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Chapter 6

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Lilly’s POV

After everything that has happened with Jeph and I, I think I’m going to give Quinn a chance. Just to see what happens. At this thought, he walked into the kitchen.
‘Hey Lilly!’ He said.
‘Oh, hey Quinn.’ I smiled at the thought of him.
‘Whatcha up to?’
‘Just thinking really.’ I replied.
‘About what?’ He asked leaning back and forth like a little kid.
‘Well, truthfully, about you.’
‘God, that’s like…the truth.’ He said with a blank stare.
‘Yeah. It is. So, I was thinking, and I will give you a chance if you would like one.’
‘I’d love one.’
‘Really? So, are we?’ I asked.
‘Well, you just asked, and I just said yes. So I’m pretty sure, unless, there’s another step?’
‘Uh, I don’t know. You confused me. So, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend then?’
‘Yes.’ He said with a laugh.
‘Oh, sweet. So, what do you want to do?’ I asked.
‘Let’s have a sexy party.’ He joked. ‘What do you want to do?’
‘Wow, I thought you would have said “tell everyone.” Hm, I don’t know. Go to the beach, or France. I was planning on going there anyway.’ I smiled.
‘Uhh, right now?’
‘Yeah, I already have my stuff packed.’ I told him.
‘Can’t we wait a couple days so I can tell everyone?’
‘It’s not going to take long to tell them. So, lets tell them now and then you can pack your stuff. Please.’ I batted my eyelashes.
‘I-I guess. Ok, yeah.’ He said, almost second guessing going to France.
I started to jump up and down, ‘Yes, I’m so excited. You can tell everyone now!’
Quinn suddenly walked inside the house where everyone was, and I followed. He whipped out a mini mega phone. And why does he have that? I wondered.
‘I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT.’ Quinn yelled into the mega phone, ‘LILLY AND I ARE OFFICIALLY DATING. OH AND, WE’RE HEADED TO FRANCE RIGHT NOW.’ Travis spit his pop out everywhere, Derek farted, Sonny looked up with wide eyes, Livvy missed about 20 steps on her game of DDR then gave up, and Jeph followed suit but then left the room quickly looking nowhere but the floor. Which, kind of made me feel bad. I decided to go outside while I waited for Quinn to finish up the rest of whatever he was saying. I was walking around the house when I noticed Jeph looking out the window. He looked so sad. He looked over at me, and that made me realize that I had stopped walking.
‘Lilly.’ I heard someone call. I turned around but saw no one. ‘Lilly.’ I heard again. This time I thought to look in the window, and I saw it was Jeph calling me.
‘Yes?’ I asked.
‘Are you two really dating?’
‘…Yeah… I hope that’s ok. I decided to see how things would work out between us.’ I told him.
‘Oh no! It’s ok…yeah…I’m fine…’ He explained in a very unconvincing tone.
‘…doesn’t seem ok…’ I said looking away.
‘Uhh, well…you know it’s not. But I don’t want to make life hard for you.’
‘I know… I just… I don’t know.’
‘No no no, don’t worry about it. I want you to go to France, you’ll be happier. And if it’s Quinn you want to go with you, then so be it.’
‘I just feel bad because it was going to be us going, and now it’s not. I’m just worried about you.’ I said.
‘I’ll be fine.’ He lied, ‘I…have the guys, and Livvy.’
‘Yeah… I’m still worried about you.’
‘Well don’t be.’
‘I feel like we’re going to start arguing over this.’ I told him.
‘Only if you start one first.’ He faked a smile.
‘Don’t think I am. Well, I’ll see you in a few weeks or so then.’ I said and kissed him on the cheek.
‘Yeah…a few weeks. Have fun.’ He put his hand on his cheek.
‘I can try. See you later.’ I said and walked away. I hope he will be ok while I’m gone. I just have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.
‘ARE YOU READY TO GO?!’ Quinn yelled in my ear with his mega phone, his suitcase at his side.
‘Damn Quinn. That was loud. Yeah, I’m ready to go. My bags are in my room. I’ll go and get them.’ I smiled and went to my room, found my bags, said bye to everyone else, and hopped into the car. ‘Ok, Let’s go.’
‘France, here we come!’ Quinn said in a French accent.

