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Chapter 8

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Lilly’s POV

Day of Warped show.

I couldn’t wait to go to the show. It was only a few more minutes until we got to the venue. Livvy seemed to be acting really weird though. Ever since she talked to Jeph two days ago. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and she wouldn’t tell me. I was excited to see everyone again, especially Quinn and Jeph. I missed them. I wondered how Jeph was doing. Well, I was about to find out. Livvy and I were going to sneak to the bus area and surprise them when we were there, because the guys didn’t know when we were getting to the show. We were parked and walking toward the side doors. I showed the ticket guy our passes and we walked in. I haven’t been to Warped Tour in a few years. I was happy to be back. Livvy went looking for Sonny, and I went searching for The Used’s bus. I finally found it.
As I walked up to the bus, I could see what looked like Quinn from a distance with another girl. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I walked a bit closer to make sure I was seeing things right. I was. It was Quinn kissing another girl. I didn’t want to believe it, but I didn’t want to walk up to him. When I turned around, I saw Jeph walk out of the bus.
‘Lilly!’ He yelled. I know Quinn knew I saw him with that girl. I felt someone run up to me and tap me on the shoulder.
I turned around, ‘Quinn? What do you want?’ I asked in a pissed off way.
‘I, I um, I didn’t know you were coming so soon. I’m sorry. She…’ He didn’t know what to say.
‘Shut up. I trusted you with all my heart Quinn, and you go and do this to me, why? My god, why did I ever give you a chance? It’s over between us Quinn.’ I told him and pushed him away.
‘Lilly, please don’t say that. I love you.’ He told me as he grabbed my arm. I could see Jeph watching us by the bus.
‘Well, I don’t love you anymore. Now leave me alone.’ I pulled my arm away and walked off to find my brother. Quinn didn’t bother me again. He knew I was serious. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. ‘Sonny!’ I yelled as I saw him talking to Matt. I could feel tears start to slide down my face.
‘Lilly, what’s wrong?’ Sonny asked me as he pushed Matt, hinting for him to get away.
‘Quinn, fuck Quinn. He was cheating on me. This whole time, cheating!’ I cried.
‘It’s ok. It’ll be alright Lilly.’ Sonny told me as he pulled me into a hug. I let him hug me, but only for a minute.
‘There is someone else I need to talk to.’ I told him and walked back toward TU. Quinn was sitting on the ground, I don’t know why. Jeph was leaning against the bus taking a drink of water, and the rest of the guys were who knows where.
‘Lilly.’ Jeph smiled as I walked over to him.
‘Jeph, you were right, you were right about Quinn.’ I cried. I don’t know why I’m still crying.
‘Right? What are you talking about?’ He asked.
‘In your spare room, before you left, you told me Quinn would hurt me, and you were right.’ I told him.
‘Oh, I remember that.’ He smiled as he hugged me, ‘It’ll be ok.’
‘I’m sorry Jeph, I still have feelings for you, but I tried to push them aside. I’m so hurt right now. I don’t know what to do.’ I told him.
‘Why don’t you come inside the bus and get some rest.’ He smiled as he lead me inside. He pointed to the bunk I could sleep in and I fell right into a deep sleep, even though I wasn’t tired.

