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We're Not Having Fun

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A repost of my old story from my other account.So what if the Way brothers were your relatives? Family reunion time!

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"So when are they coming?" I ask, as I dusted the counters of my living room. My mom planned a family reunion and I have ten relatives coming from jersey and Arizona. How fun and I have never met the relatives from jersey, my mom says I know who they are but I don’t know. They are from the Italian and Irish side of the family.

"They should be here in a minute, now is your room clean? And is the guest room army style clean?” My mom asks as she finishes vacuuming.

"Yea it’s all clean. Im going to go read.” I say as I slam my door. My bedroom is the basement. I love the silence; my room is white with my sketches in black sharpie marker. I have big Ben, the tower in Paris and Notre dome. I need to finish the statue of liberty but im fucking it up too much. My ceiling is black and has glow in the dark stars painted on it.

My name is Addison, Addie for short. Im sixteen years old and I live in michigan.Im a junior in high school and im a pretty decent student. I look way too much like my mom. I have light blonde hair and my eyes change color with my mood. Usually when my eyes are grey im pissed, blue means im happy and green means im tired, thinking or sad.

"Addie! They are here!” I heard my mom call.

"Which relatives?” I shout back.

"Cousin Sherry, Brianna, Caitlin, Bobby and Cousin Dan. They relatives from Arizona!” She replied.Sweet! I race up the stairs and look out the front door. I love my cousin sherry, she is my second cousin. She is like a awesome version of my mom, the complete oppsite.She married some guy and had Caitlin then they divorced. Then she married Dan and she had Brianna and Bobby. Brianna is 16 and bobby is 8.

Brianna catches my eye and she races toward the door.
We hug and we catch up on everything we have missed in each others lives since i saw her three years ago.
-a hour later-

"Aunt Donna and Uncle Dan are here!” I heard my mom yell. Brianna pulls me to my feet and practically drags me to the door.
"Why do you want to see my cousins so badly?” I ask, standing up.
"To see if Donnas kids are hot! Of course!” She says jumping up and down.
"Ewe! Dude that is sick! You’re related to them!" I say, hitting her in the back of the head.
"Only through distant marriage, not by blood.” She said.

I shrugged and walked back to my tomb. I wasn’t interested in new people, im shy until ive broken the glass between me and the new person. I spent a hell of a lot of time making friends; I wouldn’t talk in elementary school.

I spent the hour reading interview with a vampire by Anne rice, awesome book. I flipped the page and Louis was talking about that first drink of blood, when I heard a knock at my damaged door. When I was a kid one of the neighbor hood kids was playing pool with me in the garage and he lost and chased me everywhere, when I went in my room and locked the door he crashed it open. My dad doesn’t care about fixing crap.The light knock opened my door and I glared at the person walking in.

I don’t know why I don’t like my mother; there is just something about her. My dad is cool, he leaves me alone, but my mother is PTSA president and always trys to get me to wear something that isn’t skinny jeans and t shirts and sweatshirts.

"Your relatives are here and you just read books! Get your ass upstairs and talk to them!” She says as if its life or death. My mother has the same insecurities I do, the fear of looking stupid and worse than everyone, she just deals with it a different way than I do.

"Im reading and if two are staying down here anyway it doesn’t matter. I will talk eventually.” I say. Not taking my eyes off the page. My cousins from jersey are sleeping on the sofas in my room. My room is big, i mean BIG.I have a TV, two sofas and a desk down here (I worked at our local golf course as a caddie to earn it all, old guys tip the girls a lot!) and I have a medium sized book case, and a big cd case.

"Fine then stay down here! . . . Gerard! Mikey!"She yelled. I cringe away from the noise and 'shh' her. She smiles and i hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Yea aunt Tab?” I hear one voice reply. My moms name is Tabitha by the way. A dark haired boy pops his head in and looks around like he is looking for hidden laser beams on the floor.

"Can you keep Addison company while i chat with your mom?” She says and she smiles so they cant say no.

"Um. . Sure, We can do that, right mikey?"He Says, His voice sounds weird. Like he just sucked some helium from a balloon. A second boy steps from behind him, he has lighter colored hair than the first boy. . Gerard? And he has glasses. Cool, not the only one with glasses anymore.

"Sure"Mikey says as my mom walks upstairs and they approach me.

"Sup, Im Gerard and this is Mikey. You’re Addison?” Gerard says. He extended his hand and I just looked at it.Damn, I would so date him if he wasn’t my cousin. He has awesome eyes. His hair is black and cut to shoulder length like mine and he had a cute chubby look about him that made you want to hug him.Mikey was a thin tall kid and his hair had a blonde shine to it, He had his glasses on the end of his nose and I noticed that he looked like a old fashioned geek, but in a funny/adorable way. Both were wearing dress pants and a white button up shirt with a tie, what the hell?
Gerard recoiled his hand and coughed awkwardly, while I went back to reading and Mikey went to look at my music collection.

"Misfits! Awesome!” He said as he skimmed through my cds. He tried to take it off the shelf but it got stuck and pulled the entire row crashing with it.

"Shit! Im so sorry!” He said as he scrambled to pick them up.Dammit, I alphabetized them too. I sighed and walked over to him. I picked up my cds and stacked them back into order.

"Sorry about that, mikey is such a clutz.I don’t know where he got his balance from.” Gerard said and he sat down to help us. I smiled and nodded. Gerard looked at me like 'is she ever going to talk?'

"So how old are you?” He asked.

"sixteen, you?” I say in a voice that is just above a whisper.

"Im 17 and mikey just turned 15."He said as he put the last cd on the shelf.

"Cool. Well I got to read this for school, so you guys can watch TV or whatever.” I say picking up my book. I didn’t have to read it for school, but I didn’t want them to think i was a nerd.

"Um . . . Ok then.” Gerard said as he ran his hand through his hair.

-After a while-

"Why are you guys dressed up?” I asked. I got bored of reading and i was aching to ask them that.

"What do you mean?” Gerard asked. He was reading one of my books, catcher in the rye, and was listening to a cd; he was less clumsy than mikey, and didn’t crash the shelf again.

"I mean why are you guys in a suit and tie? It’s not formal.” I say pointing at my ripped jeans and acdc shirt.

“Our mom went crazy.Im actually going to change into a tee shirt, this tie is killing me.” He said standing up and loosening his tie.Mikey went with him and they both went upstairs.

-Next day-

I fell asleep, and woke with a start. I looked at my clock and muttered 'fuck!'I had to leave for Devon’s house in ten minutes. I raced to grab my clothes and throw them on. I had my pants on and had my bra on as Gerard lifted his head and looked around and his eyes met mine. He shut his eyes and put his head under a blanket. I finished dressing and ran out the door with my book bag and raced to get to my neighbors house. Me and my friend Devon always car pool to school. This was her week for her mom to drive. I ran past her on my way to her house, wait? What?
"It’s your turn this week Addie."Shit! My mom and dad aren’t home. And everybody except for gee and mikey went to see some family.

"Ok then, my cousin is driving.” I say and grab her arm and drag her to my house. I run to my room and gee fell back asleep. I touched his shoulder lightly and shook him a bit.

"Gee . . . gee. Can you give me a ride to school? I missed the bus and I forgot that it was my moms turn to drive me and my friend Devon to school. . . Come on gee, wake up.” I said. hit that guy can sleep. I shrugged and me and Devon walked along side the road to our school which is three miles away. A guy from my school who is a complete jerk drove up along side us.

"Hey sugar, you want a ride? I know a way you can repay me.” He said in suggestive voice.

I flipped him off and walked into the woods with dev.

Thanks gee.
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