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Trouble comes looking for Yami.Based on the movie Road House with Patrick Swayze. YYxY, Yaoi. Rated M for language and content.

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Road House


Faint music filled the night air. Yami sat in a chair in his living room reading a book. The glass doors open to let the cool breeze from the river in. Moonlight filtered in and disappeared in the light from the only lamp in the room. He was so engrossed in his book that he almost missed the sounds of the party going on across the river. He looked up and over at the mansion. People filed out of the house and out to the in ground pool. He reached up and switched the lamp off before standing up. The moonlight reflected off his crimson eyes, making them appear to be liquid pools of blood, as he walked over to the window. He leaned against it and watched as the people at the party started to strip. Women taking off their dresses and guys taking all but their boxers off. Yami shook his head in amusement as he closed the doors, shutting out the sound of laughter and music. He stripped out of his clothes and went to bed.
Sunlight crept into the room and across the sleeping male. Birds twittering was the only sound in the room.
“Yami!” a female voice yelled.
Yami sat up slightly, his crimson eyes blinking sleepily. (A/N: Kawaii!!!)
His eyes widened in recognition and he fell back on the bed with a groan, “Oh, no.”
“Yami!” Tea shouted again. She reached the top of the stairs and caught sight of Yami’s form on the bed, “Oh.”
Yami looked up at her questioningly.
“Hi, I, uh, brought you some breakfast,” She said as she held up a brown paper bag.
Yami groaned and rolled over. He sat on the edge of the bed and cracked his neck. Tea set the bag down on the kitchen table and pulled out two Egg McMuffins (AN: Don’t own.) She pulled out two cups of coffee, one black, one with creamer and sugar.
Yami stood up and Tea gasped. The crimson eyed male was completely naked. Nice ass, she thought. She quickly turned away and grabbed their breakfast while he pulled on a pair of black jeans.
“So, how’d you find me?” he asked.
He left them unzipped as he walked over to the window and opened it. She sat down on the couch and handed him the coffee and McMuffin.
“Oh, uh, it wasn’t that hard,” she said, “What the hell did you do last night?”
“What do you mean?” he asked as he sat down in the chair.
“You fired the bartender Pat,” she said.
Yami sighed, “He was skimming.”
She laughed incredulously, “You shouldn’t have done that, Yami.”
“You just shouldn’t have, that’s all,” she said.
He opened the wrapper that held the McMuffin and looked inside. He dropped it on the table and grabbed the coffee. After pulling off the lid, he drank some of it and shook his head. Tea giggled and Yami frowned.
“What is the joke?” he asked.
“Oh, there’s no joke,” she replied with a wave of her hand, “I just think I’m looking at a dead man.”
Yami sighed again and shook his head, “Why is that wherever I go, I hear that same joke?”
Tea smiled, “I think you bring it on yourself.”
A small red corvette drove down the road. It’s occupant was a blue haired man with two different colored eyes. He sang along with a song on the radio as he swerved between the two lanes. Yami was driving down the road when he saw the corvette swerve into his lane. He quickly went off the road in order to avoid a crash before going back onto the road. He looked into the mirror to see car go back into its own lane. What the hell was that? He thought.
Yami stood next to his car as he waited for the owner of the hardware store to come. A green Ford pickup pulled up next to the store and an old man with gray hair and light amethyst eyes came around the front. He stopped next to Yami and looked over the car.
“A new windshield’s gonna cost you more than that old beater’s worth,” he said, “My advice would be scrap her.”
“Well, I like her, so order it for me, will you?” Yami replied.
The old man nodded, “It’ll take a few days. Antenna I can get you now.”
“Thank you,”
He walked over to the store and unlocked the front door, “You the boy from the Double Deuce?”
“Yeah,” Yami replied.
“I expected to see you in here sooner or later,” he said as he walked over to the counter. Yami followed him, “You want to put in a standing order now?”
Yami chuckled, “No, I’ll pay as I go.”
The old man chuckled.
“I’m Yami,” he said as he held out his hand. The old man grasped it and shook his hand.
“Solomon Motou,” the old man said, “How long you gonna be in town?”
“Not very long,” Yami said as he shook his head.
Solomon walked into the back and looked around for an antenna, “That’s what I said 25 years ago.”
“What happened?”
“I got married to an ugly woman,” Solomon said as he pulled the antenna off the shelf, “Never do that. Drains the energy right out of ya.”
