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Chapter 19

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Lilly’s POV

I couldn’t believe that Jeph and I were actually dating now. I thought that would never happen again. We gave Livvy a little push outside to talk to Sonny, and it seemed like things went well. I hope they find happiness… I hope that I do too. I still can’t help but to think about Quinn…
‘Lilly! Gee, lost in those thoughts of yours.’ Jeph said snapping his fingers in front of my face.
‘Uh yeah, sorry. How was your omelet?’ I asked him.
‘Great and thank you!’ He grinned at me like a little kid.
‘You look silly.’ I laughed as Quinn walked into the room. He looked so upset. I wanted to hug him, but I convinced myself not to.
‘Hey dude.’ Jeph half-waved at Quinn, getting up to bring his plate to the sink.
‘Hey..’ Quinn sighed.
‘I’ll be in the living room.’ I said to no one in general and left. When I walked into the living room, the only person I saw in there was Matt.
‘Hi Lilly.’ Matt said glancing at me.
‘Hi.’ I said standing at the living room door.
‘You can sit down you know.’ He said moving farther down on the couch.
‘I know, I just don’t want to sit next to you.’ I said bluntly.
‘And why not?’ He asked.
‘I hate you fucker.’ I told him.
‘What the hell is your problem you bitch!’ He yelled at me.
‘Ouch, your words do hurt me so. Go fuck yourself Matt.’ I said moving toward the front door. He grabbed me and turned me toward him. It seemed as if he was going to hurt me, but Quinn walked into the room.
‘Dude what are you doing?’ Quinn asked Matt.
‘What does it matter to you? She’s mine and…’ Matt began.
‘You’ve got issues, back away from her.’ Quinn interrupted.
‘I’m not your fucking property Matt, let me go.’ I yelled spitting in his face. Instead of backing away, Matt got pissed and shoved me into the wall really hard. I smacked my head and felt as though I was going to black out. I felt him let go of my arm and turn toward Quinn, about to say something. Before he could say anything Quinn walked up to him and punched him in the face.
‘You want to fucking fight me. I will kill you and take her.’ Matt said after recovering a bit from the punch.
‘You need to take a walk and get over yourself.’ Quinn said in a tone I’d never heard him use before, opening the door for Matt. Matt walked toward the door, but charged for Quinn at the last second and tackled him to the ground. In the end, Quinn beat the shit out of Matt, and Matt left the house. But, Quinn was a bit hurt too.
‘Quinn, are you ok?’ I asked looking at his eye and nose.
‘Yes I’m fine. Are you ok?’ He asked me, obviously more focused on how I was doing.
‘I’ll be fine, I’ve been through worse with him…’ I sighed and touched Quinn’s face.
‘I’m fine.’ He smiled at me giving me a hug.
‘You’re eye doesn’t look good.’ I said pulling away. I almost felt as though I wanted a reason to touch his face. I didn’t know why.
‘Oh don’t worry about it.’ He told me again.
‘You are being damn stubborn.’ I smiled at him, ‘Tell me, how does this feel?’ I put the slightest bit of pressure under his eye, watching his face for any sign of pain.
‘Don’t!’ Quinn pushed my hand away.
‘Quinn! …Nevermind.’ I sighed again and walked over to the couch to sit down.
‘What?’ Quinn asked following me and sitting next to me.
‘Nothing…’ “I still love you.” I wanted to say.
‘Something’s on your mind!’ He said in sing-song, getting close to my face.
‘Nothing’s ever on my mind… at least nothing about you…’ I mumbled.
‘No way! Me too! I never think about myself!’ He laughed.
‘Who said anything about you?!’ I smiled.
‘Nothing has to be said about me. I’m just naturally brought up.’ Quinn smirked.
‘..if only you weren’t on my mind…’ I whispered to myself.
‘Now life just wouldn’t be the same.’ He said, looking me in the eye. I wasn’t sure if he had really heard what I’d said and lifted my head up just in time for him to kiss me. I kissed him back a little, but pushed him away.
