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Chapter 29

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Lilly’s POV

‘Wake up!’ I heard Hayden yell as she jumped up and down on the bed. I looked over at the clock and saw it was only 9 in the morning.
‘Go back to sleep.’ I told her.
‘NO! You get up!’ She continued jumping, waking Quinn up.
‘Bed.’ He mumbled into the pillow.
‘Ugh, Hayden…’ I muttered getting out of bed and changing out of my pajamas. Hayden was still jumping on the bed, so I grabbed her leg and made her fall right on top of Quinn.
‘I guess that means get up.’ He sighed after Hayden got out of bed. He reached on the ground for his pants, put them on, and hopped out of bed. ‘Hey sexy.’ He walked up to me.
‘Morning.’ I smiled.
‘She did it!’ Hayden yelled, ‘She pushed me.’
‘Aw that’s ok sweetie.’ Quinn smiled at her before kissing me. I smiled at both of them, and headed upstairs. Jeph and Branden were watching TV. Surprisingly, Livvy wasn’t up. I walked up to Jeph and Branden and sat in-between them. It didn’t phase Branden that I had just sat down, but Jeph looked over at me.
‘Good morning.’ He smiled.
‘Good morning to you.’ I smiled back. He looked a bit confused.
‘Mhmm.’ He murmured, looking back at the TV.
‘Do I make you feel uncomfortable?’ I asked him.
‘No, I just, don’t know what to say.’ He replied honestly, looking back at me.
‘Oh. You give off the vibe like you aren’t comfortable around me anymore.’ I mumbled.
‘No, I’m fine.’ He told me glancing at Branden who was zoned into the TV.
‘Are you sure? You can tell me.’
‘I’m sure.’ He reassured me.
‘Do you still love me?’ I wondered.
He laughed a bit before answering, ‘Do you always think this much in the morning?’
‘Um, I don’t know. Do you?’
‘Yes, I love you.’ He smiled at me, then got up and walked into the kitchen. He did it, it seemed, in a way that told me if I wanted to continue on that subject, I would have to follow.
I walked into the kitchen, ‘So, what type of love?’
‘Love, Lilly. As in, I would spend my life with you love.’ He told me.
I almost didn’t know what to say, so I walked up to him and hugged him tightly. I really hoped that I didn’t confuse him or anything by doing that. ‘You make me question myself, sometimes you do.’
‘Well I’m glad I do something right.’ He laughed a little before taking a seat on a stool.
‘Me too.’ I smiled at him. I heard a scream come from the living room, and Branden came running into the kitchen.
‘There was a fucking spider this big.’ He showed us with his hands, ‘It was on the couch and now it’s gone.’
‘You know, we were having a moment Branden.’ I told him.
‘Wait, gone as in you killed it, or gone as in you were stupid enough to let it run away?’ Jeph asked, obviously not hearing what I had just said.
‘Shit.’ Was all Branden said before leaving the room.
‘I take it it was the second one.’ Jeph sighed then looked back at me. ‘Anyways.’
‘What would you do if I died tomorrow?’ I asked him randomly.
‘Firstly, thank you for putting me in an awkward position.’ He made sure to say before continuing. ‘I would obviously be devastated, and cry and all that. I honestly don’t know what I would do. I haven’t spent time thinking about this. I like spending my time doing other things, happy things. Not thinking about your death.’ Jeph rambled.
‘Oh, so you like thinking about me while you’re masturbating then?’
‘I didn’t say that, but since we’re on the subject…’ He blushed.
‘Go on.’ I urged him.
‘Oh, but you’ve already found me out.’
‘I just want to hear you say it out loud.’ I smirked at him.
Jeph sighed and his facial expression made him look like this was torture, ‘Lilly Moore, I masturbate to your pictures.’
‘Aw, really. That’s great.’ I smiled trying not to laugh, ‘I’ve done it too, just thinking about you.’
‘I’m flattered.’ He said in an unconvincing tone before grinning.
‘You don’t want to know what I think about.’ I laughed.
‘I’d like to know all.’ He replied.
‘Well, I will tell you some time then. Make it a date.’ I told him as Hayden came running into the kitchen.
‘MOMMY MOMMY!’ She screamed pulling on my leg. Jeph chuckled under his breath and left the room to sit back on the couch with Branden, who was flipping through the channels.
‘What?’ I asked her.
‘Can you make me some breakfast! Daddy told me to ask you. He’s--there he is!’ She said when Quinn walked into the room, scratching the back of his head.
‘I have an idea, why don’t you help me make breakfast.’ I told her.
‘Can it be pancakes Hun?’ Quinn asked me taking a seat on the stool closest to me.
‘That’s up to her.’ I pointed down at Hayden who was waiting for us to start cooking.
‘You want pancakes, don’t you kiddo?’ Quinn looked down at Hayden and smiled, trying to convince her to say yes, ‘Mommy’s pancakes are the best.’
‘You can’t do that! That’s like, cheating to get pancakes. What if she doesn’t like pancakes anymore huh?’ I pointed at Hayden.
‘Who wouldn’t like your pancakes babe?’ He walked up to me and put his arm around me. ‘Please?’
‘C’mon.’ He looked at me with pleading eyes.
‘Nope. I’m letting Hayden decide on what to make.’ I told him.
‘WAFFLES!’ Hayden shrieked out of nowhere.
‘Are you kidding? That’s pancakes arch enemy! Oh my…I don’t think I can stand through this. Lilly…’ Quinn was appalled.
‘Ok, let’s go cook. Come on Hayden.’ I laughed walking to the stove and finding the ingredients for waffles and a little bit for a few pancakes.
‘Aw, I love you.’ Quinn said from behind me.
‘You’re lucky I love you too.’ I said smiling. It didn’t take long for us to make the waffles and pancakes, which we set out on the table for everyone to eat.

