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You know. I think I have made Frank fall for me.
Which is brilliant!!

"Mikey. I think I may be in love" I say to Mikey who was lying on my bed next to me.
"It certainly seems like you are" He replies, turning the page in his book.
Yes. Even when Im telling him very VERY important information he reads!!

"Like, I want to marry him" I continue.
"You would have to leave town for that, Dont think gay marrages are legal here" Way to rain on my parade!

"I wouldn't mind a bit" I say, rolling onto my side to look at Mikey.
"And what would mom and dad think about this?" He asks, still reading.
"Well they would understand and love me even more for giving them a fucking beautiful son-in-law to love as much as us" I say.

"Do you really think they would do that?" Mikey asks, finally putting the book down and looking at me.
I nodded.
Of course they would.
They love me. So they would always love, no matter what...right?

"Maybe you should talk to them about the fact that your a few days away from getting a boyfriend and possibly a son-in-law"

I just look at him "They wouldn't understand!!" I yell at him and childishly cross my arms.
"You just said they would!" Mikey yelped, sitting up.
"Yea well, I was thinking it in my head so of course they would understand" I explain sitting up and looking away from him.

"Well I say you go up there now and tell them!" Mikey demands "If you dont. Then I will"
"Oh will you know?" I ask and he nods.
I knew he ment it. He would tell mom and dad that I was IeroSexual.

"FINE. I'll tell them now" I say and stomp up the steps and into the living room where mom and dad sat watching a movie.

"Mom, dad I have smething really very important to tell you" I say.
"Shh..we're watching a movie sweetie" Mom says.
"But this is important! I want to tell you about the guy I LOVE and want to marry and have hot, rough gay sex with!!!"

They didnt even move.
Or look up.
They just ignored me.

"Fine. Ignore me. I'll be off to Frank Iero's place then to give him a blow job then" I say, expecting a reaction.
But got none.

"Mikey!!!" I screamed and he came in "They wont listen to me talk about gay sex with Frankie!!" I whinned. He rolled his eyes.
"Let me try"
Pff what good that will do. If they ignore me, they will ignore him.

"Mom. Dad" Mikey starts "Gerard is in love with a guy called Frank and wishes to have hot sex with him" And as soon as the word 'sex' came into the sentence, both mom and dads heads jerk to look at Mikey.

No fucking way. They ignore me! But listen to HIM!!!

"WHAT!!" Dad says in shock. Looking between us.
"Well I tried to tell you but aparently you only listen to sweet little Mikey" I shout back.

"Gerard is this true?" Mom asks
"Yes. Though not really the whole sex part" I admit.

"Naw! My baby is in LOVE" She jumps up and hugs me tightly "Is he cute?" She asks.
I looked at her in utter amazement.
"Cuter then the cutest fucking thing you have ever seen" I respond.
This made her squeal.

I now lay on my bed with Mikey again.
Mom was over excited about Frank and Dad was understanding and wanted to meet Frank.
At least I know they love me.
Though they dont ever listen to me.
Only Mikey.

I looked at Mikey who was fast asleep.
He is totally the favorite child.
So sweet and innocent...
Well maybe not innocent.
But still sweet.

I wonder if he has a girlfriend?
Probably not. Hes way too shy.

He barely even talks to mom and dad.
He does how ever talk to his tweety bird pillow.

I got him that pillow when he was 5. Im not sure why. I think I had wanted it but figured Mikey would be cute with it.
Thats the kind of older brother I am.
I dont beat him up.
Even when I really really REALLY want too.

I guess you could say that I love Mikey.
Infact I do love Mikey.

"I love you Mikey" I say and take his glasses off and put them on the nightstand.
Then I pulled my blanket over both of us and snuggled down to sleep.
I was just drifting off when I hear Mikey mutter "I love you too Gerard"

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