‘What the hell are you trying to do?!’ I exclaimed as Jeph walked into the room. I hope he didn’t see him kiss me.
‘What’s all the yelling for?’ Jeph asked looking between the two of us.
‘Talk to the fuck head.’ I said pointing to Quinn, ‘He’s a jerk.’
‘I didn’t do anything wrong!’ Quinn protested.
‘You fucking kissed me! You did something wrong right there!’ I yelled at him.
‘Oh and you’re so innocent!’ Quinn said, trying to stay calm.
‘What are you talking about?’ Jeph asked Quinn, concerned.
‘Ask Lilly.’ Quinn muttered.
‘What? I was trying to look at your eye and you caught me off guard.’ I said.
‘I obviously didn’t catch you off guard that much, you realized what I was doing.’ Quinn looked at me.
‘What exactly were you doing?’ Jeph asked, getting aggravated.
‘Well, Matt tried to get me, and Quinn helped me… But they got into a fight and Quinn was hurt, so I tried to help him and he wouldn’t let me then he kissed me. That’s what happened.’ I told Jeph glaring at Quinn.
‘Well what did you do?’ Jeph asked me.
‘I pushed him away, then you walked in and know the rest.’ I said.
‘Don’t even try that!’ Quinn raised his voice a little in order to be heard.
‘Try what!’ I said raising my voice too.
‘You kissed me back!’ He shouted bluntly.
‘What the fuck?’ Jeph said, now angry, and looking between the two of us, ‘You’ll never get over him Lilly.’
I walked up to Quinn and slapped him in the face, ‘Fuck you.’ I said plainly and walked toward the kitchen.
‘You’re not sorry?’ Jeph asked, following me.
‘Of course I am sorry, I just didn’t think you would ever forgive me… there is something wrong with me. That’s all.’ I said sitting down at the kitchen table.
‘You need to get out of the house.’ Jeph advised me.
‘Fine.’ I said and walked back toward the living room to get to the front door.
‘Bye.’ Quinn said, trying to give me a guilt trip again.
‘Fuck off Quinn.’ I said walking out the door, and as I walked outside, I called Livvy.

Livvy’s POV

…ring… …ring…
‘Hey Lilly!’ I picked up my phone.
‘Hey, you want to go do something?’ She asked. She sounded odd.
‘Uhh, like what? What’s wrong?’ I asked.
‘I don’t know, shopping or some food or something… Quinn is a fucker.’ She sighed.
‘Oh gee I’ve heard this before.’ I laughed into the phone, ‘Ignore him. I guess we could go shopping, I need a dress.’
‘Ohh, you and Sonny going on a date?’ She laughed, ‘It’s hard to ignore Quinn. I’ll tell you about it later. Meet me in the driveway.’
‘Yes and alright.’ I hung up the phone without saying bye and made my way downstairs. ‘BYE GUYS!’ I hollered to everyone and walked outside. I saw Lilly sitting in the middle of the driveway and ran up to her.
‘Wow, that was quick.’ She said standing up.
‘Yes, I was only upstairs.’ I laughed and started walking.
‘So, how about the mall then?’ She asked me.
‘Sure, but no highways. And you can tell me what went down earlier!’ I said.
She began to tell me the long story of everything that happened with Matt and then Quinn helping her, ‘And Quinn kissed me.’ She finished with a sigh.
‘Nu-uh!’ I gasped, not surprised.
‘I kissed him back a little, but pushed him away… Jeph walked in and eventually found everything out. I hate Quinn right now…’ She said staring at the ground.
‘Oh geeze. Quinn and Jeph. I’m telling you, ignore Quinn. The horny fucker.’ I laughed as we walked into the mall.
‘Easier said than done.’ She laughed along with me.
‘Well, who do you like, rather love, more?’ I asked her. She was silent for a long time as we walked to Deb’s.
‘I’m still hung up on Quinn… and that’s why it’s hard to ignore him..’
