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The Sorting of Severus Snape

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The Sorting of several major characters.

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Disclaimer: This is JK Rowling's world, and her characters. This is not a true Harry Potter story.

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Sorting Warriors

Chapter Two: The Sorting of Severus Snape

A thin, tall boy with a hooked nose walked forward, his face pale, to pick up an old hat. Placing a typical 'I'm better than every one here, even if I'm scared stiff of doing wrong' sneer on his face, he slid the hat over his head, and sat down.

"Mr. Snape. You seem rather worried. Interesting that you choose to hide it," a voice whispered.

Great. Oh great, oh great, oh great. Just acting as if I'm not ready to puke, isn't enough. I have to think it, too. Just great, Severus thought.

"Yes, Mr. Snape, I can read your thoughts. Anyway, you don't actually feel that you have a choice in hiding it, do you? You're a Snape, a Death Eater protégé, you have to appear self-assured, confident. Hmmm. Well, that discredits Hufflepuff, then. They wouldn't care."

Well, I wouldn't want to be a Hufflepuff anyway. They must be the worst House imaginable, except for maybe Gryffindor.

"That's a very strong dislike of Gryffindors, Mr. Snape. Yet, strangely enough, you could actually be one. You are very brave, if often afraid.

Severus felt a ball of panic rising in his gut. He could not be a Gryffindor./ A Gryffindor?! I know it's Godric Gryffindor's brains you have, but still, I'd think they'd work better than that!/

"Was that an attempt to be insulting, Mr. Snape? Or, an attempt to sound like a Slytherin? You're frightened that you won't be one, aren't you? So, you thought you'd act like the stereotypical Slytherin, right?"

Severus froze, his body locked into position like a statue. He was going to be in Gryffindor. In Gryffindor! He'd have to tell his father and mother he was a Gryffindork. He'd bring shame upon the family, they'd practically disown him, they'd be so angry at him, it -

"Oh, calm down, Mr. Snape."


"I said, calm down. Just because I said you're brave, doesn't mean that's your predominant feature. Just look at the way you reacted to my saying you had Gryffindor qualities. Typical Slytherin cunning, trying to deceive me. Though I must say, you do realise I can read your thoughts, don't you? I guess you're not a Ravenclaw, Mr. Snape. You cannot deceive someone who can see inside your head."

So, you mean I'm a Slytherin? He straightened, hope filling him. In his relief, he didn't notice the implications of his dismissal from Ravenclaw.

"Yes, I believe so." The voice seemed to sigh, and a breath of wind danced along Severus' neck, leaving goose pimples as he involuntarily shuddered.

"You'd do well in Gryffindor," the Hat continued, "But you hate it. If it wasn't for that, it'd be a hard choice, but as it is, Mr. Snape, you belong in SLYTHERIN!"

Severus Snape lifted the old hat off his head, struggling down a smile as he attempted to look as if it was expected. Idiot hat/, he thought, almost affectionately. /He should have known I belong in Slytherin immediately after I put him on.

He sat down at the Slytherin table, flashing a smile at another first year, a girl with her blond hair in braids. Braids returned the smile, and he smiled wider. He belonged here.

It wasn't until later, that he made any firm decisions on the Gryffindors, though. On his way out of the Great Hall, tired and full from the feast, he bumped into a boy with messy hair.

"Hey, greasy hair! Guess you belong in Slytherin - maybe if you washed your hair, a House that wasn't slime would've accepted you!" Messy Hair said, obviously amused.

"Yeah? Maybe if your House was decent, they wouldn't need to accept people who couldn't afford brushes!" Severus retorted, quickly.

"What's going on?" A dark haired prefect with lidded eyes quickly stepped up. "You," she looked at Messy Hair, "Go with your prefects. What House're you in?"

"Gryffindor," Messy Hair replied, sounding proud.

Severus wanted to laugh, even more so at the look that Lidded Eyes gave Messy Hair. "Gryffindor? No wonder. What's your name?"

"James Potter." He now sounded angry.

"Five points from Gryffindor for not paying attention to your prefects. Hurry up now."

Potter just stood there, mouth open. "What about him?" He nodded at Severus. "He isn't going to his House!"

"He's a Slytherin. He's with his prefect."

Potter looked outraged. Had he not realised by now that the world didn't spin around him? He was outnumbered, and outpowered, here.

Angrily, Potter stalked off, and Severus had to fight down a smile, before he realised Lidded Eyes was speaking to him.

"Well done, but try not to get into a fight so near the teachers in future. Come on, the dungeons is this way. I'm Bellatrix Black, by the way."

"Severus Snape," he said, smiling. Yes, he definitely belonged here.


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