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1. Skin

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Prompt table challenge, accompanies "Undeniable"

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A/N: Carries on from Undeniable. Same concept, with 20 oneshots based off of words from a prompt table, with the same couple.

1. Skin

Josh murmured softly as he ran his long fingers slowly down his girlfriend’s skin. It was a striking color of white, and it offset the deep red of her hair perfectly. He smiled as he lightly traced circles on Robin’s arms, his smile growing wider as goosebumps appeared in the places where his fingers had been previously.

“So soft…” he whispered, so as not to wake his sleeping girlfriend. She stirred a few times, but didn’t awaken. He smiled as he gently leaned over, brushed back a piece of Robin’s curly red locks, and kissed the hollow point where her shoulder and collarbone met. The smile on his face was replaced with a smirk when Robin stirred once more, and turned on her side to face her boyfriend.

“Josh?” she asked, her voice thick with sleep. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” he replied. “Just watching you sleep. You’re gorgeous, do you know that?”

A small smile came over the redhead’s face as she stretched slowly.

“Love you,” she mumbled as her eyes slid shut once more. Josh remained in his position for a few moments, his elbow propped up on the bed. Absently, he stroked the side of his girlfriend’s cheek, and affectionately kissed her ear.

The redhead was always gorgeous in Josh’s eyes, but even more so when she slept. She looked so peaceful, unguarded, and vulnerable.

He could sit there all day and watch her sleep.
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