Livvy’s POV

A shriek from somewhere else in the house woke me up. I laid in bed snuggled up to Bert for a few minutes with my eyes closed before realizing that it was Hayden that shrieked. I opened my eyes and saw that it was 10:16 in the morning. I groaned before sitting up and rubbing my eyes.
‘Bert.’ I mumbled pushing him a bit. ‘Bert.’ I persisted when I got no response. ‘Get up.’ I got out of bed and covered him back up after getting no response, still. I looked down at myself and realized that I should put some clothes on, so I grabbed some pajama shorts and a shirt before leaving the room. I walked down the hallway and into the kitchen, and saw Lilly, Quinn, and Hayden eating pancakes and waffles. Quinn was only eating pancakes.
‘All the pancakes are mine.’ Quinn stated to no one in particular.
‘Uh-huh. Whatever.’ Lilly muttered taking a bite of her waffles.
‘G’morning.’ I half waved at them before taking a seat on the other side of the table.
‘Eat damn it.’ Lilly ordered.
‘No thanks.’ I groaned at the food. ‘Not hungry.’
‘What the hell man?!’ Quinn questioned.
‘What? Ok, I’m sorry. I’ll eat. But only pancakes, just for you Quinn.’ I smirked taking two pancakes from his pile and putting them on a plate. Soon after I began eating, Jeph and Branden came and sat down too. I wondered when Bert was going to get up. Before I even realized it, Bert was sitting next to me and eating some waffles.
‘Well good morning to you.’ I smiled at him as I took my last bite of pancake.
‘Morning.’ He smiled back at me.
‘Tired?’ I asked him as I got up, took all the dirty plates, and put them in the sink.
‘Was, but not anymore. I had a crazy time last night. That was sexy. You were crazy.’ Bert told me.
‘Mhmm, thank you Bert.’ I laughed.
‘You guys used a condom right?’ Jeph asked being the concerned brother.
I stopped what I was doing to think, but couldn’t come up with an answer. ‘Bert, you used a condom right?’
‘Uh, yeah for sure.’ He said sounding a bit unsure.
‘Uhh, I guess we did then.’ I sounded a bit unsure myself as I answered Jeph’s question before sitting back down.
‘It honestly doesn’t sound like you guys did. So, I’m just to expect that you are probably pregnant.’ Jeph laughed as he got up and went into the living room.
‘WHAT THE HELL JEPH!’ I yelled after him, before grinning. ‘No babies for me.’
‘Eh, a kid wouldn’t be too bad. I mean, Hayden is cool.’ Bert mumbled to himself.
‘Aw, that’s cute Bert.’ I smiled at him.
‘Hey, lets go out.’ He smiled back at me.
‘Alright.’ I laughed and went to our room to get ready.

A week or so later.