‘I see. Let everything work itself out.’ I smiled at her looking around the store, ‘My my…’
‘I’ll try,’ She smiled back, ‘Oh, look at this dress.’ She pointed to a somewhat short black and white dress. It had a sash that was white, while the dress was black.
‘I don’t know Lilly! Does it look like I dress shop?’ I asked her not knowing what to do.
‘No, it doesn’t. Now, try it on!’ She smiled, ‘I love buying dresses.’
‘I’m not gonna win.’ I sighed, smiling and walking to the dressing rooms with the dress in my hands. ‘Come wait outside the door!’ I hollered at her across the store, receiving strange looks from other customers. I walked and tried on the dress, then walked back out, feeling stupid.
‘Aw, it looks so cute. Sonny would love you in that! You just need some make up to go with it.’ She smiled at me, ‘You should get this one.’
‘Alright.’ I laughed and walked back in the room, ‘You know what I think you need?’ I shouted while taking off the dress.
‘What’s that?’ She shouted back.
‘You and Jeph need a night out.’ I said walking back out and closing the door behind me.
‘Yeah, if he ever forgives me…’ She sighed.
‘Ohh he will. He loves you.’ I smiled at her and paid for the dress, ‘What next?’
‘Shoes!’ She laughed, ‘I have a feeling Quinn is going to try to break us up.’
‘Aw I thought I’d just wear my Converse.’ I joked, ‘Just don’t let him get to you and everything will be ok.’
‘Sure… You CANNOT wear your Converse to a date!’ She smiled, ‘Come, we shall go to SHOEEE CARNIVAL!’
‘Oh the wonders of Shoe Carnival.’ I laughed while being dragged across the mall.
‘Here it tis.’ She pointed and dragged me inside. Instantly she went for the high heels.
‘Oh, you’re trying to kill me.’ I sighed following her, then began laughing again.
‘Maybe I am.’ She laughed with me, ‘Black or white?’
‘White.’ I said instantly.
‘Alright.’ She said looking around at all the high heels while I stood there watching her. After a while she walked up to me with some pretty normal looking heels. They weren’t even that high up. I kind of liked them. ‘How about these?’
‘Sure. Do you know my size or something?’ I said.
‘Not really, I just grabbed a pair. Are they your size?’ She asked. I took them from her and tried one on. Surprisingly it fit.
‘Your lucky day.’ I laughed, ‘I would’ve went kung fu.’
‘Yeah, I’m sure.’ She laughed, ‘Pay for those and let’s get out of this place.’
‘Yes yes.’ I said taking the shoe off and paying for them. Afterwards we made our way home. The walk wasn’t that exciting, and by the time we got there it was 7. I had one hour, and started panicking. ‘Lilly! My Room! Now!’ I said and ran to my room. Soon after, Lilly was in my room looking a bit confused.
‘What is it?’ She asked me.
‘You’re going to help, right?’ I smiled at her.
‘Of course!’ She laughed, ‘Start with your hair and then make up.’ She sat me down in the chair that was in my room and went to get her make up. I soon found out that she had tons of it. I began to protest, but she started putting the make up on me before I could stop her. No use fighting now. ‘Now to do your hair…’ She mumbled to herself. After almost 45 minutes she was done with me.
‘Geeze woman.’ I sighed taking off my clothes, and putting my dress on.
‘You look so cute!’ She exclaimed, ‘Here, look in the mirror.’ She moved my big mirror to stand in front of me.
‘Whoa, that’s some skill with make up Lilly.’ I smiled at her. I liked it.
‘I think Sonny will love it, and you.’ She smiled back at me and put the mirror back, ‘It’s almost 8, you should get downstairs.’ She shoved me out of my own room.
‘I love you!’ I whispered frantically.
‘I love you too!’ She whispered back as she made me walk toward the living room. I saw no sign of Sonny yet, but did see a sign of Jeph.
‘Hey bro!’
‘Wow, you look like a girl.’ He laughed at me.