Livvy’s POV

I was walking along the rows of buses when I heard a high pitched girly scream and I jolted into the air. I jumped around with wide eyes and saw Sonny standing there laughing.
‘Livvy!’ He exclaimed with a big hug.
‘Sonny! Oh my god, I missed you so much.’ I smiled and hugged him back.
‘I missed you too. What have you been up to?’ He asked me.
‘Hangin’ out. You know. Then we got here and I’ve been looking for you.’
‘Well, you found me.’ He smiled, ‘Where’s Lilly, I thought she would be with you. I think Travis has something for her.’
‘Travis is a horny bastard.’ I laughed. ‘But yeah, we split up when we got to the buses. She went to find Quinn.’
‘Wow, not the best idea…’ He murmured.
‘Yeah… I know. But I couldn’t do anything to stop her.’
‘Yeah, I don’t think I could have either. Anyway, let’s go watch a few shows baby.’ He laughed.
‘I’m up for it. That’s been my game plan since we got here.’ I smiled and we walked away from the busses and into the main area together. ‘Who do you want to see?’
‘Doesn’t matter, I’m touring with these people, it’s your choice.’ Sonny grabbed my hand dramatically and took me to the board with the show times. There were so many choices. I looked at Sonny’s watch and saw that it was 12:30, then looked back up to the board. There were about six different bands playing right now but one in particular caught my eye.
‘Hit The Lights. Main Stage 2. How about that?’ I asked hopefully.
‘You got it.’ Sonny said and whipped his hand in front of his face like binoculars and pointed. ‘Over there!’ We walked through big crowds of people, occasionally stopping because of a fan, until we finally got there. I recognized the song they were playing right away, linked arms with Sonny, and started dancing my way to the front.
After thirty minutes the crowd went in different directions. I looked around at everything then looked back at Sonny, who was talking with Bert. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable at the sight of him. I saw Bert’s eyes go from Sonny’s to mine.
‘Hey.’ I spoke lightly and gave him a half wave hoping he might acknowledge me. Then again, I don’t even want to see him after what happened. He gave me a half-ass smile and picked up his conversation with Sonny again.
‘--be playing at 2:15, you going?’ Bert asked him.
‘Yeah I will. Is that all?’ Sonny said glancing at me.
‘Oh no, I was gonna show you something.’ Bert exclaimed.
‘Ahh ok.’ Sonny took my hand and then Bert started saying something else. ‘Actually, just you.’
Sonny looked at me and I could tell he was sorry. ‘Go.’ I told him sadly and turned around to go find Jeph, or Lilly, or… somebody. Why won’t he talk to me? Asshole.
I walked across the venue and saw Jeph standing a few feet away from the Vans tent, looking happy for a change.
‘Hey Bro!’ I smiled and gave him a high five.
‘Hey!’ He laughed and ruffled my hair. ‘What are you up to?’
‘Looking for you. Sonny took off with Bert to go see something.’
‘Well here I am!’ He exclaimed like a superhero.
‘Yeah,’ I said eyeing him suspiciously, ‘What have you been up to?’
‘Checking things out. Enjoying the day Sis!’
‘Yes, cause that’s exactly why you’re so happy.’ I laughed sarcastically.
‘Well, did you hear about what happened earlier… with Lilly and Quinn?’
‘She found him kissing another girl and broke up with him. I’m not happy that she’s hurt, but I’m happy because she told me she still has feelings for me.’
‘Aww, isn’t that just cute.’ I teased him.
‘Well, I’m gonna go talk to my homies. I’ll catch you later.’ Jeph said excitedly.
He skipped away into a mass of people and I was by myself, again. My stomach started making funny noises and I decided to go to From First To Lasts’ bus to find some food. Going on The Used’s bus would be a little weird, even though I’ve known them my whole life and Jeph is my brother. I just wouldn’t want Bert to walk in. I found From First To Lasts’ bus and walked in, it was empty. I opened a cupboard and grabbed a bag of chips. They were already half open but I was too hungry to care. I heard the TV going in the front lounge and decided to go watch it. Warped Wednesdays was on and they were interviewing Hellogoodbye. I ate a chip, only to find out that it was stale, so I turned off the TV, put them away, and walked back outside.
‘LIVVY!’ Someone from behind me screamed. I turned around and was met with Bert. The last person I wanted to see.
‘Umm, hi.’ I said looking at him.
‘I uhh--I just’ Bert stammered.
‘You what?’ I asked, a little rudely.
‘I was wondering if we could talk, about what happened?’ He asked me.
‘You mean, about what you did to me.’ I told him.
‘Yes, that.’ He said.
‘Well…?’ I urged him to go on.
‘Right here? How about we go to my bus?’ He asked looking in the direction of The Used’s bus.
‘What’s the difference?’ I sighed.
‘It’ll be quiet, and we’ll be alone.’
‘Oh yeah, the two things I want most.’ I mumbled and followed him to their bus.
Bert opened the door and walked in with me behind him. We sat on the couch in the back lounge, and Bert’s phone started to ring. He pulled it out and I saw the glimpse of who it was, Una. He pressed the ignore button and put it back in his pocket. ‘Listen…’

