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Chapter 12

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Livvy’s POV

‘Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! Oh how fun it is to ride on a one horse open sleigh.’ I cried out singing Christmas songs in the middle of July. ‘Oh oh! Christmas Christmas in July!’ I laughed even harder thinking about it. I was on my way to the kitchen to make some popcorn when a very bizarre sight caught my eye. I turned and walked into the kitchen to see flour everywhere. There was a bit of egg on the cupboard to my right and an empty milk jug on the counter by the sink. I looked at the now white floor and saw Lilly kissing someone else. Who it was, I didn’t know.
‘LILLY!’ I screamed.
She turned and looked at me, and when she saw who it was, stood up, ‘Uh, hi.’ I noticed Quinn stand up too.
‘Oh my, ok. Sorry for interrupting. Bert and I were…watching a movie. Long story short, I’m here for popcorn. Ignore me.’ I rambled making my way to the only clean cupboard and pulling out a box of popcorn.
‘Don’t worry about it. It was just… fun.’ Lilly laughed.
‘Yeah I got that.’ I smiled putting a bag of popcorn in the microwave and starting it.
‘So, are you and Bert a couple now?’ Lilly asked. How could she of not known?
‘Yes. You were right there.’ I smirked.
‘Oh, I must of not been paying attention…’ She smiled.
‘Well, we are.’ I laughed at her. ‘And you two?’ I asked motioning between her and Quinn.
‘Um…’ Lilly looked at Quinn and then at the floor.
‘Yes.’ Quinn interjected.
‘Cool beans.’ I smiled and looked at the microwave, 30 seconds.
‘Really, we are?’ Lilly asked excitedly.
‘Yeah, I want to be with you, and you want to be with me, so yeah.’ He smiled.
‘And you didn’t even know?’ I laughed, 24 seconds.
‘No, well, I hoped. I just didn’t know though.’ Lilly said with a huge smile spread across her face.
‘That’s cute.’ I teased.
‘Mhm.’ Quinn smiled kissing Lilly.
‘Oh my god how long does popcorn take?!’ I screamed at the microwave.
‘Beep…beep…beep.’ The microwave said.
‘Finally.’ I exclaimed opening the microwave and taking the bag out. ‘HOT HOT HOT!’ I tossed the bag around in the air catching it every time. ‘I’ll talk to you two later then.’ I smiled and walked out of the kitchen. I was walking back to my room when I bumped into Sonny. Things were kind of awkward between us now.
‘Hey.’ I half-smiled and tried making my way around him.
‘Hi… I hope you are alright, I need to get out of here though… So, see you later.’ He smiled and walked out of the house. I wondered where he was going but kept walking. When I walked into the room, Bert was on the phone.
‘Who’s on the phone?’ I asked him.
‘It’s her…’ He told me with a disgusted look on his face.
‘What does she want?’
‘What do you think…? She wants me to see her, but I don’t want to.’ He explained.
‘Well, hang up on her, or something if you don’t want to talk to her.’ I advised.
‘Alright, I have an idea. Hey, Una… hold on a second… Here, you talk to her.’ He said while handing me the phone.
‘Umm, hi.’ I said dumbly.
‘Who the fuck is this?’ She yelled.
‘Livvy, Bert’s girlfriend.’ I smiled.
‘Yeah right bitch, he’s mine and always will be. You can never fully have him. I’m having his baby.’ She yelled some more.
‘Ok, I don’t believe you.’ Was all I could think to say.
‘I knew you wouldn’t, listen… baby crying … see, haha, and it’s his. What are you going to do now bitch?’ She laughed.
‘I think you’re a little confused, you said you’re having his baby. You didn’t say you already had it.’
‘Oh, I meant I had it. He sends me money every single day to take care of it. He told me he doesn’t and will never love anyone other than me.’
‘Shut the fuck up.’ I raised my voice getting a little angry.
‘Oh, did I strike a nerve. Are you getting angry because you know Bert will always be mine.’ She laughed once again.
‘Then why is he here with me?’ I questioned her.
‘He knew you loved him, and he didn’t want you to get hurt. He’s cheating on you with me.’ She laughed and hung up. I threw the phone on the bed toward Bert and stood there.
‘What was that for? I mean, I know it’s my phone, but why are you so angry?’ He asked me.
‘Is it true that she had your baby?’ I asked him.
‘No, she told me she had “my baby” but, I don’t and will never believe her. She’s a lying bitch.’ He told me.
‘So you don’t think she did, but there’s a possibility?’ I wondered.
‘There could be, but I really, truly doubt it. When I was with her, she was sleeping with other guys, so I tried not to sleep with her at all really.’ He said.
‘You tried not to? When was this? The last time we were together?’ I shot at him.
‘No, it was about two years ago Livvy, the kid would have to be a year now. And, the last time I saw her, she had a little baby. That was during Warped Tour when we stopped in her town. Don’t worry about it though.’
‘Fine,’ I sighed, ‘Why do I put up with this?’ I mumbled under my breath.
‘Because, you love me, and you know I don’t want to hurt you like that. You know if it was really my kid, I would have told you and everyone else.’ He said.
‘I really don’t know. But fine.’ I said opening the bag of popcorn and eating some.
‘You don’t hate me now, do you?’ He asked.
‘No, I can’t bring myself to hate you.’ I told him.
‘Ok, that’s good. I was worried that you hated me, and didn’t want to be with me anymore. You should try not to believe her lies. I fell into them once, and I will never fall into them again. She is nothing more to me than a lying whore.’ He smiled.
‘One last question, if that’s all she is to you, then why do you still talk to her?’ I asked him.
‘I don’t know, she has my number… I deleted her off my phone. I don’t know her number, so when she calls I answer it, because I don’t know who it is. You know? I don’t want to talk to her, but I don’t want to change my number.’ He scratched his head as if saying all of that confused him.
‘I suppose.’ I laughed at him and sat down.
‘So, can we watch the movie now?’ He smirked and moved close to me.
‘I didn’t know we were actually going to but alright.’ I jumped up and put Superbad in and sat back down next to him.
‘Well, the movie is a diversion. Everyone will think we’re watching it, but really we’re having fun.’ He laughed as I pushed play and laid down.