I was in the bathroom about to take a shower when I suddenly felt sick. I assumed I needed to shit, so I sat down, but I could feel myself about to throw up. I turned around and began puking. I was glad that I wasn’t completely naked because Lilly walked in on me.
‘Oh my, are you alright?’ She asked grabbing a towel for me.
‘I don’t feel so good.’ I mumbled when I could.
‘You don’t think you’re pregnant, do you?’ She asked right away.
‘No, no, no.’ I hurriedly said before pushing my hair out of my face. The bathroom quickly became hot.
‘Here.’ Lilly said getting up and filling a cup with water. ‘It helps.’
‘You really think I’m pregnant?’ I asked after sitting up when I was sure the puking was over.
‘I never said you were. I’ve just dealt with a lot of puking, so I know.’ She laughed, ‘Why, do you think you’re pregnant?’
‘No.’ I answered as if I was sure of myself, but not believing it. I stood up and was face to face with Lilly.
‘You don’t look so hot. Are you positive?’ She asked again.
‘No.’ I sighed, not knowing what to say.
‘Take a shower, I’ll be back soon.’ She told me before leaving the bathroom. Before I finished my shower, she was back and in the bathroom.
‘Damn that was fast.’ I laughed turning off the water and wrapping a towel around myself before stepping out of the shower.
‘Well, the gas station is only a minute or so away. Here.’ She handed me a pregnancy test.
‘Uhh..’ I looked down at the test in my hand, then back up at her. ‘Thanks. You’re going to stay in here while I pee on this?’
‘Hell no.’ She laughed at me and left me alone to do my business.
‘LILLY!’ I yelled, loudly, after doing my duty and looking down on that damn smiley face.
‘What?’ She asked coming back in the bathroom and looking at the test. ‘Oh, I see. Well, congrats you are pregnant.’
‘Congrats?! This sucks ass.’ I said seriously before busting into laughter. ‘I can’t have a baby. Can you honestly see me being a mom? No.’
‘Actually, I could. Not the best, but I could. You are not getting an abortion either.’ She told me, ‘You do however have to tell Bert soon.’
‘Thanks, mother.’ I replied sarcastically, ‘Seriously though, I don’t know what I’d do without you Lilly.’
‘You’d probably freak out even worse, or not even realize you’re pregnant until you’re popping.’ She joked.
‘Oh yeah, cause I’m that stupid. When should I talk to him?’ I asked.
‘Whenever you’re ready. He needs to know though.’ She said, ‘By the way, you should really get dressed.’
‘Right, ok. I’ll be out in a minute.’ I told her before she left the room. I put on some pants and a tank top, threw the test away, and left the room. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.
‘Hey sis, what’s up?’ Jeph said sitting down next to me. ‘You don’t look too good. Are you sick?’
‘Ugh, bro.’ I complained lying my head in his lap.
‘You must be sick.’ He muttered.
‘You could say that.’ I mumbled into his leg. ‘Shit.’ I said quickly getting up and running to the bathroom. I made sure to close the door behind me. And there I was, over the toilet seat again. I heard the bathroom door open and looked over to see who was walking in.
‘Are you alright baby?’ Bert asked concerned, ‘Jeph told me you ran to the bathroom.’
‘No.’ I sighed, sitting up from the toilet lid and looking down at the floor. I saw Bert had a glass of water with him.
‘Oh, Lilly said to give this to you.’ He smiled handing the glass to me, ‘Will you be ok?’
‘I guess I have a bit of news for you Bert.’ I took the glass and took a sip of it.
‘Hold on.’ He said sitting on the floor by me. He took a towel out and wiped off my mouth, ‘Alright, go on.’
‘Well, umm, there’s really no getting around the fact that I’m pregnant.’ I told him, looking over at him.
‘You’re sure?’ He asked. I nodded to answer and his face went from concerned to ecstatic. He grabbed me and hugged me hard.
‘A little happy?’ I smiled, hugging him back. ‘I didn’t know you wanted a kid.’
‘Just a little.’ He smiled back, ‘No one really knew that I wanted one. I must have made it seem like being a dad wasn’t for me.’
‘Just a little.’ I mocked him. ‘That’s why I wasn’t so sure how you’d take this.’
‘Oh. Well, I’m excited. Really excited.’ He hugged me hard again.
‘You’re excited to see me get fat and ugly?’ I laughed. ‘I love you Bert, I really do.’
‘Hell yeah I’m excited to see you fat and beautiful.’ He laughed with me, ‘I love you too.’
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