Yami laughed and leaned against the counter.
“She left me though,” Solomon said as he walked back up to the front, “Found somebody even uglier than she was. That’s life… who can explain it?”
He handed Yami the antenna, whom looked it over.
“Oh, that’s five dollars,” Solomon said.
Yami reached in his wallet and pulled out a five dollar bill. Solomon rung him up and just as he was about to hand him the receipt, the bell over the door sounded. Solomon looked and scowled. A blue haired man and a black haired man walked in together.
“Hello, Dartz,” Solomon said.
“Morning, Solomon,” Dartz said as the two stalked to the front.
Yami turned to him and immediately did not like him. Dartz walked up to him and held his hand out, “Dartz.”
Yami shook his hand warily, “Yami.”
“He’s working at the Double Deuce,” Solomon said as he leaned against the counter.
“Oh really?” Dartz asked as he glanced at the older man and then back to Yami, “Well I hope your going to clean that place up. Bad element over there. Well, anything I can do for you…”
Yami nodded and turned back to Solomon, “Thanks, Solomon.”
Solomon nodded and Yami left. He turned back to Dartz as the other leaned against the counter.
“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” Dartz asked.
Solomon sighed, “Was.”
Emmett walked into the bar and lifted the tarp that covered Yami’s Skylark. He pulled off his straw hat and scratched his balding head as he walked back out of the barn. Yami was near the bank of the river practicing Tai-chi. Tai-chi is a form of martial arts that is used more for conditioning the body than actually for fighting. Not to say that it can’t be used for fighting. It is just as deadly as any other form, but it was mostly used to tone the body.
Quiet music filled the background as Yami’s muscles tensed and relaxed as he went through the motions. He was so focused that he failed to hear the 4-wheeler across the river. Dartz sat on it and studied Yami as the other completed his training. Yami sat down and started to meditate, his eyes closed. Dartz shook his head and drove off.
“Well, when you think you got problems you don't really need,
they're maybe not as bad as they seem.
'Cause in a world full of misery, with hatred and greed,
your problems are another man's dream.”

Yami walked up the stairs that lead to the main office in the bar. He could see that Jack had visitors. Which made him wonder why he was being called up there. He opened the door and walked in. The moment he laid eyes on the three visitors, he knew what this was all about.
“Problem?” he asked.
“There’s no problem,” Pat said, “Just a little mistake that’s all.”
Yami tilted his head, “What’s that?”
“My job,” Pat said, “You don’t get it, do you?”
Yami walked further into the room and away from the three, so he was able to keep them in his sights, “Why don’t you explain it to me?”
“I’ll explain it to you,” one the other two, a short fat man said.
The tallest of the three growled, “Shut up, shit head. Mr. Kenyon has changed his mind and that’s all you need to know son.”
Yami folded his arms across his chest and looked at Jack, “No, I’m afraid I’m going to need a little more than that.”
“Mr. Kenyon may own this bar, but the liquor that is supplied to him is owned by Mr. Dartz,” he said, “Pat McGurn is in the employment of Mr. Dartz, his uncle. Not Mr. Kenyon.”
Yami smirked as Pat shifted from foot to foot in front of him. Pat started to laugh hysterically, “You see, I’m staying and you’re going.”
Yami raised an elegant eyebrow, “Oh really?”
“Now when your own little world seems to be in a state
and you think you may be losin' your mind,
Just remember the people who only can wait
for happiness they never will find.”

Pat whipped out a knife, “That’s right…”
Jack went to leap up out of his chair, but one of the other two guys held him down.
“Come on, Yami. Just you and me,” Pat said as he lunged forward at the other.
Yami leapt back to keep out of range of the knife. He moved so his back was to the window. He kept his eye on the knife and brought his hands up to protect himself.
“What’s the matter, you chicken dick?” Pat taunted, “What are you afraid of? Me?”
He lunged at him again and Yami stepped backwards, the knife cutting the air where he just stood.
“Is that it, Yami? You afraid to fight me?” Pat continued, “You big bad Yami.”
He lunged again and pushed the hand that held the knife away as he punched Pat in the face. Blood rushed out of Pat’s nose as he screamed and dropped the knife. Yami took the opportunity and did a round house kick into the other’s back, sending him through the window and out into the bar.
“And you know, problems come and problems go.
This is something you should know:
There's people in the world today
who don't have nothin' but hell to pay.”