‘Oh why thank you. It’s nice to know I always look like a boy.’ I smiled at him, looking at the clock.
‘You are welcome. I am serious, you look great.’ He smiled back. Sonny burst into the house and stopped to stare at me.
‘Livvy. Wow. You look amazing.’ He said with his mouth open.
‘Hey you. Thanks.’ I blushed. ‘Jeph. Take Lilly out. I’m serious. I’ll catch you later.’
‘Bye.’ Jeph said.
‘Have fun!’ Lilly smiled at both of us, ‘Oh my god! You got a fricken limo Sonny!’ She exclaimed.
‘Yep. See you later.’ He laughed and walked me to the limo.
‘What the hell Sonny! Why?’ I asked him.
‘Eh, I was in the mood to ride in a limo.’ He smiled.
‘Oh right. I should’ve known.’ I laughed getting inside.
‘You should have.’ He said getting in next to me. I looked around and sighed. Then, I noticed the button to control the window between the driver and us. What better way to pass time? I made it go down, then up, then down, then up.
‘Ms? May I help you?’ The driver asked obviously irritated.
‘Oh, no. Sorry.’ I giggled taking my hand away from the button.
‘Do you like the beach?’ Sonny asked me.
‘Yes.’ I smiled looking over at him.
‘Good.’ He smiled back. He kept on staring at me.
‘May I help you Sonny?’ I asked in a tone like the drivers’.
‘I just can’t help but to stare at you, you look so beautiful.’ He smiled.
‘Thank you. Quite a change from this morning I suppose.’ I blushed as we pulled up to the beach. I shifted in my seat then got out and looked around. Sonny moved beside me and grabbed my hand. He walked me out onto the beach, where I saw a blanket laid out on the sand.
‘Aw Sonny..’ I said. Bert certainly never did this.
‘I hoped you would have liked it.’ He said, ‘Come on, there is something special for you.’
‘Ergh, Mr. Moore.’ I sighed following him.
‘Yes?’ He asked stopping.
‘You’re too great.’ I smirked.
‘I can’t be that great… not without you. You’re the one who’s great.’ He smiled back at me.
‘Shut up Sonny.’ I laughed.
‘I’m telling the truth. Now…’ He laughed as he picked me up and began running toward the blanket on the beach.
‘PUT ME DOWN!’ I screamed. A few seconds later Sonny was setting me down lightly on the blanket. ‘Why thank you.’
‘You’re welcome.’ He said sitting next to me and pulling something out of his pocket, ‘I saw this and thought it would look really good on you.’ He handed me the box, and I opened it to find a really expensive looking necklace.
‘You say it like it’s nothing.’ I told him not knowing what to do, ‘Thank you.’
‘Here.’ He moved close to me, took the necklace, and put it around my neck. ‘It looks beautiful on you.’ I couldn’t exactly see what it looked like on me, but I took his word for it.
‘You have me at a loss for words Sonny.’ I said.
‘That’s ok. We can eat something if you are hungry.’ He suggested. He seemed somewhat nervous for some reason.
‘Umm sure. Whatever you want to do. Personally, I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Lilly kept me on the move all day.’ I told him.
‘Let me guess, she made you get those heels.’ He laughed.
I glared down at them and nodded, ‘Yes. I had no other option.’
‘That’s so like her. Now, let’s eat a little.’ He said pulling out some food from a basket he had with him. There were little sandwiches, ice cream, wine, strawberries, among other things.
‘Yes and wow. You’ve officially done too much.’ I said.
‘Too much would be this.’ He said pulling something else from his pocket, ‘Livvy, I love you so much, I can’t help but to love you, Marry me?’ He opened the box to reveal the ring.
‘Are you serious?’ I had wide eyes looking at him.
‘Completely, I don’t want to live without you. Will you marry me?’ He asked again.
‘Y-yes!’ I hugged him. He slid the engagement ring on my finger and kissed me. ‘I agree. Now you’ve done too much.’
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