Lilly’s POV

‘Quinn, I’m going to take a shower.’ I laughed while looking at him up and down.
‘Now that I think about it, I kind of need one too.’ He responded casually.
‘Well, you can take one in the other bathroom.’ I smiled at him, trying not to laugh.
‘What other bathroom?’ He smirked.
‘I see. Hm, care to join me then?’ I asked.
‘If you insist.’ He sighed and pulled me toward the bathroom. I let him pull me into the bathroom and smiled really big, ‘So, what are we going to do first?’
I began cracking up, ‘I don’t know what you mean, I’m just an innocent girl, I don’t do anything other than shower.’
‘What are you talking about? I meant, like, are we washing our hair first then our bodies, or washing our bodies then our hair. Gee.’ He said sarcastically.
‘Yeah right, I know what you’re thinking. Turn around.’ I told him, and after he did, I took off his shirt. He turned around and looked at me as if it wasn’t fair. Eventually, all our clothes were off and we were in the shower together. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I didn’t know what to do, and before I could make up my mind the door burst open.
‘OH MY GOD!’ I heard Sonny yell. I shrieked. My brother was in the room.
‘Get out you ass!’ I yelled at him. He quickly left the bathroom while muttering something about locks and privacy.
‘Now, let’s have some real fun.’ Quinn finished his shampoo mohawk and faced me. At first we were just making out in the shower, which was no big deal, but that led on to other things. When we finally got out of the shower, all of the hot water was gone, ‘I feel excellent.’ Quinn smiled as he put on his clean clothes.
‘Mhm, me too.’ I smiled back and finished getting dressed. We both walked out of the bathroom and walked into Livvy.
‘Have fun?’ She asked us and kept walking, ‘Oh and, someone has to go to the store, we’re out of syrup. I thought you might like that.’ She laughed looking at Quinn, who had his mouth wide open.
‘Oh yes, we had a lot of fun,’ I told her, ‘Sonny can go get some.’
‘I don’t need to know anymore about you’re little shower thing.’ Livvy said a little louder from the kitchen as Quinn and I walked in, ‘Why can’t you two go?’
‘Because we love you.’ I laughed, ‘Quinn, you didn’t use a condom, did you?’
‘Shit, I forgot.’ He exclaimed.
‘Damn it Quinn.’ I said and hit him in the arm playfully.
‘Shut up SHUT UP!’ Livvy yelled, ‘I said NO DETAILS.’
‘Hahaha, I’m sorry Livvy, but your reaction is just hilarious.’ I told her laughing.
‘Hahaha,’ She laughed sarcastically, ‘I hope you have a baby.’ She smirked from over the door of the fridge and started laughing even harder.
‘Aw, it would be such a cute baby.’ Quinn said.
‘Not really Quinn. You’re not as good looking as you think you are.’ She said matter-of-factly while pouring herself a glass of juice.
‘He’s sexy. Livvy, let’s start a band.’ I said at random.
‘Ok!’ She said in a very unconvincing tone.
‘Come on, for real. Let’s start one and try to make it on Warped.’ I told her.
‘Ok, but, what would I do?’ She asked me.
‘Scream.’ I said.
‘Yeah, I suppose I could do that.’ She laughed.
‘You could play guitar or bass too. I’m sure we’d have no problem finding others to join.’ I smiled.
‘Ok sounds good. Now, for present issues, who’s going to get syrup? I’m not dealing with him when you make pancakes and there’s no syrup.’ Livvy said pointing at Quinn.