The tall guy ran around the desk and attacked Yami. The other guy punched Jack in the stomach and knocked him to the ground. The tall guy swung at Yami, who ducked and punched him in the stomach. He grabbed a hold of him and pushed him into the wall. The short guy pulled out a hunting knife and sliced open Yami’s side. Yami felt the stinging pain and ignored it as he punched the other and kicked him in the stomach, sending him backwards into door. The taller guy latched an arm around Yami’s neck and the two struggled. Yami forced him backwards and the two fell out of the window and into the bar. Joey and Seto ran into the room and proceeded to punch the shorter guy into oblivion. The other guy lunged at Yami and they fell over the rail that separated part of the bar. He let go of Yami and swung at him again. Yami ducked and punched him again. The guy collapsed and Yami left him on the floor. The other bouncers had Pat and the other man and they picked up the one Yami just finished with. They escorted them out as Yami made his way to the back, blood staining his white shirt.
A young man in his twenties, but looking to be in his teens, picked up a medical chart. He looked at the chart and entered the room. The nurse wiped away some of the blood that stuck to Yami’s side. He looked up when he heard the doctor enter. His breath caught in his throat and he stared at the young man. He had the same spiky hair that Yami had, except that it had less of the blonde in it and the tips were purple. His eyes were wide and held an air of innocence. They shined a beautiful amethyst color. The man put the chart down and smiled up at Yami.
“Hi, I’m Doctor Motou,” he said, “But please, call me Yugi.”
Yami somehow managed to find his voice, “Hi.”
Yugi lifted the damp cloth that the nurse had put over Yami’s wound and he touched the area around it gently, “How’d this happen?”
“Natural causes,” Yami said as he shivered slightly from the touch. Whether it was from the slight pain or not, he didn’t know.
“Looks like a knife wound,” Yugi remarked.
Yami smirked and handed him his medical records, “Like I said.”
Yugi opened the folder and studied the contents, “You’re a bouncer?”
“The Double Deuce,” Yami said as he nodded.
“Nice place,” Yugi said as he looked through the pages, “They send a lot of business my way.”
Yami held up his arm as the nurse disinfected the knife wound, “I’m hoping to change that.”
“All by yourself?” Yugi asked with a small smile as he handed Yami back his records.
The nurse helped Yugi put his gloves on, “Well, Mr. Yami, you may add nine stitches to your dossier of 31 broken bones, 2 bullet wounds, nine puncture wounds, and four stainless steel screws, that’s an estimate of course. I’ll give you a local.”
Yami shook his head, “No, thank you.”
“Do you like pain?” Yugi asked as he tilted his head.
Yami couldn’t help but think that the other was adorable as he replied, “Pain don’t hurt.”
“Some of my patients would disagree with you.”
He set the needle back down and picked up the staple gun, “Okay.”
He leaned down and pressed the wound together in order to staple it. Yami took a deep breath and let it out. Yugi put the first staple in and felt Yami shudder slightly. He grinned up at the other, “So, do you always carry your medical records around with you?”
Yami sighed, “It saves time.”
Yugi finished stapling the wound together, “File says you have a degree from NYU. What in?”
Yugi looked up surprised, “Any particular discipline?”
Yami shook his head, “No, not really. Just mans search for faith. That sort of… shit.”
“Come up with any answers?”
“Not really,” Yami said with a grin.
Yugi chuckled, “How’s a guy like you end up a bouncer?”
“Just lucky I guess,” Yami said.
Yugi raised an eyebrow and pulled away. He put the stapler down and grabbed a gauze pad that was covered in tape. He turned back to Yami and noticed the stitches on his arm, “Good clean stitches. Nice.”
“Thank you.”
The two laughed and Yugi placed the gauze pad over Yami’s wound, “Do you ever win a fight?”
Yami turned serious as he stared into the other’s eyes, “Nobody ever wins a fight.”
Yugi smiled softly up at him and stood back. Yami slid off the bed and pressed on the tape lightly. He walked over and grabbed his shirt, “Listen, uh, if you, uh, would like to stop by the Double Deuce some time, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee if you…”
“Happen to be in the neighborhood?” he finished with a smile.
“Yeah,” Yami said.
Yugi nodded and turned to go. Before he left the room he turned back around and looked at Yami, “You know… for that line of work, I thought you’d be bigger.”
Yami chuckled and slipped his shirt back on, “Gee, I’ve never heard that before.”
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