Lilly’s POV

I woke up to the sound of Livvy and Bert’s voice’s. I wondered why Livvy would want to talk to him, but I couldn’t leave the bus. It would be weird, anyway, I want to listen in. I shouldn’t though… Haha, oh well. Livvy would do the same.
‘I’m listening..’ I heard Livvy say.
‘I’ve been really stupid and I am really sorry. I just-’ Bert was interrupted by his phone ringing, ‘I just don’t want you to hate me or anything anymore.’
‘Me hate you? Right. You wouldn’t even talk to me earlier.’ Livvy explained.
‘I just needed to tell Sonny something important that only he could know. I’m sorry. I want to give us a try again.’ Bert said.
‘Are you kidding? After everything you did? Plus, I’m dating Sonny, and you’re dating Whoreslutbitch.’ Livvy said.
‘No, I’m not dating her. She just likes to think I’m always dating her. I am so sorry I hurt you. I just want another chance. That’s all. Before you say no, at least come to dinner with me. Please?’ Bert asked Livvy. I wondered if she would take that offer. Personally, I wouldn’t. Bad stuff right there, uh-huh.
‘Bert, no. Why should I? Sonny is way more than you ever were.’
‘Just give me a chance. It wouldn’t be like we are actually on a date, just two friends at dinner. Please.’ Bert begged.
‘I’ll go if, afterwards, you’ll drop this whole thing and treat me like a real friend again. Ok?’ Livvy bargained.
‘Ok, I promise.’ Bert said. I decided to wait until they were off of the bus before I got down from the bunk bed.
‘I’m going outside, see you later?’ Livvy said.
‘Yeah.’ Bert replied as Livvy walked off the bus. I thought maybe they were both off the bus, so I slid out of the bunk. ‘Were you listening to us?’
‘Uh, um. Cream?’ I said almost laughing.
‘Lilly, you are odd. That doesn’t really answer my question.’ Bert said.
‘Butter.’ I laughed harder.
‘Toast.’ Bert laughed. ‘But seriously, were you?’
‘Are you planning something? The whole thing seems suspicious.’ I told him.
‘What do you mean by planning something?’ He asked me.
‘Well, just the whole conversation with Livvy made it seem as though you were planning something. Haha, I was listening.’ I said to him.
‘You bitch. Yes, I am planning something.’
‘I am not! Bastard.’ I yelled at him, ‘Oh, what’re you planning?’
‘I am not!’ Bert exclaimed in a girly voice and threw his hands in the air, ‘Why should I tell you?’
‘Because I am cool.’
‘Alright, fine. I want to kiss her or something. You know, let it all fall into place at the right time.’ Bert told me.
‘Interesting. I think I’ll go now.’ I told him.
‘Ah-haha, you’re not going anywhere. You’ll tell Sonny.’ Bert said getting closer to me.
‘No I won’t, I swear.’ I lied. I thought Sonny should know.
‘Whatever. Just stay here, or you will be sorry. I mean that too.’ Bert said with the most serious face. I did believe him too.
‘Fine, asshole.’ I said and sat on the couch to wait until I was able to leave. Bert left the bus to, probably go get Livvy. I decided to call Jeph and make him sit here with me. There was no way I was going to call Quinn or Sonny. I don’t want Bert to hurt me. He’s a scary bitch.
The phone rang three times before Jeph picked up. ‘Margarita Grill, servin’ it up. What will it be?’
‘Jeph, come to the bus please. I am bored all alone. Oh, where are you?’ I asked.
‘It’ll take me a minute or so to get there. I’m a ways away from the bus.’ He said.
‘Oh, ok. See you then.’ I smiled knowing Jeph’ll be here soon. I laid down to wait for him to come when I saw the door open. He couldn’t possibly be here already, could he?
‘--nana phone! Ding dong ding dong di--uhh hi Lilly!’ Quinn said after singing Bananaphone.
‘…hi.’ I said and looked away from him. He was the last person I wanted to see.
‘What’s up?’ He asked me, obviously trying to make casual conversation.
‘Why are you talking to me?’ I asked, he knew I was angry with him.
‘I thought maybe we could set aside what happened and have a go at being friends.’ He explained.
‘Haha, that’s funny. No, not now. I am pissed at you for what you did. Leave me alone.’ I told him, ‘Jeph will be here soon. I’m going to talk to him instead of you.’
‘Right, of course you will. I just--I came to get a water real quick.’ Quinn tried to hurry.
‘Okay… get one then. Maybe after a month or two… maybe even three, we can try to be friends again.’ I said.
‘Yeah yeah, of course.’ He sighed and grabbed a water from the mini fridge, ‘Tell Jeph we’re on stage at 2:15, ok?’
‘Yeah, I guess so. For some reason, I don’t… never mind.’ I stopped.
‘You don’t what?’ Quinn urged.
‘I… I’d still dedicate Fall to Pieces to you..’ I told him and turned away from him.
‘Umm, I don’t know what to--are you serious?’ Quinn blurted.
‘Then what are you doing? Why are you doing this?’
‘Because you cheated on me!’ I cried, ‘I don’t know if I can trust you, especially when you’re on tour.’
‘Well, ok. I’m really sorry. I hope you can forgive me someday.’
‘I will when you prove to me you won’t cheat.’ I told him.
‘Understandable. Well, you probably don’t want me here when Jeph’s here, right?’
‘I don’t care… You can stay or go. It’s your bus.’
‘I don’t want to impose. It’s Jeph’s bus too.’
‘Why do I still love you?’ I blurted out on accident.
‘Because I’m hard to get over?’ Quinn started but then turned serious, ‘I don’t know. I don’t deserve your love.’
‘If you were me, and I did what you did, how would you feel? Would you hate me?’ I asked still crying.
‘Well, I’m not a girl so my answer will probably be polar opposite but let’s see,’ Quinn pondered, ‘I would feel like I’m not good enough. Like there’s something I don’t have that you want and it makes me just…not good enough. I guess.’
‘Now, you somewhat know how I have been feeling.’ I told him.
‘Yes.’ Quinn looked at the floor and sighed.
‘I feel depressed…’ I somewhat whispered.
‘It’s my fault, I know. I’m sorry. I should’ve left you alone, cause you and Jeph had something. And I’m selfish and took you away from him.’
‘It’s just how you felt. You can’t help how you feel. That must be why I still love you. This talk has been nice… I still can’t forgive you though. I just want you to prove to me you won’t cheat ever again. Can you do that?’ I asked him.
‘Will do.’ Quinn smiled at me and walked off the bus. After he walked off the bus, Jeph walked on and sat on the couch next to me.

