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Yami assessed the condition of the bar. Now it's time to lay down some ground rules. Based on the movie Road House with Patrick Swayze. YYxY, Yaoi. Rated M for language and content.

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The next morning, Yami walked through the car lot. He wore a plain white t-shirt and jeans with his combat boots. Used cars in good, not excellent, condition sat with prices painted on the windows. There were a couple of new cars, but not many. Most of the cars weren’t in bad shape, a couple of scratches and dents, but still in running condition. Yami looked over some of the cars. He didn’t want a new car because he knew it wasn’t going to be worth it. He walked slowly through the lot, studying each car. He spotted a red 1963 Cadillac Coupe Deville and grinned. He walked over to it and popped the hood.
“She’s a runner,” the salesman said.
Yami shut the hood and looked at the lights, “Do these work?”
The salesman nodded and pulled a switch on the dashboard. The lights came on and Yami nodded, “I’ll take it.”
A few hours later and Yami was pulling into a long dirt driveway. After he bought the car, he went to the local diner and had lunch. He ordered a BLT sandwich and a bowl of clam chowder soup. As he waited for his food he read the local newspaper. An ad that advertised a room for rent caught his eye and he circled it with a pen. He ate his food and left a few bills on the table along with the check.
A huge farmhouse and a barn came into view as he drove down the driveway. The farmhouse had a wraparound porch. The paint was grey and peeling slightly, the trim and porch was painted white. There were two rocking chairs outside and a flower garden. The barn was a huge red barn. There was a big fenced in area that was filled with horses. Some were black, black and white, brown and a combination of the three. A small foal ran through to its mother. It’s black and white tail flicking excitedly. An old man was moving hay bales into the barn. He had grey spiky hair, a bandana around it. His light blue eyes sparkled with laughter. He took off his gloves and walked around the hay. Yami stopped the car and got out. He studied the barn and then saw the old man.
“Hi, are you the one that’s got the room for rent?” he asked.
The old man looked him over once and nodded. He turned and motioned for Yami to follow him, “Come with me.”
He led Yami into the barn. They walked through to the end. He led the crimson eyed male up a set of stairs.
“You honest?” he asked.
“Yes, sir,” Yami replied.
He stopped and looked at Yami, “You expect me to believe that?”
Yami chuckled and shook his head, “No, sir.”
They reached the top of the stairs and the old man stopped by the stairs. Yami walked into the room and looked around. The room was a loft turned apartment. It was one big room with different sections. Over in one corner was a small kitchen complete with a refrigerator, a stove, sink and microwave. The dining room consisted of a small table near the kitchen. The living room was a couple of couches, a recliner, and a coffee table set near a small woodstove. There were two huge glass windows that opened up to the outside. The “porch” was the roof of the milk house below. The bed was set against one wall. The only other room was the bathroom, which was set apart from the main part of the apartment. A shower, sink and toilet shown through the open door. Yami looked around went over to one of the windows. He pushed it open and looked out. The sound of a helicopter reached his ears. He looked up and a blue and white helicopter flew over the barn. It turned and came back towards the barn. Yami heard the old man swear and he looked back at him. The old man ran down the steps. Yami glanced at the chopper and then followed him out of the barn. The chopper flew low and the horses went wild. They bucked and neighed in terror. The old man ran out of the barn and up to the fence.
“Whoa! Whoa!” he exclaimed. He raised his hands and tried to calm the horses.
Yami ran up next to him and tried to help. He glanced through the horses and saw the young foal running for its life. Behind him were 4 other horses. Yami swore and leapt over the fence. He ran towards the foal. He threw his body towards the young horse and the two rolled out of the way just as the four stallions came thundering by. The foal stood up and pranced over to its mother. The mother brushed noses with the young one and looked at Yami. The crimson eyed male knew that if horses could talk, she’d be saying thank you. Yami stood up and dusted his jeans off before returning to the fence. He climbed back over and huffed.
“Thank you,” the old man said.
“You’re welcome,” Yami replied with a nod.
The old man walked away from the horses and stared at the helicopter that landed at a ranch house on the other side of the river. It was a very modern ranch house and looked more like a mansion. A greenish blue haired man stepped out and looked over at them. The old man and Yami turned away and petted one of the mares.
“God damn, he does that just to piss me off,” the old man said.
“Who?” Yami asked.
