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Chapter 16: Life

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Chapter 16 : Life
"You don't know my life " Marik shouts . There's a clank of metal hitting each other . A throwing knife stabs into a tree . More metal is being heard clanking into each other . "Marik , why do you want to kill him ? " Krum asks angrily . Marik draws out a huge sword from a sheath that was on his back and goes into a aggressive stance . "If i told you , you still wouldn't let me kill him ! " he replied . Marik charges at krum . More loud clanking of metals colliding together . Then marik throws a knife at krums left hand where the weapon was . Krums knife flies out of his hand stabbing into a pine tree . "Now you're defenseless ! " Marik said .
Mariks flashback : "It was ten years ago when i first met the devil . I was still a little boy of age of ten . I lived in a wealthy family . Back then there was no war between god and devil on earth , or so i was told . There was a knock on the door and i opened it . There he was staring at me mysteriously . " "Hello boy ! Is your mother or father home ? "devil asked . Marik nodded and let the devil in . "That's when everything turned upside down ! Ever since i opened the door and let him in " Marik ran into his room to play . Then he began to hear shouts outside his house . When he looked outside he saw mobs of people with torches and gasoline tanks walking to his house . He could hears them shouting "Kill the devil ! Kill the devil ! "
Back to present : "So , then what happened ? " Krum asked . Marik lowers the sword . "They burned my house down with my parents still in there ! After that i tried to find the devil but instead i found trouble . Until a year of that tragedy ... " marik continued .
In flashback : Marik wearing a traveling cloak and dirty shorts enters a run-down pub . He sits down next to a person that had a cloak covering his face . Marik eyes the person mysteriously , then takes out a thin blade and points it at the person . "I finally found you ! " Marik said . Devil lifts the cloak of his face . "So , what brought you to find me revenge or is it a death wish ? " he asks . "Revenge ! " marik replies darkly . Devil smirks and says , "How bout you be my right hand and I'll reincarnate your parents . " Marik lowers the blade . " Or " continues devil , " You want to be homeless and have the angry people hunt you down and kill you ? " . Marik puts the blade back into its sheath and begins to think for an answer . "Fine , I'll join you ! " he replies .
Back to the present : "Ever since then i was with him , but he never reincarnated my parents and I'm tired of waiting after nine years ! " marik finishes . Over head , the demon planes begin to return and so does the devil . "Krum , please get out of my way so i can kill him now ! " marik said . Krum staggers up . "I'm sorry marik but i can't do that ! " Krum replies . "Then forgive me for doing this ! " marik says as he stabs krum in the chest . Krum begins to bleed from the wound and his mouth . Marik puts the blood stained sword back into it's sheath and runs up a tree . When he reached the top of the tree he began to jump across the other trees to follow the devil .
Krum slides down slowly when Noah stands next to him. "Krum , what happened ? " He asked . "Marik ... it was marik ! " krum replies. Noah tries to pick up krum and disappears in a blink of an eye .
Marik continues to follow devil without taking his eyes off him . "Devil , you're mine ! " he thought to himself .
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