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Chapter 24: Determination

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Chapter 24 : Determination

The double oak doors open . Luke's walk in and the oak doors close behind him . "Hey , I'm here . " Luke said tiredly . Jesus walks up to Luke . "This is the first part of your training . " he said . Tall grass and a lawn mower appear out of thin air . "Doing yard work ? " Luke asks .
"Look at the lawn mower carefully . " Jesus orders . Luke examines the mower carefully . "There's a wheel missing ." he said . "Exactly ! You also have one gas tank too ! The objective of this is determination ! " Jesus explained . "Determination . " Luke recites .
"This will show me if how much are you determined to do this training and the war . You only get one tank of gas . If you run out of gas , it's over for you . " Jesus explained . "Got it ! " Luke said . He turns a round at tries to start up the mower . "Once you're done , come to see me in gods room . " Jesus said . He leaves the room . The mower comes alive and Luke starts to mow down the grass .
"This is pretty easy ! " Luke thought to himself . The mower hits a bump . Luke tries to get over bump but the mower gets stuck .

Back on earth on the remote island : Hero , vin and merc are running through the forest with bows a and arrows . Hero hides in the bushes and gets his arrow ready . He lets go of the string . The arrow hits a deer . "Nice shot ! " Merc said amazingly . "You get amazed too easily merc ! " vin said .
"This should be enough for a bout a week of food for this town . " Hero said . He picks up the deer and puts it over his shoulder . The three of them head back to the little town .
Near the blue planes : Samantha is kneeling next to a river . She splashes water onto her face and stands up . The captain walks out one of the blue -planes . "Miss , we should move somewhere else before we attract attention . " He said . Samantha nods and heads to the nearest plane . Few minutes later the planes depart .

Meanwhile in the laboratory : "Hitler , i want you to take some of my demons and head to Europe . There i want you to take control of the states . If anyone gets in your way , kill them ! " Devil ordered . Hitler nods and exits the laboratory . "Now I'll head to Asia ! " He mumbles to himself and aborts a demon-plane .

The base that Luke had before devil destroyed it : Marik approaches the ruins of the building that hid the underground station . He searches through the junk until he finds an emergency hatch . He opens it up and a stench reaches his nose . "Gas ? " he asked . He jumps inside the hatch . He lands on a puddle of water and looks around . The base was in total darkness . The desks and all the machines were thrown and destroyed . Pieces of robots and papers lay-ed everywhere . Then something moves up ahead . "Who's there ! " The figure said .

Back in heaven : 10:00 a.m : Luke is sweaty and exhausted . He can barely stand up . "Damn holes ! " He breathes out . He's almost done with the first part of his training .
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