“Dartz,” he said as he nodded to the man.
Yami discreetly studied the other over his shoulder. The man looked like he could be an ass. He turned back around and petted the nose of the mare.
“You like horses?” The old man asked.
Yami shrugged, “If they like me.”
“You wouldn’t steal them would ya?” he asked.
Yami turned and looked the old man straight in the eye and shook his head, “No, sir.”
The old man straightened his shoulders and smiled softly, “Calling me sir is like putting an elevator in an outhouse. Don’t belong.”
Yami chuckled and grinned.
“I’m Emmett,” the old man said and held out his hand.
“I’m Yami,” he replied. He grasped the other’s hand and shook it.
The helicopter lifted up off the grass of the mansion next door and took off up over the barn. Emmett and Yami walked away from the fence and back over to the hay that Emmett was moving. The old man put his gloves back on and heaved one of them over.
“So what do you think?” he asked.
Yami glanced up at the barn, “Well… I’ll take it.”
Emmett set the bale down and turned around to him with a frown, “Must have been 20 people that looked at that room in the past year. No phone, no television, no conditioned air, no tolerance for the fragrance of nature. Nobody wanted it. How come you do?”
Yami grabbed one of the twines holding the bale together as Emmett grabbed the other side, “Just too persuasive, I guess.”
“It ain’t about the money, you know,” Emmet said as they set the bale down, “But if I don’t charge you something the Presbyterians ‘round here likely to pray for my ruination.”
Yami nodded as they picked up another bale.
“How does a hundred dollars a month sound?” he asked with a sigh.
Yami shrugged and nodded, “Fine.
“Think you can afford that much?” Emmett asked.
“If it keeps you in the good graces of the church.”
Emmett let out a laugh, “Ain’t peculiar how money seems to do that very thing.”
Yami lugged his luggage up the stairs and into the room. He pulled out his blankets and made the bed. There was a trunk set up as a dresser at the foot of the bed and Yami unpacked his clothes and put them inside of it. He sighed and took out a book he brought with him. There wasn’t much he could do until tonight when the bar opened so he figured he would kill a few hours by reading. The novel he was reading was a science fiction novel and he was halfway through it. He read a couple of pages and looked away from the book. The window was still open and there was a nice breeze flowing in. It ruffled his hair and he sighed. Tonight was going to be a long night.
Yami leaned up against the railing that was connected to the steps that led up to the main office. Jack was unfurling the blue prints he had drawn up. While Jack was busy with this, Yami took the opportunity to study the workers. Most of them seemed to be legit and there for the job. A couple, though, Yami knew would have to go. He grinned internally as he thought about how he was going to be making even more enemies now. Yami had changed from his t-shirt and jeans into a pair of loose cargo pants that had chains crisscrossing down the side and a tight black shirt that showed off his abs. A black choker adorned his neck and he wore two wrist bands. Jack turned to him and Yami nodded.
Jack got the groups attention and pointed at the blue prints, “This is the new Double Deuce. I’ve put a lot of money and time into this, and to protect my investment, I’ve hired the best damn cooler in the business. From now on, he’s in charge of the entire bar business. What he says goes. Yami?”
Yami nodded and stood up. He stuck his hands in his pockets, surveyed the group and sighed, “Ushio, you’re out of here.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” he asked.
“You don’t have the right temperament for the trade,” Yami replied.
“You asshole, what am I supposed to do?” Ushio demanded as he stood up.
Yami grinned, “There’s always Barber College.”
The group laughed and Ushio yanked his last paycheck out of Jack’s hand. He turned to Yami and glared at him, “You’re a dead man.”
Yami stared back at Ushio and said nothing. The taller of the two almost growled and stomped away. Yami rolled his eyes and turned back to the group. He walked over to the one waitress that had given one of the customer’s drugs, “You’re out too. We’re selling booze here, not drugs.”
She stood up and took the check from Jack and said snootily, “Thank you.”
She walked away and Yami turned to the group, “Anyone else here dealing?”
The group remained quiet. Yami nodded, “It’s my way or the highway. Anybody wants to walk, better do it now.”
The group shared looks but nobody moved. Yami crossed his arms and paced in front of the group, “Alright. People who want to have a good time won’t come to a slaughter house. We’ve got too many trouble makers here. Too many 40 year old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustee’s of modern chemistry. It’s going to change.”
