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Sorry about taking so long to post this. Ive been kinda busy!


Oh man why does time have to pass so damn slowly?!
I thought I would never say this but I wanna get to school!!
I wanna show Frank of the Iero clan that Im worth going out with.

"Gerard get up already!" Mikey yelled
"I am up" I yelled back.
"Are you up here?" He asked.
"No" I replied.
"Then your not up!!" ugh, smart ass.

I guess I should get up.
Man if only Frank knew they things I do for him.
I dont normally wake up till 8.

Sighing I rolled out of bed.
"Looks like It will rain" I say to myself as I looked out the small window in my room.
I pull on my black skinny jeans and plain black shirt with a Misfits hoodie over top.
"Good enough" I say to the mirror "I would date me"

"I wouldnt" Mikey says from the door way.
"HOLY CRAP!" I yelp "Mikey dont DO THAT!!"
I walk over to him and stare him in the eye.
"If you were Frank would YOU date me?" I ask him.
He pulls a disgusted face "Incest much"

"I said if you were FRANK!"
I glared at him. He glared back.
"If I were Frank Iero, I would probably think your a creepy stalker"
"Bitch!" I say and hit him.

"Ow Gee, that was mean!" He pouts and pulls bambi eyes.
"So not going to work!" I say and shoved past him.

I walked into the kitchen where my Mom stood making toast... or well burning it.
"Morning Gerard" She says and kissed me on the cheek.

"So what you got planned today?" She asked as I got out the Lucky Charms.
"Well Im going to spend the whole day trying to get Frank Iero to fall in love with me" I say.
"How nice" She says, clearly not listening to what I say.
I roll my eyes.
"HE will be MY BOYfriend by the end of the week if I have it my way" I state
"Thats lovely Gee. Now I need you to keep an eye on your brother again, Your father and I have been asked to stay at the cabin for the week and you know how much I love the cabin"

Oh yes the cabin. Moms favorite place to stay. She NEVER gives up the chance to stay there.

"Okey" I say "Would you mind if Mikey sleeps in your bed this weekend? Its the furtherest from my room and I plan to have loud, hot, passionate gay sex with my soon to be boyfriend" I say, trying to get a reaction out of her.

"Mm'kay" She says. buttering her toast.
A few seconds later it hits her "What?!?!?!" she asks, spinning around.
I grin, "got to go! Cya" I say, grabbing my bag on the way out the door.
Leaving my mom yelling for Mikey to expain things.


Im not sure how but I managed to get to school late.
I walked into science and sat in the only seat left.
I grinned.
It was right next to Frank!

"Hey" I say, as I slide into the seat.
"Hi...Gerard" He smiles.
YUS! Hes not going to make this difficult.

"So Frankie, How exactly are we going to go by this?" I ask him.
He yawns, he looks as though he hasn't slept.

"Well I thought the deal was that you have to try make me fall in love with you?" He says
"True but, am I to do this secretly? Or publicly? Cause you know I would snog you right here right now If I could"

He looked at me and tried to supress a grin.
"Well that would just end badly" Frank said.
"How?" I ask "It would only help you fall for me"

"Exactly. And that would be making your part WAY too easy"
"So I cant snog you?" I ask, putting on my best puppy dog eyes.
"No you cannot"

"Mr Iero and Mr Way is there something so important that needs to be disucssed here in MY class?" Mr Todd our science teacher growled.
"Yes" I answer and Frank elbows me.

"Why dont you share it with the class?" He says.
Frank glares at me "Dont you fucking dare!"

"Step one: Confess your feelings publicly" I whisper back to him.
I stand up and say "I Gerard Way am deeply in love with Frank Iero. I ever dumped my girlfriend because of it"

"If that is ment to be a joke, its not a very good one" Some chick says.
"Its not a joke. I do mean it" and to prove It I pull Frank to his feet and press my lips softly to his.
I expected him to push me away or hit me but no, he kissed me back, deepening the kiss.

I could faintly hear people gasping.
And Mr Todd yelling at us to go to the deans office.
But neither Frank nor I pulled away.

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