we presented. We, Me and the guys, were sitting on a very bright stage, surrounded by fan girls. It was normal for us, but it just felt a bit more exciting.

“I think we all are. I mean its going to be interesting living with two strangers for a complete tour.” I said into the microphone. Right now, the band and I were picking two winners for our reality television show (On Tour (The Black Parade)). They would be staying with us on the bus as we go on a year long tour through the United States and many European countries.

“It’s going to be great! I can’t wait to meet them!” Frank said, grabbing the microphone. The whole band was excited to share the bus with the two guests. Frank even bought them stuffed animals. A giraffe and a zebra. I was sitting next to Frank, then it was Mikey, then Bob and last but not least, Ray. The blonde was sitting next to me and was a very touchy person.

“Okay, so here is a box full of names that you will be choosing from.” The blonde said and presented us with a box that looked big enough to hold Frank, full of tiny slips of folded paper.

“I choose first!” Frank shouted and dove head first into the box. Ray held him by his belt and struggled to keep him from completely falling into narnia.

“Dude this is just like the Helena shoot.” Ray laughed and Frank held up a piece of paper. Bob took the paper from his hand and grabbed the microphone off Franks abandon seat, as Ray tried to pull Frank out of the box.

“Okay so the first winner is …..(Me, Ray and Mikey did a drum roll)…..Morgan Williams from Michigan!” Bob announced and the studio audience behind and in front of us, started to cheer. I reached my hand into the bucket and pulled another slip of paper out of the box.

“Yo Bob! Pass me the Mic.” I asked and he tossed it over. Frank was still trying to hop in the box as I unfolded the name. “Addison Stacy from Michigan!”

The crowed cheered again. The boys looked excited for two girls to be joining us on the bus and I think it would be fun to have a few girls around.
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