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Chapter 13

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Quinn’s POV

I knew what I was doing right now was very wrong, and I should stop right now, but I just couldn’t. Would it make a difference if I said it didn’t mean anything? I was only making out with this girl, not having sex with her or anything. And it really doesn’t mean anything. Bert had just walked into his room and made his way into the kitchen but stopped before leaving the room.
‘Dude, Lilly’s looking for you.’ He told me.
‘Alright. I’ll go talk to her…’ What was I going to do with this girl?
‘Yeah you probably should. Livvy told me she needs to talk to you about something important or some shit.’ Bert said.
‘Hold on baby, one more kiss please.’ The girl pleaded pulling my face toward hers. As she kissed me, I heard the door open and someone walk in the room.
‘FUCK YOU QUINN!’ I heard Lilly yell. Fuck.
‘Lilly!’ I shoved the girl off of me and stood up to face her, ‘I’m sorry. It doesn’t mean anything.’
She began walking out of the room, I followed, ‘Get the hell away from me Quinn.’
‘Stop it Lilly. Slow down, I know there’s something you want to tell me. But I’d like to say that that doesn’t mean anything.’ I followed her.
‘You were KISSING another GIRL, you could have came to me if you wanted some action or whatever, but no. You wanted someone else. That is CHEATING, you fucking cheated on me again Quinn. And, what I had to tell you is not important anyway.’ She yelled crying. Why did I always make her cry?
‘I’m sorry. I would say it a million times if you’d let me. It won’t happen again. Going on tour messes everything up. I’m so sorry. And, I want to hear what you were going to tell me.’ I persisted.
‘You said that before… oh, Lilly I won’t do it again… And look now, you did it again. Would the tour have been better without me here? You wouldn’t have been caught. I don’t want to tell you now. It won’t mean much anymore.’ She cried.
‘He won’t give up!’ Bert yelled from his room after opening the door a little bit, ‘Just tell him. I can hear you all the way in here.’ And then he closed the door again.
‘He’s right. It was obviously important. I’m a fuck up, and I’m sorry. I don’t deserve you.’ I sighed.
‘Shut up. I don’t want to talk anymore.’ She said to me and started walking down the hall.
‘LILLY! Don’t do this.’ I shouted after her and kept following her.
‘Quinn, I have to. I just, I can’t do this again, I don’t want to feel this pain in my heart again.’ She told me.
‘You won’t. I love you. I know what you’re going to say, If you love me then why would you be making out with another girl? I DON’T KNOW. I’m seriously messed up in the head to do that to you twice.’ I said.
‘Yeah… I love you too, but I don’t know Quinn. I don’t want this to happen again. I need to go for a walk. I’ll be back in a little bit…’ She told me at the elevator.
‘Ok, I’m sorry. It will not happen again, I promise. Please just give me one more chance.’ I begged.
Ding… The elevator was to our floor, ‘Quinn, just let me be for a while,’ The doors to the elevator began to close, ‘I’m pregnant.’ She said as the doors closed all the way. Oh my god. Pregnant? What am I going to do? I walked in a circle for no reason and then headed to Bert’s room. When I walked in Bert was making himself a strawberry smoothie and singing, and she was still sitting in the same spot.
‘You need to leave.’ I told her without looking at her.
‘Ok, why?’ She asked.
‘Because you need to leave.’ I raised my voice, ‘And I don’t want to see you again.’
‘Fine, I’m taking the stairs if you change your mind.’ She smiled at me.
‘I won’t.’ I said as she left the room. After she left, I decided to go downstairs to find Lilly and talk to her about everything. ‘I’ll talk to you later Bert!’ I yelled at him over the sound of the blender.
‘No dude. I’m making a SMOOTHIE.’ He shouted back emphasizing the word smoothie, and then I left his room. I decided to take the elevator to avoid any chance of seeing Holly. When I got down into the lobby I saw Lilly and Holly outside talking to each other. This was an awkward moment, even though I wasn’t there. I made my way to the front doors and walked outside.
‘-never meant anything.’ I heard Holly finish a sentence out of breath.
