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The Greek Counsel

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HG/SS based on Marriage Law Challenge. Hermione must make the best of a bad situation.

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Chapter 10 - The Greek Counsel

Saturday Mid - Afternoon

Severus and Hermione arrived at the counsel building in Athens to be greeted by a young woman and shown to a small sitting room. Shortly after a lady who seemed to be almost as old as Dumbledore entered, she handed a folder to Severus and sent the young woman out.

She gave them both a long look, "You have been away much too long, Severus." She finally said sternly.

Severus hugged the old woman and said, "Yes, Grandmother. I have indeed." He turned to Hermione who was shocked, 'his grandmother was the Greek equivalent of the Minster of Magic?' "Hermione, this is my maternal Great Grandmother, Lady Aliana, Grandmother, my bride, Hermione." He introduced her proudly.

The old woman smiled as she hugged Hermione and kissed her on each cheek, "Welcome to the Family, my dear."

"Thank you, Lady Aliana." Hermione said in something of a daze.

Severus was looking through the folder and looked up with an evil grin. "Caramia, Grandmother has just saved us from the extra spells that the Ministry is placing on those married under the Marriage Law."

Lady Aliana snorted, "Nonsense, the Ladies Isle is not under the control of the British Ministry. And Cornelius Fudge will have another think coming if he tries to dictate to me."

Hermione smiled and asked, "The Ladies Isle?"

The old woman chuckled, "He didn't take you further than the beach did he?"

"Grandmother," the annoyance in his voice was plain, "Hermione has had a difficult couple of days, and frankly the stairs would most likely have killed us this morning."

Hermione was looking at the two of them with a mixture of curiosity and annoyance.

There is more to our Isle than the beach, we will explore later." He stated.

"Severus, you will show her everything before returning to England." Commanded Lady Aliana, "Besides you can floo straight into the great hall of that school of yours from there."

Severus locked eyes with the old woman for a moment before bowing his head, "Yes Ma'am." He cleared his throat and with a glare said, "If you are finished making me feel like a naughty 12 year old. May we have a quill so that we may get these signed?"

Lady Aliana and Hermione both laughed. After signing the papers they joined several other counsel members for an early supper then Severus took Hermione on a quick shopping trip and back to their beach on the Ladies Isle.
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