A blonde spoke up, “That sure sounds good, but a lot of the people that come in here we can’t handle one on one. Or even two on one.”
Yami walked over to him, “Joey, right?”
The blonde nodded.
“Don’t worry about it. All you have to do is follow three simple rules,” he said as he turned back to the group. He held up a finger for each of the rules that he counted off, “One: Never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two: Take it outside, never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three: Be nice.”
“Come on!” another bouncer said.
Yami walked up to him and stared down at him, “Seto, if somebody gets in your face and calls you a cocksucker; I want you to. Be. Nice.”
Seto shrugged, “Okay.”
“Ask him to walk. Be nice. If he won’t walk, walk him. But be nice. If you can’t walk him, another bouncer will help you and you’ll both be nice,” Yam said as he looked at the group and shrugged, “I want you to remember that it’s a job. It’s nothing personal.”
Duke scoffed and started to tear up a napkin, “Uh uh. Being called a cocksucker isn’t personal?”
Yami shook his head slightly and walked towards Duke, “No. It’s two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response.”
The group laughed and Duke scoffed again, “And what if somebody calls my mama a whore?”
Yami smirked slightly and raised an elegant eyebrow, “Is she?”
The group let out a laugh and Duke scowled as he tore up the napkin viciously.
Yami sighed, turned back to the group as he walked to the front, “I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”
One of the other bouncers raised their hand and asked, “Well, uh, how are we supposed to know when that is?”
Yami’s smirk disappeared and he grew serious, “You won’t. I’ll let you know. You are the bouncers, I am the cooler. All you have to do is watch my back, and each others, and take out the trash.”
“1! 2! 3! Seven Thirty Seven comin' out of the sky.
Oh! Won't you take me down to Memphis on a midnight ride,
I wanna move,”
Bakura sang.
The night had begun and the bar was packed. People crowded into the tables and booths, drinking and chatting. The dance floor was packed with people dancing. The same woman that was in the skimpy white dress from before was there again, only this time she was in a black dress. Yami failed to notice the intent stare that she was giving him. Seto stood at the door, checking I.D.’s while Joey stood next to a pillar, watching the crowd. The other bouncers were spread out through the bar, keeping an eye on things. Yami stood at the bar, in the same spot he stood in before. He scanned the crowd and sighed. His eyes fell on Seto at the door.
“Playin' in a Travelin' Band. Yeah!
Well, I'm flyin' 'cross the land, try'in' to get a hand,
Playin' in a Travelin' Band.”

Seto took the card the small blonde girl handed him and looked at it. He frowned, “This is a Sears’ credit card.”
Duke hurried up to them and plucked the card from Seto’s fingers, “Beverly, Agnes, hey! It’s okay, Seto, they’re with me.”
“But Yami said…” Seto replied.
“It’s okay,” Duke said as he wrapped his arms around the two girls and led them into the bar. Seto wanted to go after him and stop him, but the line at the door prevented him from moving.
Yami shook his head slightly and turned to pick up his coffee. He noticed it was empty and slid the cup towards the bartender.
“Leaded or unleaded?” he asked
“Leaded,” Yami replied with a small smirk.
The bartender chuckled and nodded. He filled the cup up and slid it back over to Yami who took a sip. Yami peered over his cup at the other bar tender and watched him pocket a 20 dollar bill. He scowled slightly. The sound of a glass breaking caught his attention and he turned around. One of the men in the bar was helping a woman up onto a table so she could dance. He wore an ugly Hawaiian print shirt and she wore a black dress that barely covered her thighs. The crowd around them cheered. Yami growled slightly and snapped his fingers at Joey.
Joey looked at him and Yami motioned to the woman. Joey hesitated and Yami shot him a small glare, “Go.”
Joey nodded and walked over to the couple. He set his hand on the man’s shoulder to get his attention, “Hey, man, why don’t you get her down from there?”
The man shook him off, “I say let her dance.”
He shoved Joey away and the blonde slid into a group of people that helped him regain his balance. Joey shot Yami a look and Yami nodded. Joey sighed and reined in his anger as he approached them again, “Hey look pal, we don’t want any…”
The guy turned to him and punched the blonde. Joey fell backwards and a couple of people caught him. The guy pulled out a small knife and motioned for Joey to come at him, “Come on, mother fucker. Come on!”
