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Chapter 17: A game of chance

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Chapter 17 : A game of chance

Near the devils castle : The demons began to march inside the unfinished castle . Devil lands his glider next to the entrance to the castle . Marik jumps on a palm tree . " I should wait for the demons to disappear before i strike . " he thought to himself . Marik jumps off the tree and lands on the ground . Then he walks into the forest and hides himself from view . "This time , darkness shall be my ally . " he mumbles .

In heaven : "Luke ! Luke wake up ! " a voice said . Luke opens his eyes and sees hero in his face . "About time you wake up ! " he said . Luke slowly stands up . "Where am i ? " Luke asked . "You are in heaven ! " Hero replied . Luke looks around and sees white everywhere . He looks at the floor which he was standing on : It was made out of solid clouds .
"Here , let me show you something ! " hero said . The both of them walked to a white railing . Luke looks down and sees nothing but darkness . "Guess what that is ? " hero asked . Luke shrugs and turns to hero . "That's the entire universe ! It is dark cause we are way too high . "hero explained . "What would happen if i fell over ? " Luke asked . Hero begins to walk away from the railing . "Nothing except you would be falling in darkness for eternity . " he replied .
Luke looks back down and gulps . "Anyways , it's time for your test ! " Hero said . "What test ? " Luke asked . "The test to see if your worth it ! " hero replied . Luke catches up to hero . "What's the test like ? " Luke asked . "Well , it's different for everybody so i can't tell you exactly what you got to do ! " hero replied . "What did you have to do ? " Luke replied . "I can't tell you that ! " hero replied darkly .
They stopped at a huge white colored oak double door . Hero pushes the doors open and walks in . Luke follows him .The walls were full of books high as eyes could see . "Jesus , he is here for the test ! " hero replied . Jesus turns around and looks at Luke . "So you must be the famous Luke I've heard about . Hero , you may leave to go back to earth . The summoning has already begun ! " Jesus said . Hero nods and leaves , closing the oak doors behind him . Jesus turns to Luke . "This must be your first time here . Your test is basically a yu-gi-oh card game triple threat duel . I'm pretty sure that you're good at it . "Jesus said . "Who are my opponents ? " Luke asked . "Me and your dark side ! " Jesus replied .
"OK , " Luke said . "To win you have to either beat me or your dark side . If you beat me then you have chosen the light side . If you beat your dark side then you will travel a path of darkness ! "Jesus instructed . "What happens if i beat you both ? " Luke asked . "I'll answer that when it actually happens ! " Jesus replied . He claps his hands twice and three decks appeared on the table . Another version of Luke also pops up but he looked more like a demon that the real Luke . "Luke choose your deck ! " Jesus ordered . Luke took the deck on the right . The dark side of Luke took the deck on the left . Jesus took the middle deck . " Here is the order , Luke you go first then me then the dark Luke ! " Jesus said . Out of nowhere a bell rings . Three sets of eight thousand points appear with names over them . "OK , lets begin ! " Jesus said . All three of them draw five cards . Luke draws a card . "I put five cards face down and i end my turn ! "Luke said. Jesus draws a card . "I also put five cards face down and end my turn . " He said . Dark Luke draws a card . "I put two cards face down and i play Ancient Gear Soldier in attack mode and end my turn . " He said . Luke draws a cards . "I have to pass ! " he said . Jesus draws a card . "I play The Wicked Worm Beast in attack mode and I'll attack your ancient gear soldier ! " Jesus said . Dark likes points drop to seventy-nine thousand points . The wicked worm beast returns to jesus's hand . Dark Luke draws a card . "I play a monster face-down in defense position and end my turn . Luke draws a card . "I have to pass again ! " he said angrily . Jesus takes a card . "I play a monster on the field face-down in defense mode ! I end my turn . " he said .
Dark Luke takes a card . "I play yellow gadget in attack mode and i activate it's ability !"he said . Dark Luke takes his deck and looks for a card . When he did he put the card in his hand and respectively shuffled his deck . "Then i attack your face-down card . Then i shall end my turn . "Dark Luke said . "Next time any of us activates a card or effect can you please tell us the effect ! " Luke complained . "If that's what you want then yeah sure ! " dark Luke said . Luke draws a card . "Damn , i have to pass again . " Luke said frustratedly . Jesus takes a card . "I play wicked worm beast on the field and I'll attack you Luke . "Jesus said . "Activate swords of revealing light ! None of you can attack me for the next three turns . "Luke said .
"Excellent Luke , but the game isn't over yet ! " dark Luke said darkly . "I end my turn ! " Jesus said as he was putting wicked worm beast back in his hand . Dark Luke draws a card and smirks . "I activate de-spell which lets me destroy one magic card ! I destroy your swords of revealing lights ! Then i play green gadget and I'll attack your life points ! Then i end my turn ! " dark Luke said . Luke's life points : sixty-four thousand . Jesus life points : eighty thousand . Dark lukes life points : seventy-nine thousand .
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