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"Mikey!!! did you drink my coffee?" i yelled as i stormed into his room, empty mug in hand.
He looked up from txting ""

"liar!" i screamed and slammed the mug on his desk.
"gosh Gee calm down!!" Mikey demnded.
"im sorry. But i needed that coffee to get my brain working of a way to get Frank!!!" i sighed and sank down on the bed next to him.

"well you have school tomorrow so you can use that time to get to know him properly" He said, all wisely and marstermind like.
"but how?" i whinned

To be trutfully i already had a few tricks up my sleeves but its always good to hear what Mikey thinks.

"well your in the same science class right?"
"duh! havnt i been swooning over that for a month now"
"who could forget, your like an obsessive puppy" he laughed "but anyway i think you should try get him as your lab partner"

Holy Crap! why didnt i think of that?

"okey... what else of wise master!" i said with a slight bow.
"well you should NOT introduce him to Bob"

"what? why not?"

Bob is like my oldest friend. Hes been my partner in crime since we were 4.
But i guess he is a bit odd. And some are freaked out by it....
Come to think about i, maybe i should keep him away for this week.

"good idea" i quickly added before Mikey could bring up old memorys.

We sat in silence for a moment.

"who are ou txting there mikes?"
"oh just my girlfriend" he said with a grin.
"hahahahahhahahaha" i bursted out laughing. "whatever!"
I couldnt stop laughing so Mikey shoved me off the bed and onto the floor.
"ow fuck you" i coughed. Tears streaming down my face.
"whats so funny?" he asked.

"well for starters you dont have a wait you cant have a girlfriend"
"what? why not?" he asked, clearly offended.
"your not ment to have one yet. thats not how i wished to raise you" i explained.

"how?" he asked.
"your ment to be a lesbian"

Confused? i know Mikey is.
Let me explain.
2 years ago i decided that when Mikey is 14 he will become transgendered. and we would put our money together to turn him into a girl by the name Maddison. Who would then be a lesbian and therefore both of the Way children will be gay. And i dont give a crap about what he says he will not ruin my plan.

"i dont even want to know" he sighed, looking a little freaked out.
"it okey Mikey, your crossdressing fun will soon become an everyday thing"
"that was a one time thing and i thought we agreed not to speak of it again" he screamed and ran from his room.

"gosh someone has his period" i called after him.

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