Livvy’s POV

I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. I looked over at the clock, 1:30 in the afternoon.
‘Fuck.’ I mumbled and pulled myself out of bed. I quickly threw on whatever I could find in my bags and left the room.
‘Good morning. Gee, you sleep long enough? I attempted to make breakfast.’ Sonny said holding a plate of eggs and toast in my face. My stomach rumbled. I made a quick grab for the plate and sat down at the table.
‘Thank you.’ I smiled at him sleepily.
‘You’re welcome.’ He smiled back.
‘So I kind of need to know, what time are we leaving?’ I asked rubbing my eyes in an attempt to fully wake up.
‘Hm, how about six? That seems like a good time to me.’
‘…Alright…shit.’ I mumbled realizing that I wouldn’t have any help at all getting ready for this. I’m doomed. Well, Jeph isn’t a girl, but he might help me…I’ll ask later.
‘I’m going to take a shower now.’ He said and walked toward the bathroom. I took the last bit of eggs and ate them, then put my plate in the sink. I decided to go off and find Jeph. I checked in a few places but found him in the other spare bedroom lying in bed.
‘Uhh, hey bro!’ I smiled and waved.
‘Hm?’ He said not really moving from the bed.
‘I have a question for you.’ I said, sitting on the edge of the bed.
‘What is it?’ He asked unhappily.
‘First of all, what the crap is wrong with you?’
‘It’s nothing. What’s your question?’
‘Nothing my ass. Tell me.’
‘Ugh, no. Ask your question or go away.’ He said.
‘Don’t talk to me like that.’ I demanded half-laughing. ‘Now I was wondering, you know about my date with Sonny tonight right?’
‘Yeah, I do. Why?’
‘Well Lilly is letting me borrow a dress of hers,’ I said pausing at the word dress, ‘She said I should dress up and since she’s not here, would you help me?’
‘Later. I want to sleep more.’ He told me. He seemed to be acting weird ever since Lilly left.
‘Jeph…what is it?!’ I asked rolling around on the bed.
‘What is what?’
‘Stubborn bitch. You know what I’m talking about. You. Sulking. Why?’
‘Eh, go away.’
‘Bastard…’ I muttered under my breath and left the room. I skipped out into the living room, and saw Derek sprawled out on the floor sleeping, and talking to himself.
‘Oh baby baby.’ He grunted. ‘I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back CHILESSSSSSSS BABY BACK RIIIIIIIIIBS!’ He screamed.
‘Oh my gosh…I’m not even gonna deal with that.’ I said to myself. There is absolutely nothing to do. Wow. Oooooh! I suddenly had an idea, I went to the sink and filled a glass with water. I went back out into the living room and poured it over Derek. He jumped about five feet in the air with a shriek.
‘Are you fucking INSANE?!’ He yelled at me.
‘No, just bored.’ I smiled at him. ‘Wakey wakey.’
‘That was mean… you meany butt.’
‘I’m sorry. But there’s nothing here to do, and no one to talk to.’
‘Uh huh…’ He got up and went into the other bathroom.
Screw you. I thought.

