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The Joys Of Shopping

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“Good morning princess”

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"Good morning princess"
Gerard slapped my ass as I walked past; smiling as I spun round, it was getting pretty weird now. Ray and Bob looked up as the sound of my hand making contact with his cheek. "OW!" Gerard rubbed the side of his face, looking shocked "What'd you slap me for?"
I gritted my teeth together; the feelings I'd had for Gee the other night had flipped one-eighty. He was getting annoying now. "Touch my butt again and you'll never have kids. Get my drift?" Bob burst out laughing as Ray rolled his eyes. I smiled at them, they were the only two still treating me like a guy.
"Brian says we've got a week before we gotta get back to the shows... he say's that we gotta do it with or without Frank" Bob gave me an apologetic look. How could I go on stage like this? The fans were bound to notice, I mean how could you not.
An excited squeal came from the bathroom, 'OW!' and some of Mikey's choice words. "Frank can still go on stage!" he stood at the doorway, glasses wonky and eyeliner drawn down his cheek from his scrunched up eye. "How? He's not a he anymore..." Ray sat back down smiling at Mikey's naivety.
"Say that Frank's ill and his twin sister's taking his place?" That was the most idiotic idea I'd ever heard... I liked it.
"I think we should give it a try..." thanks Gee, when you're not being a perve you're alright. "All those in favour of giving it a go get out the bus!" they all looked at me funny... maybe Ishould have told them what I had planned, but they still marched out the bus door.
"Good. Now that's settled TO THE MALL!"

I felt like a kid prancing round the store, darting from one rail of clothes to the other. I think it's just an overload of 'shopping sickness'? I think that's it. Bob and Ray had made their excuses to leave me to shopping, Mikey had offered to help me find some stuff that would suit me and was stood next to me with an armful of clothes I'd thrown at him. "What you think?" I held up a short tartan style skirt it had chains on the hips and looked awesome. "It'd look good on you... maybe with this?" he walked over to a rail of reds and pulled out a shirt I would have ripped his arm off for; low cut, tartan to match the skirt, one arm ripped leading to netting sleeves the other side strapless. He threw it to me with one of those belt/corset things, the ones that go just under your boobs."You gonna try all this on before you buy it?" he smirked.

I stepped out of the booth wobbling slightly in the new boots I was trying on. three men wolf whistled as Mikey gave me a twirl; looks like the others were back.
"Hey Frank!" I looked over as Ray laughed "you look hot man"
"Ha-ha very funny" I smiled at him, this was getting funner and funnier by the day. I laughed before I remembered something else I needed to buy.
"Mikey..." he looked up at the reluctance in my voice; this was awkward "can you help me out? I need to go buy some more stuff..." his eyes narrowed.
"Whatever it is I'm off back to the bus. I'll carry your bags." I sighed walking back into the booth.
"But it's important!" I started taking off the top and belt-thing.
"What you need to do?" I stayed quiet "Frankie?"
"I just need to get some new underwear, okay?"
"Get one of the others to go with you. I'm not your babysitter!"
"But you're the only one who won't go... who won't freak out on me!"
"Ask them. Ray? Bob? Gee? Would one of you help her out?"
"Stop calling me 'her'! or 'she' or anything to do with me being a woman at this moment in time"
There was silence for a while as I threw the clothes over the rails to Mikey; he was paying for half of this beautiful junk.
"Ray?" I peeked around the corner, covering my chest with the curtain. "Hell no man!"
"Bob?" Mikey gave him a pleading look. Bob threw his hands in the air. "Count me out"
He looked at Gee who was leaning against a wall arms crossed. "Sure, why not" he rolled his eyes.
"You being serious?" Mikey's face lit up; did he really want to get away that much?
"Sure... why not?"
"HEY FRANKIE!" I shoved the curtain back quickly. "Yeah...?"
"Gee'll go with you." Great...

"You really think I can get away with these?" my stomach squirmed at the clothing in my hands (that is if you could call it clothing): they were both thongs. One black and lacy, the other leather; what is it Gee and leather!?
"Uhuh" he grinned; not the normal smile but the one he wore on stage the time after he faked... God I still remember that!
He was wearing that exact expression; half-lidded eyes and that smile. I sighed placing them back on their rail.
"Stop imagining it Gee..." I smirked, hearing him whisper 'Damn it!'
"I wasn't!" he stuttered.
"Your pants say different" I could just imagine him going red as I sifted through the other rails.
"Shut up..."

"BACK!" I pranced through the bus door and no one answered. "Mikey? Ray? Bob?"
I looked around the corner to see the three of them drinking coffee... dressed as girls.
Mikey was painting his nails, his mascara covered lashes looked long enough to fan them dry.
"YOU RAIDED MY STUFF!?"Gee stood gawking as the three looked up. They were the funniest thing I'd seen in days!
They'd all put on a tonne of make-up; eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick and mascara. They actually looked alright...
"No... Gee do you actually own any red lipstick?"
"That's beside the point" he blushed "but where'd you get all this junk?" Mikey turned on the hairdryer, attempting to dry the wet nail vanish.
"We got it while you two went shopping"
"WHAT?" I never realised how loud that thing was.
"I SAID WE GOT IT WHILE-" he sighed turning it off; thank you!
"We thought we'd have a girl's night in and bought some stuff" he shrugged like dressing like a chick was normal.
Gee moaned and pouted as everyone turned to look at him. "I haven't got anything to wear!"
Mikey grabbed a bag and threw it at him, pointing to the bunks, "Change." Gerard skipped out of the room and I looked at the boys, this time properly taking them in.
Ray was wearing a very flattering black blouse and flared jeans. Bob a fitted tunic top and leggings, he looked the weirdest dressed like that. And Mikey was sprawled on the floor in a pink dressing gown; I guessed he was gonna change later. Together they were... different, but still fairly good looking.
Three cups of coffee and anap later Gerard strutted out.
"Wow! You should dress like a chick more often" Ray laughed; but I agreed with him. Gee was hot as a chick. Long black hair extensions fell in natural looking layers to below his shoulders, he wore a corset and skirt, both leather looking, and high heel boots; he looked like a hot gothic drag queen.
"Why do you have boobs?" I looked at Mikey realising something I'd missed "where did any of you get fake boobs?"
He just shrugged. "So what we doing first?"
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