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The Ladies Isle

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HG/SS based on Marriage Law Challenge. Hermione must make the best of a bad situation.

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Chapter 11 - The Ladies Isle

Saturday Evening

Severus led Hermione from the beach through the dense forest. She noticed that they were climbing steadily. When they reached the stairs that Severus had mentioned Hermione understood his earlier comment, they where narrow and lead up the steep Cliffside.

As they rested on a small landing she looked out at the setting sun while leaning against Severus, the view was incredible. "Severus, are we going to make it to the top before it gets dark?"

He smirked "If we do not dawdle to much we should be able to climb the remaining one hundred eighty two steps before the sun is completely swallowed by the sea."

"182 more, how many have we climbed?" She wondered if he was actually counting as they went.

He pulled her closer and nuzzled her neck, "this landing is exactly half way." He released her and motioned for her to continue climbing. As she climbed she thought about what she had learned about this island at lunch.

The island was an extinct volcano. The goddesses, Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite, had all bestowed gifts on the progenitors of the Snape line here. The family had erected a temple to the Ladies on the rim of the volcano, which they were currently climbing. Since that time the caldera had filled to create a plateau and a house had been built.

She also discovered how the Counsel knew she and Severus were on the Isle; evidently everyone within several kilometers around had felt the magic of their bonding being completed. Hermione found this a little embarrassing, as she knew how they had completed the bond.

Her thoughts were interrupted by reaching the summit and Severus directing her along the gravel path. When they reached the porch of the house he suddenly swept her up into his arms with a grin at her squeal of surprise he asked, "It is a muggle custom to carry the bride into the house, is it not?"

Hermione laughed "Well, Yes. But you could have warned me."

Severus indicated for her to open the door and as she touched the knob they both cried out. He dropped to one knee refusing to release the now limp Hermione as the door swung open. He struggled to his feet and staggered into the house and slumped on the couch cuddling his new bride close. He knew it was just the wards re-adjusting but this was not usually done while touching nor was the door usually the trigger. Severus was just able to get them into a semi comfortable position before he passed out.
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