‘Tell Sonny to get some. I don’t want to.’ I said and sat at the kitchen table.
‘He left. And I am too.’ She told me.
‘Fine.’ I said and let her leave. I heard a phone ringing, and I knew it wasn’t mine. I saw Quinn pick up his phone. I didn’t try to listen to what was said.
‘Sexy hotline, Quinn speaking.’ Was all I decided to listen to. After he was done talking, I decided to ask him about it.
‘Who was that?’ I asked.
‘Our manager, he was pretty pissed about us not being on tour yet.’ He told me.
‘You were supposed to be on tour?’
‘Yeah, about 2 weeks ago. Our bad. Anyways.’ Quinn changed the subject.
‘Are you going to go then?’ I asked him.
‘Ehh, whenever we all decide.’ He laughed as Bert came walking into the kitchen.
‘Dude, Brian called me telling me that we have to go on tour, like, now.’ He said.
‘Yeah, he called me too. Maybe we should go.’ Quinn suggested.
‘I don’t feel like it.’ Bert complained.
‘SYRUP!’ Livvy walked in the room with a bag and handed it to Quinn.
‘Why, thank you,’ He smiled, ‘Bert, we have to. It’s how we make money you retard.’
‘I’m a gangster, I can make money whenever I want. I bet you.’ He challenged.
‘Nah, let’s just go and get it over with.’ Quinn sighed.
‘Wait, what? Can we go with?’ Livvy asked smiling.
‘I doubt it, but come anyway.’ Bert smiled.
‘Want to?’ Livvy asked me already knowing my answer.
‘Hell yeah, you already knew that.’ I told her. Everyone at that instant scattered to get ready to leave. I only needed to pack a few things, but Quinn took forever. Everyone was waiting by the van for him, it was a half an hour wait, when he finally came outside.
‘You are a fucking girl.’ Branden laughed at him.
‘That’s an insult to those who actually are girls here.’ Livvy smacked Branden playfully on the side of the head.
‘Ouch.’ He said as we started driving away.

3 weeks later.

There was something that I needed to tell Quinn, but I didn’t know how to. I only found out recently, but I just needed to talk to someone.
‘Livvy!’ I yelled running around the hotel we were staying in. ‘Livvy, where are you?!’
‘Aw I love you too!’ Livvy smiled walking around the corner casually.
‘Who were you talking to?’ I asked her.
‘No one idiot.’ She laughed at me.
‘Well, I needed to talk to you.’
‘Go for it.’ She looked at me.
‘I need some advice on how to tell Quinn something. I better tell you now… I found out a little while ago that I’m pregnant.’ I told her.
She looked at me with wide eyes, ‘That’s a joke, right? We do not need little Quinn’s running around. That’s definitely a joke.’ She laughed obviously not taking me seriously.

‘Livvy, I’m not joking at all. I don’t know if I should tell him now. I mean, they are on tour and everything. I just think I should wait, but I wanted to talk to you first.’ I said.
‘Ok, my advice. We’re talking about Quinn here. Come on come on, I’ve known this kid for forever.’ She mumbled, ‘He would want to know. Tell him soon.’
‘How do you think he would react? You don’t think he wouldn’t want it or anything like that?’ I asked her.
‘He took part in the baby-making.’ She laughed, ‘He would take responsibility.’
‘He wouldn’t freak out or anything, would he?’
‘He might be a little nervous.’ She told me.
‘Maybe I’ll tell him now then… Do you know where he is?’ I asked her.
‘No, I actually don’t.’
‘Oh, I will go find him then.’ I told her and started walking away.
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