‘Ehh, how is it?’ I asked Jeph tugging at the hem of the dress nervously.
‘It’s fine, you look fine. Don’t worry about it.’ He answered taking a drink of his bottle of liquor. He never drank before, why is he drinking now?
‘I think it looks funny.’ I said glancing at his bottle.
‘No, its fine. My gosh.’ He said hiding his bottle.
‘No need to hide it Jeph. But while we’re on that subject, why are you drinking?’
‘I need something to pass the time… Lilly…’
‘Well…umm, I guess it’s none of my business, right?’
‘Not really.’ He said.
‘I’m sorry. Anyways..’
‘You look fine. Go have fun with Sonny.’ He said ushering me out of the bathroom.
‘Uh-um-yeah THANKS!’ I said to him through the door he had shut in my face. The hallway was empty, and the sound of Guitar Hero came from the living room. My nerves suddenly built up in the pit of my stomach. What the fuck? I walked into the living room and saw Sonny and Travis playing against each other. As I stood there, I noticed the sound of Guitar Hero stop and the stares of them come. Sonny’s mouth dropped, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad one.
‘Well I know it may not be much but…I tried.’ I smiled nervously, again.
‘Livvy, you look… amazing.’ Sonny said. ‘You are very beautiful.’
‘Well thanks.’ I laughed. I wasn’t sure what else to say, so I let silence fill the room as I waited for someone to say something again.
‘You’re welcome. Let’s get going.’ He said as he took my hand and pulled me out the door. I waved bye to Travis and allowed myself to be pulled. We got into the car and headed down the road. I shifted my feet awkwardly and gave a sideways glance at Sonny, who had his attention on the road. I smiled, he looked really nice tonight. A change from the emo clothes, the messy hair, and the make-up to a tux, no make-up, and hair that wasn’t messy. I looked out of my window. I noticed we were driving by the seaside. I stared out at it. I have never seen the ocean before.
‘We’re almost to the restaurant.’ Sonny said as we slowed down to a red light.
‘Oh, where is it at?’ I asked.
‘Someplace, you’ll love it. Trust me.’ He smiled.
‘Whatever you say.’ I smiled back looking over at him.
‘Ok, I have to blindfold you now.’ He said taking out a bandana and putting it over my eyes. I felt us go and soon enough we stopped again. ‘Ok, I’m going to lead you to the place. Do you trust me?’
‘Yeah, lead the way.’ I smiled. I wasn’t as nervous as I was before we left.
‘Ok… step up… again… ok… . . . Step down about three steps.. Ok. Just keep walking… alright, you can sit down now.’ He said and I sat down in a really comfy seat. After I sat down, he took the blindfold off so I could see where we were.
‘Oh my god.’ Was all I could say. ‘Why are you doing this for me?’ I wondered aloud.
‘Because this is how much I like you.’ He told me as our waiter came up to us.
‘Here are the menu’s, what can I get you to drink.’ The man said.
‘I’ll have a strawberry lemonade smoothie.’ I told the waiter.
‘Hm, I’ll have the same.’ Sonny said.
‘Alright, I’ll have those right away.’ The waiter said and left.
‘So…’ I laughed not thinking of what to say.
‘So…’ Sonny laughed too.
‘You look nice.’ I smiled at him.
‘Thank you.’ He smiled back. ‘I was wondering, how do you feel about me?’
‘Well I realized this morning, you’re a pretty big deal to me. I was really nervous about this, and I figured out it was because I like you so much. And trust me, me wearing a dress like this is rare.’ I said.
‘I’m flattered you would wear a dress for me then. Would you like to be my girlfriend?’ Wow, he was quick. I thought about it for a minute.
‘Of course.’
‘Is it alright if I kiss you now.’ He smiled and kissed me before I could answer him. The waiter came with our drinks and interrupted.
‘Are you ready to order?’ He asked.
‘Umm..’ I said suddenly looking down at my menu for the first time. ‘I’ll have this.’ I showed him the menu pointed to what I wanted.
‘And, I’ll have this.’ Sonny pointed at what he wanted.
‘Ok, thank you.’ The waiter said and took the menus away.
‘This place is really expensive.’ I told Sonny.
‘Yeah, but it’s worth it to be with you.’ He blushed, ‘Plus, this seemed like the best place to bring you.’
‘Why is that?’ I asked him.
‘Because this place is beautiful, and so are you… so… yeah.’ He smiled.
‘Well…umm, I don’t know about that…but ok.’ I smiled, blushing.
‘Hey, I mean that. I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a lot of people.’ He smiled. I didn’t know what to say to that. No one has really said anything like that to me before. I really couldn’t believe I was Sonny’s girlfriend now. This night couldn’t be better. The whole night was nothing but eating, talking, and laughing. It was amazing. For some reason, I was completely comfortable with Sonny. When we finished all our food, Sonny paid, and I found out the bill was $85. That was a lot for one dinner, but I guess it was worth the money. When we walked out, he grabbed my hand and we walked to the car hand in hand. It was 11 at night by the time we got back to the house. Surprisingly everyone was still awake. I guess there was a Tekken battle going on. Haha.
‘Hey guys. We had fun, now I’m going to bed.’ I told pretty much no one. They were all too involved in the game. I went to my spare room and laid on the bed and instantly fell asleep.