‘What the fuck ever, Quinn and I were everything to each other. Stupid bitch, you were the one who never meant anything. Quinn would never fucking be with you.’ Lilly somewhat yelled at her.
‘Then why was he making out with me instead of you?’ Holly demanded.
‘Because I’m an idiot.’ I chimed in, ‘I messed up.’
‘Fuck all of this.’ Lilly said and turned away from both Holly and I.
‘I’ll be there for everything. I won’t miss a moment of it. I promise.’ I told Lilly turning her around before she could walk away.
‘How can I trust your promise? You promised you wouldn’t cheat again…’ Lilly told me.
‘You’ll just have to trust me. And I know it’ll be hard. Seeing as how I’m a famous asshole and all.’ I said.
‘You’re right about it being hard. It’s hard enough loving you right now. I don’t know when I’ll be able to forgive you Quinn.’ Lilly said.
‘Take as long as you’d like.’ I suggested.
‘Fine. If you ever cheat on me again, I swear that will be the end of us forever.’ Lilly said looking at me angrily.
‘So, what does this mean?’ I asked her.
‘I’m not leaving you, and I don’t forgive you. I’m just saying that. I need to be alone for a while.’ Lilly said, when Holly tackled her to the ground.
‘WHAT THE HELL, HOLLY. GET OFF OF HER!’ I screamed at her.
‘Get the fuck off me bitch!’ Lilly yelled as Holly punched her in the face, ‘You want to fucking fight me, well get off and we’ll fight fair.’
‘No, you won’t.’ I told Lilly, ‘You’re pregnant. It’s not happening.’ I said pulling Holly off of her. As I did that, Lilly stood up and punched her back, which caused Holly to freak out and run away from the hotel. Maybe she didn’t want her face to be ruined.
‘I can leave you alone if you’d like.’ I walked over to Lilly.
‘I don’t care. I just want to walk.’ She told me.
‘Would you mind if I went with? Or would it be better if you went alone?’ I asked her.
‘It doesn’t matter, come if you want to.’ She told me. I decided to go with her, just to make sure she’d be ok.

Livvy’s POV

I decided to go to Bert’s room after talking with Lilly. When I walked in he was drinking a smoothie.
‘Hey, you should try this.’ He smiled when he saw me.
‘Alright alright.’ I smiled back and took the glass, ‘It’s good.’ I said after trying it. ‘So, what’re you up to?’
‘Just making this smoothie. That’s about it. That and I helped Quinn a bit. He and Lilly were fighting.’ Bert told me.
‘I helped Lilly out.’ I said. Just as I was going to take another drink of Bert’s smoothie there was a knock at the door. ‘Do you want me to get that?’ I asked him.
‘Sure.’ He told me. I walked over to the door and when I opened it was met face to face with Una.
‘What are you doing here?’ I asked her calmly.
‘I came to see Bert.’ She told me.
‘Bert!’ I called out to him, ‘Someone’s here to see you.’
‘Who?’ He called back.
‘Una.’ I said aggravated and shoved the door open the rest of the way so he could see her. She had decided that was her invitation inside and walked in.
‘How the hell did you know where I was?’ Bert asked her.
‘Don’t be silly Bert. You knew I was coming.’ Una told him while walking over to him.
‘No, I didn’t. Why would I want you here?’ He asked.
‘Because you miss me.’ She said simply. I left the room and went to the bathroom, fed up with the whole situation.
‘Livvy, wait. I didn’t tell her to come here. You know I wouldn’t do that.’ He said to me.
‘Yes sure Bert. Then how did she know your exact room number?’ I asked from the bathroom.
‘I don’t know, that’s why I was asking her. I didn’t want anything to do with her. I haven’t talked to her since we “watched that movie”.’ He said.
‘I’m so fed up with this Bert. I never had to go through this with Sonny. And he said he loved me too. She’s obviously not going to give up.’ I slammed the door shut.
‘LIVVY! I don’t care about her. I only care for you! You know that! There are ways of making her stop. You know I love you.’ He told me.
‘Yes, and I love you too. But maybe love isn’t everything.’ I said, regretting it.
