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I could kill Gerard.
Because of him I have detention after school for the rest of the week!
With him.
Just the two of us, alone in a room together.
Come to think about it, it sounds like a rather lovely way to spend the afternoon.

I walked into the detention room and sat at the back.
No one else was here yet so I leaned back in the chair, rested my feet on the desk and shut my eyes.

I cant believe that Gerard likes me enough to randomly make out with me infont of our whole science class. Actually I cant believe he like me at all.

Hes the image of perfection.
And Im just the image of .. well .. nothing.

Gerard is what I guess most parents would think of as a star child.
Hes smart, gets good grades, can sing like a fucking angel and is an artist. You cant get better then that! Plus hes hot.

And then there is me.
A parents worst nightmare.
I get bad grades, I smoke, ditch class, etc.

Can you see the difference?

"This seat taken?" A voice asked.
I opened my eyes and looked to my right.

Gerard leanded against the desk and smiled at me.
His black hair hanging in his face.

"It is now" I replied, closing my eyes again.

I hadn't sleep well last night or the night before. Heck, ever since I found Gerard on my doorstep asking me out I haven't slept right. Damn Gerard.

After a few minutes of silence I felt something touch my leg.
I opened one eye and found Gerard now sat on the egde of my desk and his hand rested on my ankle.

"Craving human contact?" I ask him, raising my eyebrow.
"Sweetie, your to cute to be human"

As cheesy as it might be, it di make me blush ever so slightly.
I was about to respond when the door bangged open.

"Take your seats" Ms Collins snaps.

Gerard reluctently gets off my desk.

"Now. Im going to give you lines to write and I expect them to be done when I get back" She says, handing us paper. Then leaving the room.

I turn to Gerard "What are we ment to write?"
He laughs "Nothing I guess"

I guess I could just sleep the next 30 minutes away till I can go home and do nothing.
God my life is lame.


I was about to doze off when there was sudden weight on my lap.
"Gerard do you mind?" I ask him.
"Nope!" He says and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"Dude. Not too be mean but your crushing me!!" I yelp.

Gerard may be skinny but hes not exactly light.
And It didn't help that I was half his size.

"You know you like it" He says, but he does slide off me and onto the floor.
"So your just going to sit on the floor, by yourself?" I ask him.
"Who said I was going to be by myself?" He says and grabs my arm, pulling me to the floor.
Or to be more acurate, On to him.

We now lay with me on top of him.
His eyes staring into mine.

I could tell he had something planned but I wasn't going to make things easy.
Without thinking I licked up his face.

"What the fuck?" He asks. Looking rather shocked.
"It felt like the right thing to do" I say.

"You are one worrying peanut" He laughs and kisses my nose.

"Wow! I knew you were gay but really? In detention?"
I looked up to where the voice came from.
At the door stood my mate Bob.

"What are you doing here?" I say sitting up.
Wrong move!
A piticular problem that had started to form in my pants when Gerard came in, Brushed up against Gerards growing friend. If you get what I mean!

I felt my face go red and looked at Gerard whos face probably matched mine.
"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?" I ask him.
"Your one to talk!!" He shot back and rolled us over so I was lying underneth him.

God I was so turned on I forgot that Bob was in the door way.
I pulled Gerards face to mine and attached my lips to his.

He, all to willingly, kissed me back.

"Ugh Frank? Do you mind?" Bob asked.
But he was ignored as Gerards haands found their way up and under my shirt.

"Dude!! My god!" Bob yelled
And then a womens voice spoke "What on earth is going on here...Oh My Fuck!" Ms Collins shouts.

Hearing her voice made Gerard and I stop and look over at her.
Worried about what she would do.

"In detention? Really? Cant you wait 20 more minutes till you get home?" She asks.
"Sorry Mis but see, This could be the only chance I'll get, tonight" Gerard says "Hes playing hard to get"

"Well all right then. But do keep your clothes on" She says the leaves the room.

There you go!!! And I might as well add that, the parrt at the end about what the teacher says. That actually happened to me once! Anywho hope you liked and please do REVIEW
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