Lilly’s POV

It took a few days for us to get to France. We flew there, otherwise it would have been very long. We had to take multiple flights to actually get there, but that was ok. Quinn booked us a very nice hotel room in Paris. It felt so good to be home again. I remembered exactly where my family’s restaurant was. I knew I was going to freak out once we started on our way to the restaurant. First we had to bring our bags to the, well suite. The room was so big. There was only one bed, but it was such a nice room.
‘How much did you pay for this?’ I asked.
‘Well, it was quite a bit. Over £200’ He said.
‘Wow, you didn’t have to spend that much on this.’ I told him.
‘Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind.’ He smiled. We both decided on unpacking later and just walking around. I couldn’t wait to get outside. On our way here, I told Quinn about living here. I also told him that we should walk everywhere. It’s nice. But, sometimes a car is good too. I knew that the restaurant wasn’t too far from this hotel, so we could walk there.
‘Are you excited?’ Quinn asked me.
‘Yeah, I guess I am. I mean I get to see my parents again.’ I answered smiling.
‘That’s good.’ He said as we walked in the directions I pointed. What made me happiest was walking with him holding hands. It felt so good.
‘There it is.’ I smiled ear to ear.
‘Luna, that’s the name.’ Quinn said to me.
‘Yeah, it’s been that way for so long. As long as I can remember.’ I told him as we started to walk in. The inside was a little bit different from what I remembered, but it was still really fancy.
‘Table for two?’ I turned and looked at the girl asking. At first she was speaking French, but switched to English after I didn’t answer.
‘No, I want to see the owner please.’ I told her.
‘Ok. Come with me.’ She said. Quinn and I began to follow her. My family had always lived above the restaurant, which made it convenient when people needed to speak with the owners. The woman went into the kitchen, but we didn’t follow. It wasn’t right for us to go back into the kitchen. Not without permission that is. After a few minutes my mom and dad came out.
‘What might be the-’ My father began.
‘Li-Lilly is that you?’ My mother interrupted.
‘Yeah. I’m home.’ I smiled as they both hugged me. ‘I missed you guys so much.’
‘We missed you too.’ My mom said.
My father looked at Quinn, ‘Who is this?’
‘This is Quinn Allman, my boyfriend.’ I told them. They shook his hand and asked us to come back into the kitchen.
‘How has America been?’ My mom asked as soon as we found some chairs and sat down.
‘It’s nice. I live with a really great bunch of people. I have a brother, and he is in a band. I would love for you two to come there sometime and meet everyone.’ I told them.
‘You know we can’t, we have to run this place. But, we would love for you to stay, then you can take over the restaurant when we pass.’ My father told me.
‘Oh, by the way dear, are you and Quinn getting married? We thought you would be by now.’ My mom said.
‘No, not yet. We just started dating not that long ago.’ I told both of them. I knew they would understand. After a while of just chatting, my mom and dad wanted me to learn some new recipes. Which, with some practice, I mastered in no time. They were teaching me everything that they had on the menu. Quinn didn’t want to learn. He just wanted to eat the food. After the restaurant closed, my parents wanted me to stay with them for the time we were going to be here. But, I didn’t want to. I wanted to be alone with Quinn. They understood that too. I hugged my parents and told them bye and we left.
‘Let’s go back and get some sleep. I’m tired out.’ I laughed.
‘Ok.’ He smiled as we walked inside the hotel. I knew he had something on his mind, but I kind of had it on mine too. We went to our room and played strip poker. He won. I don’t know how, but he did. He was almost naked and I was completely naked.
‘You look hot.’ He smiled.
‘Why thank you.’ I smiled back, ‘You don’t look so bad yourself.’
‘Want to cuddle?’ He asked.
‘Yeah.’ I answered as we crawled into bed. We did cuddle for a while, but then that turned into much more. It was quite a night in Paris.

Next Morning.