‘Livvy… you don’t mean that… Love, our love is everything…’ He mumbled by the door. I heard the door to the hallway open and then shut again. I knew saying that was a mistake. I really didn’t mean that. I opened the bathroom door and looked out into the empty hallway. I heard voices coming from the other room and decided to follow them. I opened the door to the kitchen and saw Bert and Una standing there.
‘I’m sorry.’ I sighed.
‘Livvy, I wasn’t lying to you when I said I didn’t know how she found out where I was. I wouldn’t ever lie to you. Not ever. I might have in the past, but I told myself to never do it again.’ He said. I noticed his fists were clenched. I wondered if he wanted to hurt Una.
‘Bert, are you going to ignore me all night?’ Una asked stupidly.
‘No, I’m actually going to kill you.’ Bert said sarcastically.
‘Don’t threaten me baby.’ Una said staring at Bert.
‘I’m not your baby, GET OUT!’ He yelled at her.
‘B-but I came here to see you.’ She smiled.
‘I could care less about you.’ He told her and started pushing her toward the door. Eventually she gave up and walked out.
‘I’m sorry Bert.’ I said and gave him a hug, ‘I guess I sometimes think you’re like you used to be. I don’t know.’
‘Don’t worry about it, I love you.’ He smiled and hugged me tightly. I smiled from ear to ear when he said those words.
‘I love you too.’ I said, ‘So what do you want to do?’ I laughed. As soon as I asked him that Jeph and Branden walked in the room. I sighed and looked over at them.
‘No I really don’t think so dude.’ Jeph finished his sentence and walked into the kitchen helping himself to some chips.
‘You honestly think that?’ Branden questioned.
‘Yes, I honestly do. Anyways--’ Jeph continued.
‘Guys, what do you want?’ Bert asked, motioning between the two of us to signal that they had made bad timing.
‘You, you sexy beast.’ Jeph laughed.
‘Then why are you in the kitchen, I’m over here.’ Bert smirked.
‘I was hungry biotch.’ Jeph defended himself.
‘Lets go out and get food!’ I suggested.
‘Where to?’ Jeph asked, ‘Oh, I want pizza!’
‘I want Tacos!’ Branden cheered.
‘PIZZA!’ Jeph demanded.
‘TACOS!’ Branden shouted.
‘SHUT THE HELL UP!’ I yelled at them, ‘What do you want?’ I asked Bert.
‘Bread.’ He said plainly.
‘Sounds yummy.’ I laughed, ‘Where is everyone?’
‘Oh, I know this one!’ Bert smiled, ‘Quinn went out. I think he mentioned something about my smoothie, but I couldn’t tell. Uh, Lilly is out too. We should invite them to come too.’
‘You really know your stuff.’ I said sarcastically and walked into the kitchen past Branden and ruffled Jeph’s hair. I opened the fridge and looked at all the food, ‘Ooooh I’m hungry.’
‘Jeph and Branden, find Lilly and Quinn.’ Bert said.
‘Hey, why don’t you go look? I don’t feel like it!’ Branden whined.
‘Shut up douche. I’m sticking with Livvy.’ Bert told him.
‘You’re so gay dude. Come on.’ Jeph complained and walked over to Bert.
‘Am not!’ Bert said, ‘Just go and find them quickly. Pretty please, pretty pretty please.’
‘Ugh fine.’ Branden and Jeph sighed.
‘Aw it’s not so bad.’ I laughed at them and held the door open.
‘Pssh, that’s what you think… You’re not the one still in love with Lilly.’ Jeph complained to me.
‘Yeah I know, cause that’d be a little weird. In case you didn’t notice, I’m a girl.’ I smiled.
‘Actually, I never did notice. I thought you were a guy and Bert was queer.’ Jeph laughed and ran out of the room.
‘Yes cause that would make way more sense. FAGGOT!’ I yelled after them after Branden left.

Jeph’s POV

Bert seriously is queer. I know. Well ok not really, but still. I was half-running down the hallway when I heard footsteps behind me.
‘W-WAIT! WAIT! DUDE WAIT UP!’ Branden was yelling after me. He was in a full on run and then stumbled to a stop next to me out of breath. ‘You walk fast.’
