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Chapter 20

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Lilly’s POV

After Livvy and Sonny left, I hoped that Jeph and I would get to go out, but he never asked me if I wanted to. So, I was stuck inside. He must be upset with me. It was only a small kiss back… I have to get over Quinn, I can’t fall back into his trap. Not again. It was about 11, and I knew that Livvy and Sonny were not going to be back tonight. I don’t even want to imagine what they might be doing. I was sitting at the end of the couch in the living room by myself when I heard someone walk in.
‘Hey..’ Jeph said sitting down next to me.
‘Hi…’ I sighed.
‘Are you ok?’ He wondered.
‘I’m alright… I guess.. I just feel like you are mad at me? I don’t know.’ I told him.
‘A little upset. But I’m not going to blow things out of proportion. Would you like to get out of the house and go do something with me?’ He asked me.
‘I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I would love to go do something with you.’
‘Alright come on.’ He grinned pulling me up and out of the door. ‘I have no clue where we’re going.’ He laughed.
‘Let’s go to the park.’ I told him.
‘Alright, I suppose. Nothing else is open.’ He grabbed my hand and began walking.
‘Jeph, can I ask you something?’ I said.
‘How can you possibly still love me after all the pain I’ve caused you?’ I asked him. I had to know this one question.
‘Because I would never give up on you.’ He told me.
‘…Jeph…’ I whispered now knowing what to say.
‘What? It’s the truth.’ He looked at me and smiled.
‘I’ve still caused a lot of drama.’ I said.
‘And we’ve worked our way through all of it. Are you trying to ruin this night missy?’ He nudged me.
‘No, of course not. I just have a lot on my mind and I’m telling you.’ I smiled and pulled him into the park.
‘Let it all out.’ He advised me.
‘I will, in time.’ I told him, ‘I think Quinn wants to break us up…’
‘I wouldn’t be surprised. But it would only work if you let it.’
‘Yeah, I know. I’ve been thinking about the first time we met.’ I said.
‘That was a good day.’ He smirked, ‘What about it?’
‘It was… I was just thinking about it, that’s all.’ I smiled walking to the slides.
‘Wait!’ Jeph screamed like a girl chasing after me, then accidentally ran into me and we both fell on the ground. We landed with Jeph on top of me. ‘This is fun.’ He smiled.
‘What are you thinking mister?’ I asked him putting my arms around his neck.
‘I’m thinking that you look beautiful tonight.’ He looked at me. I pulled his head down and pulled him into a deep kiss. He suddenly stood up and pulled me off the ground.
‘What is it?’ I asked him.
‘I thought I heard someone, that’s all.’ He said and hugged me, ‘I love you.’
‘I love you.’ I cried. It felt good to be happy.
‘So, what to do.’ He held me by my shoulders.
‘Let’s go back home.’ I told him.
‘If you insist.’ He said and turned around to leave, but not before taking my hand in his. It seemed like it didn’t take long to get home, and I almost wanted to go back to the park because I could hear Quinn laughing from outside. It didn’t comfort me. Jeph opened the door for me, and I walked into the living room. Quinn was watching TV with Travis.
‘TEACH ME MARTHA!’ Travis screamed at Martha Stewart on TV, with his needle and yarn in hand.
‘Oh wow.’ I giggled trying not to interrupt him and his Martha time. Jeph went right to the kitchen, probably to find something to eat. I laid on the floor to watch a bit of TV.
‘And you take the blue yarn and weave it through the yellow like so…’ Martha continued.
‘YES! LOOK AT MY MITTEN QUINN!’ Travis shoved a small square in Quinn’s face.
‘Amazing.’ He said sarcastically. I had my back turned to them, but it felt like Quinn was watching me.
‘You can sit on the couch Lilly.’ Quinn said after Travis stopped screaming about his mitten.
‘No.’ I told him.
‘Alright, the offer will be there if you want it.’ He told me.
‘I don’t want to sit anywhere near you.’ I said to him. Did I sound aggravated with him?
‘That’s fine. I thought you might like to have a cushion under you is all.’ He said.
‘Why are you being so nice?’ I asked him.
‘I’d rather not hold a grudge. I hate it when we fight.’ He sighed.
‘How do you feel about me?’ I wondered.
‘I love you.’ He confessed.
‘Well, you should find someone else to love…’ I muttered.
‘You’re the only one I could ever love.’ He said and left the room. Why does he have to do that? He really wants me to believe him… He can’t mean that. Not after all he has done to me. I followed him outside.
‘What do you mean?’ I asked.
‘Exactly what I said.’ He replied.
‘How can you possibly say that you only love me when you’ve been with others while being with me? How is that loving me?’ I asked him.
‘It isn’t, and I know I’ve messed up but I hope you’ll forgive me.’ He said.
‘I want to, but I can’t.’ I told him.
‘Well, I guess that’s your choice.’ He sighed.
‘What are you trying Quinn?’ I asked.
‘Nothing, I’m just going to have to get over you… I guess. Not that it’ll happen.’ He said.
‘This is hard for me too you know. I’m trying to get over you still.’ I mumbled.
‘Still? I thought you were over me.’ He said.
‘Not quite. I’ve told myself that I am, but I know I’m not…’ I sighed.
‘And, it’s not your fault that you happen to be drawn to me.’ He grinned.
‘Seems like it was my heart’s desire I guess…’ I whispered.
‘Is that bad?’ He asked.
‘Right now, yeah it is.’ I told him looking down at my feet.
‘It shouldn’t be.’ He said lifting my head up by my chin and looking me in the eye.
‘Quinn, I’m with Jeph.’ I said.
‘I guess that’s true.’ He put his hand back at his side. I thought for sure he was going to try to kiss me again. I’m glad he didn’t, I might have kissed back again. Damn it, I need to resist him.
‘It is.’ I said boldly.
‘Well, I guess I’ll go inside, if you want to be alone.’ He mumbled looking around.
‘I don’t really want to be alone…’ I looked at him and poked him on the cheek.
‘What was that for?’ He asked me with a weird expression on his face.
‘I wanted to poke your cheek. That’s all.’ I smiled, ‘Ergh, Why do you have this effect on me? Why? I don’t want to feel like this.’
‘You cannot resist the Quinn-man.’ He said victoriously.
‘I bet I can.’ I said.
‘Alright.’ He laughed and began walking to the front door.
‘Is that all?’ I asked.
‘Not really,’ He turned around, ‘I will leave you alone and move on if you can resist me for a month. But if you can’t, then I think it would only be fair for you to break up with Jeph.’
I was ready for a challenge, ‘Hm, ok. One month then.’
‘Ok.’ He smirked putting his face really close to mine, ‘One month.’
‘Yep.’ I smiled putting my hand over his mouth and pushing him back, ‘I’m going for a walk.’
‘Alone?’ He asked me looking at the night sky.
‘No, I’m bringing my pet hamster.’ I said.
‘I am NOT a pet hamster!’ Quinn told me.
‘No, you’re my pet kitty cat.’ I smiled.
‘Yes cause that sounds much sexier,’ He said, ‘Like me.’
‘You are sexy.’ I joked.
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