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Chapter 25: Gods blades

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Chapter 25 : Gods blades

12:01 pm : Luke panting really heavily . "There pant finally pant I've finished ! " he said . He begins to slowly move towards the double door when he passes out .
"Hey Luke wake up ! " a voice said . Luke opens his eyes and sees Michael crouching next to him . "Man , you're really messed up ! " Michael said . Luke tries to sit . "Man how long was i out ? " he asked . "For good 24 hours ! " Michael replied . "What ? " Luke shouts .
"But it's all cool man , Jesus will train you . " Michael said .
Luke stands up . "Where is he now ? " He asked .
Michael shrugged . "Try gods room . He might be there ! " Michael replied . Luke dashes across the room and out the double doors . "You welcome ! " Michael shouts after him .

Day 2 of training : 12:10 pm : Luke opens the double oak doors and falls into the gods room . God i sitting in his chair reading . Then he closes the book and puts it back in the book case . "If you're looking for Jesus , then he's not here . " God said . "Where is he ? " Luke asked . "I send him on a mission ! " god replied . "Oh , OK . " Luke said disappointingly . "Don't worry Luke , besides i did it on purpose . " God said happily .
"Why ? " Luke asked . God gets up from his chair . Then he walks across the room and opens up a door . Inside , he takes out a huge box full of dust . He blows off the dust and walks back to his desk and puts the box on the desk . Luke stares at the box with an empty look on his face . God opens the box . Inside are two swords . One has spikes coming out if it . The other is a bluish colored sword with a darker bluish blade . "These two swords have been made by my own hands back when the universe wasn't big like today . " God said .
"Wow ! " Luke said amusingly . "Yeah , i wanted to use them in battle but i didn't . I want you to have these swords ! They are getting rusty from age and i really want them to be used ! Plus they take up way too much space in my closet ! " god said cheerfully . Luke picks up the swords and begins to examine them . "The one with the spikes is called 'the punish er ' . It powers punish people when you tell it to .
The bluish one is called ' spiritualism ' . It makes a soul become free from harm and sends them to judgment . "God explained .
Luke waves them around . "Wow , they are easy to use too ! " He said surprisingly . God chuckles . "You should get some more rest ! When Jesus comes back , I'll make sure that he'll teach you how to fight with swords . "God said . Luke begins to walk out of the room . "Luke , you forgot the sheaths for the swords ! " god said after Luke .
Luke turns around . God throws the sheaths at Luke . Luke catches them and buts the spiky one into the sheath with the spike in it , and the bluish sword into the dark brown colored sheath . then he crosses them on his back . "I'll call these 'The gods blades of judgment ' ! "Luke yells out . Luke hears god laugh cheerfully through the closed doors
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