‘You should walk faster.’ I told him.
‘You should’ve waited for me. I could’ve died back there, you told them Livvy was a guy and Bert was queer. You pretty much left me on my death bed. Thank you.’ He said trying to be serious but failing.
‘Haha, they wouldn’t of killed you, just me. Anyway, you are here now.’ I laughed at him. ‘Ok we have to go find Lilly and Quinn now. I’m hungry. I don’t care what Bert and Livvy say, we’re getting a damn pizza.’ We continued walking down the hallway and took the elevator. In case you don’t remember, Jeph Howard doesn’t take the stairs. Branden shoved me into the elevator after noticing an old lady and then followed after me.
‘Hello.’ Branden said politely.
‘Oh the young ones these days, they just keep getting cuter and cuter.’ She smiled at us. Branden looked at me with wide eyes and I pushed him in front of me, closer to her. After a couple minutes the elevator opened and we ran out into the lobby. I looked all over and couldn’t find them anywhere.
‘Do you see them?’ I asked Branden.
‘That’s a negative.’ He replied like he was in the military. I kept looking for them and noticed them sitting at a table in the corner.
‘Over there.’ I pointed and started walking to them. Instead of walking up to them completely, I stopped and listened to them. I probably shouldn’t have but it was tempting.
‘-don’t understand.’ Quinn was saying.
‘Quinn, you hurt me again. I don’t really want to see you right now. I mean, you cheated again.’ Lilly said to him. He cheated on her?
‘I know and it was a mistake.’ Quinn said in a voice that sounded like he had said it fifty times already.
‘You’ve said that already. I can’t forgive you. Not now. I just need to be alone for a bit.’ She told him.
‘Ok, I’ll let you be alone for a while.’ Quinn decided, left the table and went to the elevator. Now that Lilly was alone I thought it might be ok for me to go up to her.
‘QUINN! QUINN! WAIT!’ Branden yelled after Quinn running after him creating a scene in the lobby.
‘Hey.’ I half-smiled sitting on the opposite side of her.
‘Hey Jeph…’ She looked at up at me.
‘Are you ok?’ I hesitated to ask, ‘We’re all going to get food. You should come with.’
‘I’m kind of ok. But, I don’t know if I want to. I don’t want to be around Quinn right now.’ She frowned.
‘You don’t have to be. It’s a big van.’ I smiled, ‘You can sit by me, or whoever else you want.’
‘I don’t know-’ She stopped mid-sentence as I pulled her up and started pushing her toward the elevator. ‘I guess I have to go then?’
‘You sure do!’ I told her. We waited in the elevator again, free of any old ladies.
‘Thank you Jeph, you’re really great.’ She smiled at me.
‘No biggie.’ I laughed, ‘But what are you thanking me for exactly? I didn’t do anything.’
‘I have my reasons.’ She said when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. She seemed a little bit happier as she pulled me out of the elevator and down the hallway. We went to Bert’s room to meet up with everyone else. ‘I don’t know about this Jeph…’ She said looking over at Quinn.
‘About..? Being here with Quinn?’ I asked her.
‘Yeah. I just don’t want to be around him, that’s all.’ She whispered.
‘I understand, but you’ll have to face him sometime. He’s a real idiot when it comes to girls, just so you know. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it, whatever happened.’ I said.
‘Ok, I guess I’ll come… Who’s driving?’ She asked everyone.
‘ME!’ Livvy yelled while walking into the room.
‘I get passenger!’ Bert claimed. Everyone agreed on that and we all left the room, and the building. Livvy and Bert were in front, Lilly and I were in the next row, and Branden and Quinn were in the back. Everyone was in a deep conversation with each other. Livvy and Bert were talking to each other, Branden and Quinn, and Lilly and I.
‘Where are we going to eat?!’ Livvy shouted causing everyone to stop talking.
‘Well, I want a taco.’ Branden said simply.
‘A BUFFET!’ Lilly laughed loudly.
‘I agree!’ I smiled.
‘Buffet it is.’ Livvy mumbled and turned into the parking lot of the nearest restaurant.
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