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okey time to try another chapter, hope you like it =D oh and in case you havent noticed i suck at spelling


"Today i will bus across town to Franks place and ask him out" i said to Zacky as i lay cuddled up in my blankets.
Its only 7:30 in the morning so i dont have to get up just yet.
And il use the time wisely and plan what im going to do.

And as usual Zacky is ever so helpful.
Ah Zacky...ive had him since i was 5. And i will probably have him for ever, hopefully.

Anyway, my plan for today is to go to Franks and ask him out!
Should i take something? like flowers? or is that for just girls?
I think ibetter not risk it.

Hm hopefully Frank wont have anything planned for today,
Crap i hope hes even home!

Hahaha i can just see me going all the way to his place only to find im not home...
I think il get ready now, the earlier i get there the more likey he will be there.

"what to wear! what to wear!" i muttered as i walked around my room.

"Black skinnys with the rips in the knee, Miffi shirt, and your black and red hoddie" Mikeys voice came from behind me, making me jump in fright.

"holy crap Mikey DONT do THAT!!" i screamed.
"hahaha you pansy" he laughed "now wear what i said"

"why?" i asked
"because from what ive seen Frank likes the sort of punk look. and i said you Miffi shirt for good luck" bloody hell, i told you hes amazing!
"your the best!!" out of blind love for him i pulled him into a hug, completely forgetting his no hug rule. Which ended with him wacking my head rather hard with a book that he seemed to have been holding.

"ow.." i mumbled, shoving him out of my room so i could get changed.

He was right, these clothes are perfect for asking Frank out.
Now to apply the eyeliner.

"Oh and Mom called while you were sleeping" Mikey said crashing into my room again.
"ow! fuck!!!" i screamed, throwing the eyeliner across the room.
"what was that for Gee?" Mikey asked confused.

"eyeliner. eye. stab. ow" was all i could make out, as i was trying my hardest to make my eye NOT water.

"ouch, well anyway the 'rents wont be home till Monday" Mikey informed me.
"okey then" you see our parents have been going out a lot lately. and to be truthful i really like not having them around. and although Mikey wont say it, i know he thinks it.

"so when you going?" he asked
I looked at the clock, 8:41, holy crap that was quick.
"soon i guess?"

"well when you do go, just dont get your hopes up too high, okey?"
Aw Mikeys so sweet, caring about me so much.
"dont worry Mikey il be fine. even better if he says yes"
He just rolled his eyes and left the room.

I probably should leave soon if i want to get there at all.
"alright, im leaving now. wish me the best of lick Zacky!" i say and left for the bus stop.


I stood outside Franks house. I took a deep breath and walked up the path to the front door.
Here goes nothing.

knock knock knock

The door opened and Frank stood before me in black and grey feety pj's.
I almost gasped. He looked so unbelievibly adorable!

"yes?" he asked, flicking his hair out of his eyes.
"um..." oh crap im freezing up.
"do i know you from somewhere?" he asked
"uh yeah your in a few of my classes" i say, thank god i didnt stutter.

He nodded as he remembered my face.
"so?" he asked questionly.
"would you go out with me?!?!"

Frank seemed to freeze, his green eyes wide.
We just stared at eachother for what felt like hours.


"what?" i felt my hopes die instintly.
"well i dont know you. i dont even know your name! and how do i know this isnt just some joke to mess with me? and dont you have a girlfriend?" he points out. and he did have a point.

I could feel my heart slowly break.
And i guess he saw that on my face cause he added "how about this. i'll give you a week to prove that this isnt a joke. a week to prove that you are someone i would even consider going out with. then once i know you a bit better il decide. hows that?"

Was he really saying that? Was he really giving me a chance?
I couldnt speak so i nodded my head.

He smiled and i almost fainted.

"well then. i better get back to um.." he looks at what hes wearing and blushes "getting dressed" he turned to leave, but quickly turned back.

"whats your name, by the way?" he asked.
"Gerard. Gerard Way"
"well Gerard, im Frank Iero nice to properly meet you"

there we go another chapter, sorry if there are a lot of spelling mistakes but im like half asleep lol. please do review!!!!
xxx Jamie
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