Sonny’s POV

I was standing by a tent when it started to get really hot out. Being in the middle of who knows how many people probably wouldn’t be the best thing right now, so I decided to take a walk around the city.
At least ten minutes had passed when I noticed a little restaurant on the other side of the street. I thought I recognized someone inside so I crossed the street to get a better look. I was standing off to the side a little looking through the big window in the front of the restaurant when I saw the two people I thought I recognized.
On the other side of the room were Livvy and Bert in a booth. Questions started to flood my mind as soon as I laid eyes on them. I knew I was assuming things that weren’t true. Maybe they were resolving their problems. Just then, my pocket started to ring.
‘Hello.’ I answered my cell phone.
‘Sonny! I’m glad you answered.’ Lilly exclaimed hurriedly.
‘Why? What is it?’ I asked.
‘Well I was talking with Bert earlier and--where are you?’ She asked out of nowhere.
‘Watching Bert and Livvy through a restaurant window. Now, you were talking with Bert…’ I pushed her to say more, wanting to get to the bottom of what was going on here.
‘Bert wanted to take Livvy out to dinner, and he obviously did. But he has something planned.’ She said uncomfortably.
‘What is it?’ I asked, my temper starting to rise at the thought of this.
‘He plans on kissing Livvy!’ Lilly exclaimed loudly and fast. ‘I thought I should call you and tell you, but I have to go now, because if Bert finds out, he‘ll kill me. Bye.’ And with that I hung up the phone. How dare Bert even think of doing something like that. He had his chance. Without thinking I walked inside.
‘How many?’ The waitress asked me.
‘Oh um, just me.’ I said and, thankfully, she seated me far from Bert and Livvy but close enough to hear their conversation.
I began to listen to their conversation. ‘What’ll it be for dinner?’ The waitress asked them.
‘Um, I’ll have an Italian chicken penne.’ Bert said.
‘And, I’ll have the tortellini.’ Livvy ordered.
‘Alright, I’ll be back soon.’ The waitress said and left.
‘I am sorry about how I have been treating you. I should of treated you better in the first place. You know the saying, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ I guess, I realized that I lost something special.’ Bert told Livvy.
‘When did you realize this? When you were out screwing Una?’ Livvy came back at him.
‘No! I am trying to be nice and not argue with you, Ok? I am trying to be friends with you. And, I realized it after I saw you with Sonny.’ He said.
‘I think that you don’t know what you want Bert.’
‘What do you mean, I know exactly what I want, and that’s you.’
‘See! That’s what I mean! You’re playing with my emotions. One minute you want to be more than friends and the next that’s all you want to be.’ Livvy said.
‘It’s not like that at all. I don’t want to be playing with your emotions, and I feel like I’m not. I want to be with you, but I want to start off as friends again.’ Bert told her calmly.
‘How would you know if you’ve been playing with my emotions or not when you wouldn’t even acknowledge me?’ Livvy asked.
‘The things is, is that I don’t know. The only way I would know is if you told me. Are you talking about earlier? The whole thing with Sonny? I already explained that.’ Bert said.
‘I mean the whole time. I couldn’t even go home because you wanted me to stay in Cali.’ Livvy pointed out.
‘I thought if things cooled off then it would be ok. Maybe… I just want you to not be mad and let me have another chance, just at being friends with you again.’ Bert said.
‘Friends, and that would be it--’ Livvy started but was interrupted by their waitress.
‘…Chicken penne…’ She said placing Bert’s plate in front of him, ‘And…tortellini.’ She set Livvy’s plate in front of her and walked away.
‘Livvy,’ Bert stood up, ‘I am begging you to let me at least be your friend again.’ I saw that he pulled Livvy out of her seat. I knew what was coming, and as of right now I don’t think I can do much about it. As long as she doesn’t kiss him back?
‘What?’ Livvy asked, and she seemed a bit annoyed with the whole situation.
‘Look, what I’m trying to say is…’ Bert began, but stopped and kissed Livvy. My first instinct was to run over there, but I had to wait it out, and see what she was going to do. But as soon as I saw her kiss him back I got up and left the restaurant, ‘Fuck.’ I said loud enough for everyone to hear as I left.
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