‘Quinn…’ I was trying to wake him up. We stayed up late last night, but there was somewhere I wanted to go today. ‘Quinnnnny.’ I started laughing at that, which woke him up.
‘Why did you wake me up? And so early.’ He said as he got out of bed.
‘It’s not early. It’s 11. We slept in late.’ I told him.
‘Eh. I’m hungry.’ He said. Of course he was. He always is.
‘There’s somewhere I want to go, then we can get some food. Ok?’ I asked.
‘Yeah, I guess so.’ He smiled after he was dressed. It was a nice warm day today, so it was perfect for walking. I wanted to find some of my old friends. I just want to see how they are doing. I hope Quinn doesn’t mind. We walked in silence the whole way to find my friends. I think Quinn was silent because he was hungry.
‘We can stop at that café.’ I pointed. He smiled as we started walking toward it. The café was small. Not many people went there, well around the time we were there that is. There were only a few people sitting around drinking coffee and reading. I wasn’t hungry, so I sat down while Quinn got himself some food. I sat down at the table closest to the window.
As I was looking out the window, I felt a tap on my shoulder. ‘Yes?’ I asked forgetting we were in France.
‘Is that really you Lilly?’ The girl looking at me said.
‘Huh? Oh my, It’s you guys! Bren, Lexi, and Wil. How are you guys?’ I asked. I was glad that my friends had been forced to learn English too.
‘We’ve been alright.’ Lexi said. I looked at Wil and Bren. Wil looked really sad and Bren just looked, well I don’t know.
‘What’s wrong Wil?’ I asked.
‘It’s just, my mom died a week ago, and we just came from her funeral.’ He told me.
‘Oh no… I never got to say hi. Or just pop in your house like I use to.’ I looked down at the table. She was like a second mom to me.
‘You can always come over and we can hang out.’ Wil said. He looked as if he were going to cry. I stood up and hugged my best friend. ‘Maybe we can dress up and go out to the club like we use to.’ I laughed at him.
‘Maybe one day.’ I smiled as we pulled apart. Quinn walked over to the table and sat his food down. ‘Oh, this is Quinn, my boyfriend.’
‘Hello.’ They said in unison.
‘Hi.’ Quinn said and began to eat. Wil sat down next to me with Lexi and Bren still standing. Everyone had a really long conversation while we were there. Quinn eventually found out that Wil was gay and had a crush on him. Lexi did also, but she wasn’t gay. And Bren, well he was just heartbroken. I guess his girlfriend just broke up with him a few days ago. I found out that Bren wanted to get back together with me. We were dating all those years ago, and I had to break up with him because I went to the US.
‘Lilly, can I talk to you?’ Bren asked. I looked at Quinn.
‘Yeah, I guess so.’ I told him. We walked over to a different table and sat down.
‘I’ve missed you so much Lilly. Now that you are here again, it hurts a little.’ He told me.
‘I’ve missed you too. Why does it hurt?’ I asked.
‘Because, I still love you. And you came with your boyfriend. That just hurts… You know… to see your true love with someone else.’ He looked away.
‘Yeah, I know,’ I touched his face, ‘I’ve fallen for him though. We haven’t seen each other in so long. I thought I was never going to see you again, not ever. And, I’ve been in love with him for a while now. He has been staying with me.’
‘How did you meet mister big shot rock star?’ He asked.
‘He’s not a rock star, well he doesn’t act like one. My brother, in the US, is in a band. From First to Last, and they were recording albums at the same time. That’s how I met him and the rest of The Used.’ I told Bren. I didn’t want Bren to get mad at me, but I didn’t love him anymore. It was hard to tell him that. Bren was very unstable.
‘Oh, I see.’ He said. I looked over at Quinn, who was watching us. I didn’t think he was watching us the whole time. I would watch myself with Bren too. He gets a little… well weird sometimes. I looked back at Bren and his lips were instantly planted on mine. I pushed him away after a few seconds.
‘Bren, I told you. I am with Quinn! I love him. Ok. I don’t love you anymore!’ I exclaimed and left the café. Quinn came running out there after me. ‘I’m sorry Quinn. I should have expected him to do something like that.’
‘It’s alright. I saw him kiss you. I’m not mad. I love you.’ Quinn said and kissed me on the forehead. I smiled and went back in the café to say bye to my friends.
‘Are you leaving Lilly?’ Lexi asked me.
‘Yeah.’ I said and hugged her and Wil, ‘I’ve got your emails, I’ll try to talk to you soon. Tell him I said bye too.’ I pointed to Bren. They shook their heads and I left. Quinn and I decided to go out and have fun, and maybe travel around a bit before we go home.
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