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The First Morning

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“Are you okay?” “Of course not! I have boobs!”

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I lay in my bunk, face buried in my pillow, waiting as the pains ebbed away; I shouldn't be having growing pains at my age, you're supposed to have them to have them as a kid. Well they were either growing pains or the guys had drugged my coffee again. Yum, coffee.
I clawed my way out of bed, stretching and ruffling my hair as I walked to the 'kitchen'. "Can we help you?" Ray asked, looking extremely confused; the others mirroring his expression. "Huh?" why would I need help? "I'm just grabbing a coffee". My hands flew to my mouth. "What the hell's with my voice?" I squeaked. I sounded like a freakin' girl!
"Frank?" Gerard's eyes bulged as he walked over. Who else was I gonna be? The drag fairy?
"Gee?" I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me. "Why are you staring at me?" my voice was strained, he was really freaking me out now.
"Um, Frank... why are you a chick?" I could tell he wanted to laugh; he was biting down on his bottom lip. "WHAT!?"
I ran to the bathroom and stared at mirror. But that wasn't me, it couldn't be; a girl stood staring back, copying every one of my actions. Her hair was the same as mine; one-side shorter and so blonde it was almost white, the other side roughly the same the only difference a black 'fringe' over most of it. Her lips were fuller than mine, her face smaller, smoother; the angles of her jaw less noticeable. Her eyes were wide, her pupils tiny dots in her brown irises. Thick black lashes framing her lids.
I was coping with the whole thing pretty well I thought, well until I looked down to my chest.
"WHAT THE HELL!?" I shrieked, grabbing the fat through my shirt "WHAT THE FU-"
"Frank? Are you okay?" Gerard giggled; why did he find this funny?
"Of course not! I have boobs!" I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I screamed. Great I'd got the works; the body and emotions, yay! Mood swings!
"Open the door" Mikey laughed shaking the handle.
I sighed, waiting for the laughing to stop.
"Promise you won't laugh?" the words were barely audible to me, let alone anyone else.
"Promise" they chorused.
I pulled my shirt as far over my stomach as I could; it had risen a good few inches since I had breasts.
"No laughing" I warned opening the door.
I was expecting laughing and lots of it, but they didn't they just... gawped. Now I knew what it felt like to have guys stare at you.
"Stop staring it's creepy!"
Mikey burst out laughing and spun me around. "Nice" he mused still giggling.

They took the change better than me; they just took the piss a lot.
Later that day they all sat playing Xbox. "Can I have a go yet?" I nagged, I seemed to do that a lot, but they'd all already had a go and I felt left out.
"You're a girl, you won't be able to do anything" Mikey's eyes were fixed on the screen as he spoke; I never thought he'd be sexist.
"Gee" he looked over and I pouted, I'd done it before as a guy but it might work better now "please"
He just... stared at me. Like I'd asked him to strip or something, it felt weird; the butterflies fluttering in my stomach as he just gawped at me.
"Earth to Gerard!" Ray said swiping his hand in front of his face. "Hmm? What?"
God he was hot... I mean he always had been but now he'd bumped up a level from cute to hot as hell. I'd had feelings for him once before but they were never as strong as this.
Mikey threw the controller onto my lap, pulling me back to the real world.

"YOU CHEAT!" I couldn't help but laugh as I thrashed Bob. He just sat there and frowned at the screen "that wasn't fair, you can multitask!" I giggled a little and Mikey howled as usual.
"Just 'cause you got bet by a girl" I stuck my tongue out, it's childish I know but I still feel like a kid.
"You used to suck at Halo!" now he was just trying to find ways to blame it on my gender swap.
But I'd let him blame it on whatever he wanted, I was sleepy as hell. I needed to go to bed.
I'd taken to sleeping in just a shirt and some extremely baggy boxers, not the greatest idea if I was with anyone other than the guys; but it wasn't like any of them liked me like that, it'd be weird.
"Frankie?" Gee stood at the doorway looking kinda sheepish. "Gee?"
"I need to... want to... um, can we talk?" why did he need to ask? "Of course"
He just smiled and sat on the edge of my bunk; he reeked, after show reek; meaning he was, or had been, sweating like hell. "Um... I need your advice"
At least he still knew he could come to me to talk, thank God one thing stayed the same. I just smiled letting him know I was listening. "Well... there's this girl... woman... person I kinda like..." he kept glancing at me from the corner of his eye... crap!
It only just clicked; he liked me. My best friend fancied me!
"If this is going the way I think then that's kinda gross man!" and it is, you don't just... no, eww!
"No way man! I'm not some pedo!"
"What?" he caught me off track "No, not that... that'd be really wrong, but dude do you fancy me?"
Oh hell no! He just stared at the floor, playing with the hem of his shirt and blushed. Damn.
"Gee?" he just carried on staring at the floor "Gee?" okay now he was being annoying.
"Gerard, look at me" I grabbed the sides of his face and forced his head up "do you like me that way or not?"
His answering smile was weirder than usual, especially with my hands squishing his cheeks towards his lips; they looked so soft, so tempting, so-- No, he's my friend.
"That's.... that's kinda messed up man. I mean we're like... brothers!"
"Yeah but you're a chick remember"
He leant in and his lips met mine; I was right, they were soft. Our lips moved in sync as though we'd both been planning it, as though in this one moment we were one; the same thoughts and feelings running through our veins. And to be honest my thoughts weren't too innocent...
"No..." I mumbled trying to pull my lips from his; he just filled the gap. "Gee... no"
I open my eyes to see his hazel orbs burning with excitement. "Why not?"
He tugged playfully at my lip ring with his teeth. "Just back off!" I pushed him as hard as I could out my bunk.
He carried on acting like that for the next couple of nights; trying to get me alone, dropping hints around the guys...
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