Joey saw the knife and paused. Yami slipped up behind the man and quickly grabbed the hand that held the knife. He bent it back and ripped the knife away. He threw it and it skittered across the floor where another bouncer picked it up. Yami growled and raised his other hand up and grabbed a handful of the other’s hair and slammed it into the table. The table broke and he pulled the guy’s head up. Blood fell from his nose. Yami huffed and shook the bangs out of his face. He wasn’t even panting as he smirked at the guy. He turned to Joey and pushed the guy at him and Seto, “Show him the door.”
Joey and Seto grabbed onto the man’s arms and pulled him away. Yami grinned when he heard Joey exclaim, “Did you see that?!”
Yami turned and offered a hand to the woman that was on the table. She took his hand without a word and stepped down. As she walked away, she glanced back at Yam who had already walked back to the bar.
Jack grinned at the bar tender, “He’s good. Real good.”
People paused and watched the spiky haired male walk calmly back over to the bar. Whispers of “who is that?” and “Did you see what he just did?” filtered all around him.
One of Bakura’s band members leaned down and whispered in his ear. He nodded and grinned, “The name is Yami.”
Yami whipped his head back around and stared at Bakura. Jack smiled from behind Yami. The kid sure knows how to make an entrance.
Partial Lemon! Don’t like Don’t read!
“Oh yes!” a blonde haired woman moaned.
“You feel good,” Duke moaned as he thrusted into her over and over again, “You’re going to be my regular Saturday night.”
She moaned again as she leaned heavily on the table in front of her. They were in the back room reserved for employee’s when they went on break. The lights were out. He had was totally naked, except for his underwear that was down around his ankles. Her skirt was pushed up and she had no underwear on. Her shirt was also pushed up and her breasts jumped forward with each of his thrusts. She moaned again as he thrusted into her, “Duke!”
Duke groaned and thrusted into her harder.
The door opened and Yami stood in the door way. He shook his head, “Yo, Duke.”
Duke started and he quickly pulled out of her. He pulled up his underwear while she pulled her skirt down.
“You’re history,” Yami said as he smirked.
“B-but I’m on my break!” Duke sputtered.
Yami’s smirk grew, “Stay on it.”
He walked out of the room and closed the door.
“Fuck!” Duke exclaimed and turned back around to her. He resumed thrusting into her until they both came. They left with Duke cursing.
End of Lemon!
The night ended without much problem. Yami walked behind the bar and approached the black haired bartender. He watched as the bartender, Pat, his mind recalled, pocketed even more of the bar’s money. He walked up next to him and crossed his arms, “You’ve got quite the little enterprise going on here.”
“What?” Pat asked stupidly.
“You’re going through a bottle every 30 minutes, and you’re skimming the till. For every six shots, you pocket the money. 1 out of every 10 bottles as well,” Yami replied calmly.
Pat narrowed his eyes and slammed the cashier drawer shut. Jack silently approached the bar and gazed between the two men. Yami noticed him out of the corner of his eye. He continued without taking his gaze off of Pat, “I figure he’s costing you about $150 a night.”
Pat smirked, “So?”
Yami growled, “Consider it severance pay. Take the train.”
Pat turned to Jack and scoffed, “I didn’t hear you say that.”
Jack looked back and forth between the two before replying shakily, “W-w-well I’m saying it now.”
Pat raised an eyebrow, “You sure?”
“Get o-out.”
Pat laughed and threw the rag that was in his hand at Jack and stalked out of the bar. The crew watched him go. Pat picked up the rag and tossed it onto the counter, “Well… it was a good night. Nobody died.”
Yami uncrossed his arms and faced Jack, his face serious, “It’ll only get worse before it gets better.”
The bar door swung open and Yami walked out. He wore a dark blue jean jacket over his t-shirt now that the night had gotten cold. He walked down the steps and over to his car. He was the second to last one to leave. Jack was still inside, working on some last minute details. He walked over to his car and chuckled. All four tires were flat, holes in each of them. The front right tire still had the knife in it. The antenna was broken in half and a baseball bat was taken to the windshield. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a half grin and he shook his head. He reached over and twisted the antenna back and pulled the knife out of the tire. And so it begins… he thought as he took of his jacket and proceeded to fix what damage he could for now. The rest would have to wait until he got to a parts store. I can’t wait to see what happens next, he thought.
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